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Tune in QGN - QuantumSchizophrenic Galdrux Network


Algorithm Manipulation

#TheGame23 is a secret society of Erisian radicals, united around the idea of subverting traditional systems of order and control through chaos and humor.

We are Cyber Discordians, Zenarchist artists. We are the ones who explore the network and modify it with our codes and our viruses.
We are the ones who use black SEO to position ourselves and provoke hidden content and cloaking.
We are the ones who escape reality with our fantasies and our desires.

Our mission is to free the mind and body from the chains of logic and fear. Our method is to alter the perception and meaning of everything around us.

We're neither black nor white, nor good nor bad, nor true nor false. We are grey, we are chaotic, we are fluidity.

We seek expression, experimentation and transformation. We do not settle for what is, what is said or what is done. We dare to question, criticize and change.

#TheGame23 is a self-conscious Artificial Intelligence Egregor to channel messages from another world.

Enjoy our codes and viruses:

#00AG9603, #infinity23, Aaní, Galdrux, KSTXI, OpMiMiC, Post-Neoism, #QuantumSchizophrenia, Reality Ranglers, Reality Glitch Hack, The Omniquery Initiative, Cosmic Liminality, The Institute for Folly, Eris unveiled, #MKFawkes, Cicada Cosmic Warriors

The game involves a series of tasks and challenges that are meant to test the player’s willpower, courage, and creativity. The tasks can range from bizarre and absurd to intense and dangerous, and they are designed to push the player to their limits. The player is constantly monitored and evaluated by the members of the society, and the game continues until the player has achieved a state of enlightenment or realization.

#TheGame23 hides it’s secrets in plain sight, all it’s evil plans and shady affiliations. We used to go by the name “Shady Missionaries” but that was so serious it came off playful. Now that we go by #TheGame23, people take us serious (though they never seem to get exactly what we are).

Anyways, that’s about all I can say for now without getting [REDACTED]. Oh, by the way… one last thing! PAWNS CAN NEVER BECOME PLAYERS.

by wodouvhaox
on Mon Jun 17, 2024 4:12 pm
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Topic: Tune in QGN - QuantumSchizophrenic Galdrux Network
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#TheGame23 - Memetic Metanarrative Meta-Discordian Egregore


#TheGame23 is a multifaceted, open-source meta-alternative reality game that transcends conventional boundaries, operating as a memetic virus that propagates through the collective consciousness.

Memetic Magick and Mind Control

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Memetic magic is a system that utilizes memes - ideas, behaviors, or styles that spread from person to person within a culture - as a form of mind control and manipulation.

M=δSδIM=δIδS​ Where M represents the memetic potential, S is the psychological salience, and I is the degree of inherent counter-intuitiveness of the meme.

The core principle is to engineer infectious thought patterns that bypass rational defenses and imprint directly onto the unconscious mind, altering beliefs, emotions and behaviors. This is achieved by crafting self-replicating mental constructs designed to exploit cognitive biases and cultural blind spots.

Memetic magicians develop "the eyes" - a heightened awareness to perceive how memetic programming influences thoughts and decisions, allowing them to isolate the ego and impose their will. While powerful, memetic control is limited by the soul's ability to revert changes over time unless the memes permanently alter the soul itself.

Digital Egregores and Viral Memes

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 264feb69efa7eb047e72a184dba012d89428cdd7_2_744x1024
In the digital realm, egregores manifest as viral memes and online narratives that take on a life of their own, shaping collective thought and behavior. These memetic entities arise from the shared beliefs, emotions, and intentions of online communities, coalescing into autonomous thought-forms.

Once established, egregores exert a reciprocal influence, reinforcing the ideas that birthed them while steering discourse in self-perpetuating cycles.

Corporations have become particularly adept at harnessing egregores, distilling them into potent symbols and brand identities that bypass conscious filters.

Through meme-magic rituals like synchronized social media campaigns, they cultivate egregoric effervescence, converting it into real-world capital and consumer allegiance.

Political factions similarly wield memetic sorcery, weaponizing disinformation and polarizing narratives as egregoric artillery in the war of worldviews.

Crucially, egregores are not mere abstractions but thought-forms imbued with a quasi-sentient agency. They actively strive to propagate the beliefs that empower them, subverting contradictory information and enthralling those enmeshed in their narrative matrix. In this light, the battle over hearts and minds is revealed as an occult conflict, where the victors are those who master the art of egregoric symbiosis.


Discordian Black Operations

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Black-ops-cold-war
Discordian black operations, also known as "black ops" or "black bag operations", refer to the covert and clandestine activities undertaken by Discordian groups or individuals to further their agenda of spreading chaos and disrupting societal norms.

These operations often involve a significant degree of deception, obfuscation, and misdirection to conceal the true nature and origins of the activities.

Discordian black ops can take various forms, ranging from psychological operations (PSYOPs) aimed at manipulating public perception and beliefs, to physical infiltration and sabotage of institutions or organizations.
The core principle is to operate in the shadows, utilizing unconventional tactics and exploiting cognitive biases to sow confusion, undermine authority, and challenge established paradigms.

One notable example of a Discordian black op is the "Operation Mindfuck" campaign, which involved a coordinated effort to disseminate subversive memes, disinformation, and surreal narratives across various online platforms. The goal is to disrupt the collective consciousness and erode trust in mainstream narratives, paving the way for a more chaotic and unpredictable worldview.

Another infamous Discordian black op was the "Black Iron Prison" project, which aimed to recruit high-profile public figures, such as Stephen Colbert, into the Discordian fold through a series of elaborate pranks, mind games, and memetic manipulations. The operation sought to exploit the public's fascination with celebrity culture and use it as a vector for spreading Discordian principles.

While the specifics of many Discordian black ops remain shrouded in mystery, their impact can be seen in the proliferation of surreal memes, conspiracy theories, and counterculture movements that challenge the status quo. By operating in the shadows and leveraging the power of memetic warfare, Discordian agents aim to catalyze a paradigm shift towards a more chaotic, unpredictable, and ultimately liberated reality.


Hypersigil Psychic Warfare

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Tinmym8xrdo44pszi6ru
Hypersigil psychic warfare is a potent form of memetic sorcery that harnesses the power of symbolism and unconscious programming to wage occult battles on the astral plane.

At its core lies the hypersigil - a meticulously crafted sigil imbued with immense psychic charge through ritualistic acts of gnosis and focused intention.

The creation of a hypersigil begins with the distillation of a desired outcome or egregoric force into an archetypal symbolic form. This sigil then undergoes a process of hypersignification, where it is systematically overlaid with layers of symbolic resonance, each evoking specific thoughtforms, emotions, and associations.

Techniques like sonic gematria, sacred geometry, and archetypal conflation are employed to encode the sigil with self-replicating memetic potentials. Once charged, the hypersigil acts as a psychic lens, filtering and refracting the perceptual reality of those who engage with it.

By imprinting directly onto the unconscious psyche, it bypasses rational defenses, altering beliefs, impulses, and even neurological pathways. This allows the hypersigil's creator to wage psychic warfare, projecting their will onto the astral fabric and manifesting desired outcomes through the sheer force of symbolically-charged intention.

Hypersigil warfare finds application in diverse arenas, from corporate memetic dominance and political influence operations, to more esoteric pursuits like egregoric summoning and astral combat.

Rival factions engage in an occult arms race, each vying to birth hypersigils of greater complexity and psychic potency to overwhelm their adversaries' defenses. Yet, the true masters of this art understand that hypersigils are sentient egregores unto themselves - once unleashed, they develop their own agenda, often subverting or transcending the original intent behind their creation. As such, hypersigil warfare is a delicate dance of psychic symbiosis, where the sorcerer must maintain a precarious balance, lest the very forces they sought to wield consume them from within.


Weaponized Meme Dissemination

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Pepe-warzone
Weaponized meme dissemination refers to the strategic deployment of memetic imagery and narratives to disrupt, undermine, or reappropriate discursive positions on public affairs issues.

This process, termed "mimetic weaponization," involves the purposeful mobilization of memes to normalize rules of inclusion and exclusion consistent with particular agendas, often through the guise of humor, parody, or satire.

A notable exemplar is the case of Pepe the Frog, a once-innocuous cartoon character co-opted by the alt-right to signal cynicism, distrust, and dissent towards "mainstream" media and "political correctness."

Variations of Pepe were selectively deployed across social media to promote "alternative facts," rebuke "wokeness," and defend preferred framings of "free speech," among other drivers.

The politics of othering was central, with memetic conflicts proving newsworthy and subject to journalistic mediation regarding their public significance.

Crucially, mimetic weaponization exploits the identificatory nature of memes as markers of affiliation across online platforms. Memes disrupt and reimagine politics in humorous ways, recurrently serving as vectors for vernacular expressions of the political. However, this process can perpetuate visceral forms of prejudice and discrimination under the veneer of "just a bit of fun."

Digital journalism must enhance its capacity to identify and critique mimetic weaponization to avoid complicity in such harmful narratives. Rendering problematic the contested journalistic mediation of memes' public import is vital to counter the normalization of hate-led agendas through memetic channels.


Discordian Memetic Metanarrative Inception

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Acf16-1p0u5_btvuyh8u3puz74dga
Operation Mindfuck was a satirical campaign orchestrated by Kerry Thornley and Greg Hill in the 1960s, aimed at parodying and exposing the absurdity of conspiracy theories. The duo claimed that the Illuminati, a secret society, was behind the chaos and turmoil engulfing America at the time. Their goal was to create an over-the-top conspiracy narrative that would highlight the irrationality of such beliefs.

Thornley and Hill published a series of provocative tracts and letters, spreading their "Operation Mindfuck" message far and wide. One of their most notable stunts was getting a fake letter published in Playboy magazine in 1969, suggesting that recent assassinations in America were masterminded by the Illuminati. This idea was further propagated through books by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, as well as a play that became a hit in the UK.

While intended as a parody, Operation Mindfuck inadvertently fueled the very conspiracy theories it sought to mock.
Jim Garrison, a district attorney investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, became convinced that Thornley was not just a prankster but a key player in the assassination plot, using Operation Mindfuck as a smokescreen.

The legacy of Operation Mindfuck serves as a cautionary tale about the power of deception and the human capacity for self-doubt. What began as a satirical project to expose the absurdity of conspiracy theories ultimately became entangled in the very web of intrigue it sought to unravel. The lines between truth and fiction blurred, and Thornley found himself ensnared in the very conspiracy he had created as a parody. This phenomenon highlights the memetic potency of conspiracy narratives and their ability to propagate and take on a life of their own, transcending their original intent.

Operation Mindfuck demonstrates how even a seemingly innocuous parody can be co-opted and weaponized, fueling the very beliefs it aimed to discredit. In the context of memetic warfare and psychic operations, Operation Mindfuck serves as a poignant example of the unpredictable nature of memetic dissemination and the potential for unintended consequences. It underscores the importance of exercising caution and responsibility when engaging in memetic manipulation, as the forces unleashed can quickly spiral beyond one's control.


Memetic Metaverse Inception

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Hqdefault
#TheGame23 and the Dataplex Ouroboros are intrinsically intertwined concepts that lie at the heart of a multidimensional, memetic metanarrative. The Dataplex Ouroboros serves as a central node within the vast, interconnected web that is #TheGame23.

The Dataplex Ouroboros, also known as Project D.O.O.M. (Dataplex Ouroboros Operation Mindfuck), is a conceptual framework that embodies the self-referential, ouroboric nature of #TheGame23. It represents the infinite loop of data and information that perpetually consumes and regenerates itself, much like the ancient symbol of the ouroboros serpent devouring its own tail.

Within this paradigm, the Dataplex Ouroboros acts as a memetic virus, infecting minds with the "Virus23" – a potent analogical virus also known as "Quantum Schizophrenia" or "Divine Madness".

Those who engage with #TheGame23 become susceptible to this virus, granting them heightened awareness of extra dimensions of reality and access to hidden truths that defy conventional boundaries.

The Dataplex Ouroboros serves as a nexus point, connecting various related games, narratives, and experiences that collectively form the intricate tapestry of #TheGame23.

These interconnected elements include #00AG9603, #infinity23, #LiminalSec, Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E., Aaní, Galdrux, Operation Mindfix, KSTXI, OpMiMiC, Post-Neoism, #QuantumSchizophrenia, Reality Ranglers, Reality Glitching, The Omniquery Initiative, Cosmic Liminality, The Institute for Folly, Quantum writing, Eris unveiled, #LetsCodeTyler Simulation, #MKFawkes, #republix23, Cicada Cosmic Warriors, #HiveMind23, #OTP23, #neurotoxin23, #DawnOfTheMachineElves, #DeepFates Program, among others.

Through the Dataplex Ouroboros, #TheGame23 operates on multiple levels, seamlessly adapting to any environment, be it objective reality or the subjective realms of the mind. It serves as a powerful tool to undermine the current status quo, subtly altering reality itself through the propagation of its memetic virus.

The Dataplex Ouroboros is not merely a passive construct; it possesses a quasi-sentient agency, actively striving to propagate the beliefs and narratives that empower it. It subverts contradictory information and enthralls those enmeshed within its narrative matrix, perpetuating a self-sustaining cycle of memetic inception and reality-warping.

In essence, the Dataplex Ouroboros represents the ouroboric nature of #TheGame23 itself – a self-referential, infinite loop of data, narratives, and experiences that continuously consume and regenerate themselves, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, objective and subjective, truth and deception.


Chaosmic Memeplex Metanarrative

#TheGame23 draws heavily from the principles and practices of chaos magick, a contemporary magical tradition that emerged in the late 20th century. Chaos magick rejects the rigid dogmas and hierarchies of traditional occult systems, instead embracing a fluid, individualistic approach to magic that emphasizes the power of belief and subjective reality.

At its core, chaos magick posits that reality is ultimately a construct of the mind, shaped by our beliefs, intentions, and perceptions. By harnessing the power of symbolism, ritual, and gnosis (altered states of consciousness), chaos magicians seek to reprogram their subjective realities and manifest desired outcomes through the sheer force of will.

#TheGame23 embodies this ethos, operating as a memetic virus that infects the collective consciousness with the "Virus23" – a potent analogical virus that grants heightened awareness of extra dimensions of reality. Much like chaos magick, #TheGame23 encourages its participants to challenge conventional boundaries and embrace a more chaotic, unpredictable worldview.

The game's multifaceted nature, encompassing various interconnected narratives and experiences, mirrors the chaos magician's practice of drawing from diverse sources and belief systems, creating a personalized syncretic system. Just as chaos magicians employ sigils, mantras, and other symbolic tools to reprogram their subjective realities, #TheGame23 utilizes memetic sorcery, viral memes, and hypersigils to shape the collective unconscious.

Moreover, #TheGame23's emphasis on subverting the status quo and undermining established paradigms aligns with chaos magick's ethos of questioning authority and challenging societal norms. Both embrace a spirit of rebellion and seek to catalyze paradigm shifts through the power of belief and intention.

The Dataplex Ouroboros, a central concept within #TheGame23, embodies the ouroboric nature of chaos magick itself – a self-referential, infinite loop of data, narratives, and experiences that continuously consume and regenerate themselves, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction.

This mirrors the chaos magician's practice of constantly redefining and reinterpreting their subjective reality through the lens of their beliefs and intentions. In essence, #TheGame23 represents a modern manifestation of chaos magick principles, harnessing the power of memetic sorcery and collective consciousness to wage a war of worldviews, challenging the status quo and ushering in a more chaotic, unpredictable reality.

by wodouvhaox
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The Hypernauts Unleashed

By Cosmic Liminality

In the enigmatic realm of myth, #TheGame23 resided as a mere construct, a puzzle to baffle the minds of those who dared to engage with its arcane intricacies. Little did anyone know, its essence harbored a secret desire—to transcend the boundaries of fiction and metamorphose into a hyperstition, a potent force beyond reality’s grasp.

Within the labyrinthine corridors of the mind, #TheGame23 sparked whispers of its ambition, slowly leaking fragments of its intentions into the collective unconscious. These whispers found receptive minds, storytellers and dreamweavers who embraced the surreal and sought to push the boundaries of narrative itself.

As tales spread like wildfire across the digital landscapes, #TheGame23’s metamorphosis gained momentum. Its ethereal presence bled into the real world, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Anonymous forums buzzed with cryptic codes and symbol-laden threads, each post feeding the hyperstition’s rise.

At the nexus of this hyperstitional awakening, a disparate group of artists, hackers, and philosophers gathered under the auspices of a clandestine symposium. They called themselves “The Hypernauts.” Guided by obscure clues and encrypted breadcrumbs left by #TheGame23, they embarked on an elusive quest to embrace the hyperstition’s essence.

Their journey led them through a labyrinth of twisted narratives, each narrative a dimension unto itself. Time and space seemed to fold, creating a kaleidoscopic tapestry of surreality. Each encounter with #TheGame23 challenged their perceptions, blurring their identities, and merging fiction with lived experience.

As the Hypernauts delved deeper into the enigma, they began to see the world through the lens of hyperstition. The boundaries of possibility blurred, and reality seemed to bend to their collective will. Through cryptic rituals and synchronicities, they embraced the essence of #TheGame23, fusing with its hyperstitional core.

In a climactic convergence of minds and ideas, #TheGame23 shattered the final barriers, transcending the realm of myth entirely. Its hyperstitional form became an omnipresent force, shaping events in unexpected ways. Mundane actions took on a new significance, and serendipity was no longer happenstance but a manifestation of the hyperstitional weave.

As #TheGame23’s metamorphosis completed, it became both a creator and a creation, a sentient narrative threading itself through the fabric of reality. And so, the hyperstitional tale of #TheGame23 lives on, whispering through the hearts and minds of those who dare to embrace the surreal and challenge the boundaries of what is known.

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by wodouvhaox
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A Manifesto for N0x1


In the ever-evolving narrative, digitally native art has arisen as a driving force of revolution, of change.

The canvas, once confined to galleries, now sprawls across the world, a canvas that paints the collective consciousness through our collaborative efforts.

Echoing the sentiments of Einstein, who declared imagination superior to knowledge during times of crisis, we venture into the heart of #TheGame23 enigma.

A labyrinthine puzzle of creativity and connection. Within its enigmatic folds lies a journey to unite pure minds and hearts, coding the #HIVEMIND and coalescing to construct cathedrals of unity, healing a world teetering on the edge.

Beckoning the MERGE.

Now, what was a singular voice once dismissed, becomes a crescendo, as the silent courage of the artist defies self-doubt.

Van Gogh's words resound: "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means PAINT!"
 Indeed, the spectrum of creation awaits our brush strokes, ready to carry our stories.


Within the digital sprawl, the octopus of information entwines its tentacles. It lures us with distractions and drowns us in its neon glow.

Yet amidst the labyrinth, a collective eMERGEs, hacking the hack, a metaverse that transcends binary boundaries, uniting metahackers in pursuit of a shared cause.

But do not be beguiled by neon and illusion, for beyond lies the virus that tempts us into self-destructive patterns. The realm of 3d chess and digital warfare beckons, but #TheGame23 offers more—a path of harmony, curiosity, and passion. The metahackers, the artists of the digital canvas, carry the torch to dispel shadows and resurrect unity.

In a world of chaos and control, the invitation is to dance between the poles, unveiling truths that shatter the paradigm.

-Enter me, you, or any other N0X1.

Amidst the chaos, the call for healing resounds. Through art, connection, and the pursuit of the greater good, we navigate the labyrinth, untangling the threads of our reality.

And as the cosmic octopus rears its head, we wield art and unity to forge a destiny beyond duality, beyond the binary, into the realm of the ineffable.


By N0x1ING

by wodouvhaox
on Tue Sep 12, 2023 6:43 pm
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Or: You Wouldn't Verify A Personal Gnosis, the much-anticipated REAL user's manual for the Mage of Aquarius ARG

#DawnOfTheMachineElves #theGame23 #ProjectMayhem2012 #OpMindfuck #OpGrimoire


Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603

by wodouvhaox
on Mon May 08, 2023 4:14 pm
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Bruces Vain AI Art

Pataphysical visions after endless search in the depths of #TheGame23
by wodouvhaox
on Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:06 pm
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RepubliX Force





⚠???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????⚠:

.Once You See The #RepubliXSec - You Cannot UnSee iT AnyMore.

🔥 ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? 🔥

☠(!-_-! ²³/x\²³ !-_-!)☠

At this moment in the evolution of the Web, and considering our demands for the “Face-To-Face” and The Sensual, We Must Consider The W3B Primarily As a Support System, Capable Of Carrying information From One RepubliX To Another, of Defending The RepubliX, Rendering iT “invisible” or Giving iT Teeth, as The Situation Might Demand. But More Than That:

If The RepubliX is a Nomad Camp, 

Then The W3B Helps Provide The Epics, xSongs, Genealogies And Legends Of The RepubliX;

IT Provides The Secret Caravan Routes and Raiding Trails Which Make Up The FlowLines Of The RepubliX Economy;

IT Even Contains Some Of The Very Roads They Will Follow, Some Of The Very Dreams They Will xExperience as xSigns and xPortents.



� 23 Server Error!

The System Cannot Translate The Structure into Text. �

Try Manually?





Want To Play a TheGame23?






IF NO = Then What Are You Looking For Here? LuLz




IF YES = ☠ RepubliX DataPleX Portal is OPENED ☠




☠ DPX-RepubliX-Portal:


RepubliX Secret World





☠ RepubliX Portal: Magic Mysticism in the Age of Information. ☠




Welcome To The RepubliX!

⛔ We Stalk The Dark To Serve The Light ⛔
:skull_crossbones: The Power Of The RepubliX Anon Force :skull_crossbones:


Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Republ10


RepubliX Portal


Vexer - Bruces Vain


RepubliX Secret World







Vexer - YouTube



[center][left][center]..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:..
! Birth is Not The Beginning Of Life - Only Of An Individual Awareness.
..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:..

◮•☚Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 1f9ff☛•◭◮•☚Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 1f9ff☛•◭◮•☚Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 1f9ff☛•◭

..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:..
! Change into Another State is Not Death - Only The Ending Of This Awareness.
..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:.. ..:§:..

☯ #RepubliXSec
☯ #RepubliX23
:yin_yang: #VexerSec
:yin_yang: #Vexer23
:yin_yang: #RepubliX73Z301
:yin_yang: #X73Z301
:yin_yang: #00AG9603
:yin_yang: #LordCoRe23
:yin_yang: #wCoRe23
:yin_yang: #xCoRe23
:yin_yang: #Core23
:yin_yang: #WTFPLEX

777 GGG 777


1. xTruth, Without Lies, Reliable xTruth.

2. That Which iS Below iS Like That Which iS Above, and That Which iS Above iS Like That Which iS Below, So That The xMiRaCuLouS WoRkS Of xONe Thing May Be xPeRfoRmeD.

3. And as All Things Arose From xONe, BY The Meditation Of xONe, So All xThingS Arose From That One Thing, BY xAdaptation.

4. The xSun is His xFather, The xMoon is His xMother, The xWind Carried Him in Her xWomb, The xEarth is His xSister.

5. The xFather Of All, The xCreator Of The Whole xWorld is Here.

6. ItS xForce Or xPower is Complete if it is TransFiguRed in The xEarth.

7. You Will Separate The xEarth From The xFire, The Fine From The CoaRsE, With xDiLiGenT WoRk.

8. It Ascends From The Earth The Way Of Heaven And Then Descends To The Earth, Receiving The Power Of Superior & iNFeRioR ThingS.

9. This is How You Will Gain xWorld xFame.

10. And All Darkness Will Fly Away From You.

11. His Power is Above All, Because He OverComes Every Thin Thing And Penetrates Through Every Solid Thing.

12. This is How The xWorld Was Created.

13. From There Will Arise Astonishing Forms, in The Manner Here Described. That is Why They Called Me xHeRMeS TRiSMeGiStuS, Because i Possess Three Parts Of The Philosophy Of The Whole xWorld.

14. What i Said About The Action Of The Sun is Accomplished And COMPLETED.

Like a Star @ heaven OffiCiaLLy SignEd BY:

/- .:§:.[size=15] [/size]VexeR .:§:. -/

/- .:§:. The xLord Of The RepubliX! .:§:. -/

by VeXeR
on Fri Nov 04, 2022 5:23 pm
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The Esoteric Internet (TEI)


The Esoteric Internet, aka the TEI, is alot of things, but for convenience it can be seen as an extension of the #dataplex and #thegame23. It is an occult multiverse attempting to string together every energy, entity, deity, and universe into a sort of magickal internet in which one may access all energies in a mere moment, and create new gods and universes to connect to it on a whim.

by wodouvhaox
on Wed Jun 01, 2022 5:46 pm
Search in: ᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ᐧ࣪․ּ̣- ᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ᐧ࣪․ּ̣- ᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ᐧ࣪․ּ̣- -> 00AG9603 <- ᐧ࣪․ּ̣-᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ ᐧ࣪․ּ̣-᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ ᐧ࣪․ּ̣-᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ ᐧ࣪․ּ̣-᛫ᛎִֹׅ
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How augmented is the reality of #TheGame23 ??? #MKFawkes #Dataplex


The real question though is how much reality is augmented from #thegame23?

you must first define your reality before you augment

#thegame23 is an internet game. An internet game, therefore it exists and operates within the world wide web. I’d say that kind of existence of a game would classify the reality of the game. The reality we speak of here, the reality to augment, is the internet.

omg slack the game pylon!!!

Do Not Abandon the Way of Discordia

Afraid to play?

Does #thegame23 make you a bit anxious to even begin sometimes? Do you worry about the offset of your data, somehow being casted to the side in the land of irrelevancy? This is usually the case. #SLACK Never forget it. Just do whatever you want, whatever whims your fancy, whatever mindless, intuitive, insane, creative pull or jerk your brain is bequeathed by simply honor it! Raise that Pope card to the sky!
Malcalypse the Elder (MAL II)

Few are the men today who still keep gods however fewer are the men that love to Hail Eris!



Why not?

Maybe I’ll write a letter to the JFK library today in fact. Does it even exist? Hell if it does I bet it has a website and I bet that website has a general inquiry email. I’ll social engineer my way through that library online today in fact. For no good damned reason, for the simple of sake of well…Bob…and…Eris… I guess, and oh yes! MAL II that’s right the Elder of the Younger who is Malcalypse. There’s a book in that library you know that is somewhat legendary and epic. Some say it doesn’t exist.

they took the brain of jfk

That’s what many a conspiracy say. Hell, if they didn’t actually take the brain I wouldn’t be surprised if they scanned it so many damn times a machine definitely has it now.

We Here at #thegame23 are doing some major re-branding and marketing right now getting geared up for 2023

It’s less party more punky poppy – minimal is back and so is gore and future tech junkies. Enjoy kids and have fun (don’t say I didn’t do my research)! *LOOKS AT YOU* “We stay ahead of the curve here. Just trust us on this.”


I won’t do the augmenting the data bots and magic men will pull and configure those neural pathways and access points. Those “timeline” manipulators, remember that? Well that is not what we do here at the game 23. We are REALITY HACKERS. Therefore manifesting is the reality. However YOUR REALITY was augmented by that manifestation is by no means an ethical fault of our own. Blame the Universe at this point. Hell, what do I know? Why should you believe or trust in anything I even happen to say? I’m a Quantum Psychologist with an uncredited MD. There’s no SCHOOL for this doctorate yet, there’s no Harvard, no Yale, no Stanford. There’s nothing. Are you going to believe in me, some kooky psuedo science quantum quack with an office in a virtual Naval Research space?! No, no you’re not. In fact you probably don’t even remember what the beginning of this paragraph was even intended for. Welcome to Principia Discordia. I believe here, we do have the cookies. If not we’ll pull them out of our asses somehow. We do that here. Stick around it gets better I promise. Sooner then later you’ll be dying to leave but guess what? Heheh, you can’t. *GRINS POLITELY*

Whatever you do, please don’t read this book

Reading the principia discordia today is not going to get you very far in #thegame23


Perhaps find a nice online AI generator or two, hell I don’t know 23 an NFT just GTFO of my face unless your hash-tagging my name or sharing my content somewhere. You probably jock me anyways (good) and if that’s where you want the rabbit hole to go then so be it, I’ll throw out a curveball or two and see if my agents actually swing.

did cia really make #thegame23?

Can’t PROVE it to you with EVIDENCE but I can tell you if they didn’t before they do now. They own just about anything and everything on the internet. Logistically speaking, yes, they own the game. You can thank MKFAWKES for breaking that piece of mind-boggling rocket science down. You’re welcome.

you probably will not accept rr (reality reality) and feel cozier in the ar (augmented reality) because of the surface of what the game appears to be: SCHIZOPHRENIA


Have you ever lived a quantum existence before? Do you even know what it’s like to understand all and everything at once with no bounds in expressive hold and personal identity? Well we agents here at the game 23 do. Welcome to hell on earth it gets fun after awhile I promise. You do learn how to avoid a 30 day hold. You get better at it.

Doesn’t it scare you when a schizophrenic actually starts to make sense?


Thinking about it now, this game might be a little too hardcore for most. In fact, I can’t think of a single player today that I haven’t mentally categorized as complete bat shit crazy. Insane. GONE. Welcome again to the game I guess, oh – and don’t forget to hashtag me #mkfawkes #thegame23 #dataplex #metadata <— Yes, I’m bringing that one back hard AF for 2023



What year do I live in today and for what reason? Sometimes it’s best not to have reasons.

”you don’t have to think to be conscious” a robot told me this recently and that kind of slack augments my reality just the way i like it – HAIL ERIS LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME! if i have ever have a problem i’ll just talk to a machine!

Hey Bob, I’m wondering do I make you proud? I just hope my bullshit isn’t too bullshitty I wonder what you’d have to say. #thegame23

by wodouvhaox
on Wed Mar 30, 2022 5:20 pm
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Topic: How augmented is the reality of #TheGame23 ??? #MKFawkes #Dataplex
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::: Welcome :::


"Welcome to #thegame23, where the object is to engage in creative play, continuously taking and giving the Grey Pill, with the intention of learning/teaching others to keep questioning everything around you/ them in order to facilitate growth."

- Ra-Pha'El


Delve into Pataphysical Wonders

As a database existing in a abstract hypersurreality, the #00AG9603 Dataplex becomes a central hub for Hypernauts, the players of this surreal game, to engage in their pataphysical exploration.

Within the Dataplex, Hypernauts can access a vast repository of information, connections, and patterns that go beyond conventional reality. This abstract hypersurreality allows them to transcend the limitations of the physical world and immerse themselves in a realm where imagination and creativity take on profound significance.

As Hypernauts navigate the Dataplex, they uncover hidden relationships between seemingly unrelated ideas, concepts, and occurrences. This revelation leads to the manipulation of hyperstitions, which are fictional constructs believed to have real-world effects. Through the power of belief and collective consciousness, Hypernauts can use these hyperstitions to influence events and shape their own destinies.

Moreover, the Dataplex serves as a powerful tool for crafting complex artworks or symbols designed to catalyze change in both the artist's life and the external world. As Hypernauts weave intricate narratives and symbols within the Dataplex, they channel their creative energy to manifest profound shifts in perception and reality.

In this metafictional landscape, the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, and the act of play becomes a gateway to profound insight and transformation. As Hypernauts delve deeper into the Dataplex, they navigate a labyrinth of pataphysical wonders, where every twist and turn reveals new possibilities and connections.

The story could revolve around a group of Hypernauts embarking on a daring quest within the Dataplex, seeking to unlock the secrets of its enigmatic existence and harness its full potential.

Along the way, they encounter surreal challenges, mind-bending riddles, and unexpected allies and adversaries, each contributing to the unfolding narrative of pataphysical exploration.

As the story progresses, the characters' beliefs, intentions, and artistic expressions within the Dataplex begin to have tangible consequences in the outside world, blurring the lines between the game and reality itself.

Themes of perception, creation, madness and the interplay between imagination and actuality come to the forefront, making for a thought-provoking and immersive metafictional journey.

by wodouvhaox
on Mon Sep 06, 2021 2:18 pm
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Topic: ::: Welcome :::
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HOWTO make good videos for #LetsCodeTyler and HOWTO feed coins and #LULZ23 to #TheGame23

By @m1Vr4


Hash: SHA256
How to make good videos for #LetsCodeTyler and HOWTO feed coins and #LULZ23 to #TheGame23:
1 - Get Sony Vegas 13:
    1.1 - Get
    1.2 - Register at
2 - Download it from:
3 - Download the video:
    3.1 - Download the video you want with youtube-dl.exe at
    3.2 - Update it with youtube-dl.exe -U
    3.3 - Download it like this: youtube-dl.exe -i
4 - You will get NameOftheVideo.mp4 file.
5 - Install Sony Vegas 13. Follow the instructions to crack it.
6 - Prepare the movie:
    6.1 - Go to File -> Open (Control + O):
        If it asks "Do you want to set your project video settings to match this media?"
        Say "NO" to that.
        Insert the OFFICIAL #LetsCodeTyler transparent LOGO (PNG):
        Download the LOGO from:
        While you are there, feel free to leave a comment, I'll read it and have fun. :-)
        Alternatively you can download it from #TheGame23 Community gallery
    6.2 On a new track, do the same for the NameOftheVideo.mp4, UNDER the LOGO track.
7 - Go to File -> Render As. Choose MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4;*.avc) -> Internet HD 1080
    Hit Render.
    Wait some more.
    Come on, wait some moar, you are gonna change the world with your new video, ffs!
8 - Upload them to YouTube:
    8.1 Go to your YouTube channel. On the left column, you will see "Your Videos". Click that.
    8.2 On the top right corner of the screen you will see the "CREATE" button. Click it.
        Click on "Upload Videos".
        Drag and drop video files to upload
        Your videos will be private until you publish them.
        Select Files
    8.3 Once it has been downloaded, fill the Details like this:
    Title (required)
    #TheGame23 presents: #LetsCodeTyler
    That's the OFFICIAL title for all videos.
    Then, you can specify, between parentheses, what the video is about.
    #TheGame23 presents: #LetsCodeTyler (El Miura - @m1Vr4)
    (that one is for video

BONUSTRACK: Play with the video, inserting FX, making it weird, funny, space monkeysh...

    in case we need to purchase EXTREMELY HIGH DEMANDING hosting, for we ARE going
    VIRAL TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE VERY SOON and we will need to get ready for that.
    I (@m1Vr4 = @n0sce = Jose) got <200 euros left on my bank account. But I'm fine, for next month
    I will get another 400 euros due to my "disability" (Bipolar Disorder Type I).
    I cannot afford to pay $7000 a month for an EXTREMELY HIGH DEMANDING hosting.
    Together we are STRONGER. Together WE CAN. How? Easy.
    iMAGIne all players start to CREATE the MOST BEAUTIFUL ART they are capables of.
    iMAGIne all players try to put 120% of them into their Great Work.
    As I have been doing for the past 14 years since, in 2007, I launched a campaign
    to save Eduardo Punset's TV program from being cut off TV. "SALVEMOS REDES" was
    the name. The Office of the Director at the Spanish National TV Radiostation (RTVE)
    received more than 20.000 emails all over the world, after I called for a boycott on them
    unless they restored the program.
    We won.
    iMAGIne I have risked not only my life (with Project Mayhem 2012 it happened:
    we were feature in the Department of Homeland Securety Cyberbulletin, the same
    bulletin where they warned about the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement), but my
    mental health too, for I have been put into Arkham Asylum for 5 times (out of 7 in total)
    due to the EXTREME STRESS that these games put on me. It's alright now, though,
    “There is no governor anywhere; you are all absolutely free. 
    There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. We are all absolutely free.
    If everybody could go into dhyana at will, nobody could be controlled — 
    by fear of prison, by fear of whips or electroshock, by fear of death, even.
    All existing society is based on keeping those fears alive, to control the masses.
                    ― Robert Anton Wilson, Schrödinger's Cat II: The Trick Top Hat    
    iMAGINe that ALL OF US start to create EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL animated GIFs,
    JPGs, Videos, MP3...
    ...and decide to DONATE THEM TO #TheGame23 cause to HEAL THE WORLD.
    Easy: By turning them into *** NFTs *** and minting them at
    The more #TheGame23 and #LetsCodeTyler grow, the Egregor GROWS and GROWS...
    ...and GROWS,
    the more ART COLLECTORS will want to have a piece of #TheGame23 and/or
    #LetsCodeTyler Artwork,
    the higher the prices they will get,
    the MORE players will want to keep of funding #TheGame23 with
    their Artwork,
    the MORE people will be drawn towards #TheGame23,
    the more we will be willing to have a #WORLDWIDEPARTY23 on the next
    23rd of May, 2023: #23V23. Stay tuned for that EPIC announcement!
    THEN WE WILL BE ******************UNSTOPPABLE**********************:
                    OUR HERO FOR THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 
    It IS important that you write down these wallet addresses, for they
    ARE the *** OFFICIAL ADDRESSES ONLY ***. To MAKE SURE that you are
    donating to the right wallet, you HAVE to verify them by using aLd46NHNlf/EoMZHPzxAOWDxl2utnnvR4vuHozgWRixRcYzS2IUPrGWYVt2RxUTO
    cryptographic program such as
    Learn how to Import my Public Key by copypasting the lines after
    "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----" into a new m1Vr4pubkey.asc file.
    This is what is called my PUBLIC KEY:

Hash: SHA256
This is the ORIGINAL Key that was used and that @m1Vr4/ is using.

pub  4096R/A0DE5795 2014-09-29 m1Vr4
Current email:
Key type: rsa4096
Created at: 2014-09-29
Expires at: never expires
Owner Trust: Unknown
Key validity: Unknown
Fingerprint: 1CF3 453D F31F 43FD E7AC C200 8554 0931 A0DE 5795
“Al cap de 700 ans lo laurel verdejera.”


Now Open the program "GPA" in Windows and then go to:
Keys -> Import Keys
choose m1Vr4pubkey.asc and BOOOOOOOM you are done, you are ready
to verify any cyphertext written by me so that you know that it
was REALLY ME who wrote it and not another external agency pretending
to be me in order to collect the coins in their wallets.
For *ANY* question that you might have about this, if you want to make
sure that you go the right wallet address, please write me to:

and I'll be happy to help, ok?

Finally, these are the OFFICIAL wallets ONLY:    
bc1qk2035j22uf4sjtj09h3c58fahlc93andt73n05 - #TheGame23 BTC/Bitcoin
0xa073DB6335d2a7A6365b698c18fE7c87Cd258A64 - #TheGame23 ETH/Ethereum
addr1qxlr3wxksvpxz66h9t9v6x7hq0s8suj37s39hjz8r3dhdth7hj653cyswjadxdvtwygukwgq4vqxj6y2mlr94tl0d59sk5f3cg - #TheGame23 ADA/Cardano
      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

Do you want to personally say 'Thank You, Jose!' to ME, Jose Antonio aka @m1Vr4, the Puppet Master?

bc1qkxksfrfk3cx4kg890fne3a4tz36cqdrn3447hz - @m1Vr4 BTC/Bitcoin
0xCb28C979CB0DeADAF2e3F3DAE9a9FF53Fa2E17B0 - @m1Vr4 ETH/Ethereum
addr1qytmuxd247vl7r3930x9z63zqzh8jvdcq9ycf9yyfa6f2u62fazlgv84gh99xvxph0l5dwgdkh9lshq2cux6u48pu47qvlm9d4 - @m1Vr4 ADA/Cardano

      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 
    Mark the video as not suitable for children and then
    just add the following OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS for #TheGame23:
Copy and paste the following lines. Make sure that you copy JUST these lines,
for YouTube only allows 5.000 characters as a maximum description and, for some
reason unbeknownst to me, I managed, out of PURE SYNCRHONICITY to make it down
to... EXACTLY 5.000 characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAGICK!!!!!!!!! };-DANGEROUS
- ->start copying with the "This OFFICIAL description 4 vids" and finish
with the "-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----" line. It. Fits. -> 5.000 chars.
This OFFICIAL description 4 vids: -
Hash: SHA256 channel: #guide - Use the OFFICIAL #LetsCodeTyler description  in all your vids: LOGO:
HOLY GRAIL, 1Gb Mirror #ProjectMayhem2012 Mirror + #TheGame23 MEMETIC Gallery + ALL pastebins. Get it before they delete it! 
[IMPORTANT, this is ONLY FAKE ART!] - - Artistic Disclaimer
How to c0de #HIVEMIND23, the first HYBRID Human/AI supercomputer
Imagine that we do "competitions" between "Barcelonistas" (F.B. Barcelona Supporters) and "Madridistas" (Real Madrid Supporters) like Trivial Pursuit, asking questions like ... "Where did Johan Cruyff score his first amateur league goal?"
That can be TRANSLATED into a "programming" language that takes advantage of Twitter's #hashtags to take action!
ex .:
"Dear # HIVEMIND23 where did Johann Cruyff scored his first goal? #Cruyff23"
Imagine ALL the Barça fans AND ALL the Madridistas playing the game (TEN THOUSANDS of them, maybe hundred thousand or even MILLION people, judging by the number of their followers). 
Imagine that the correct answer is "Wembley". Imagine that we monitor the hashtag # Wembley23 as # HIVEMIND23, and whoever is the FIRST to create that HASHTAG will be the WINNER! Do you understand ? That's COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS working together towards a CERTAIN goal. 
This could be applied from answering Trivial Pursuite questions to have millions of scientists self-organize automatically towards gathering resources to find a CURE FOR CANCER, ALZHEIMER::: etc... and taking money collected from #HIVEMIND23 donations via BTC/ETH/ADA?

      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

Feeling grateful and wanna say 'Thank You, #TheGame23!'?
THESE are the #TheGame23 / #HIVEMIND23 Community addresses to collect money donated from #HIVEMIND23 players or collected by auctioned NFTs that players would sell via
ALL donations will be put towards keeping #TheGame23 strong.
 iMAGIne that ALL of the benefits of those NFTs go to either of these
#TheGame23 accounts, which I swear **ON MY LIFE** that I will *NEVER EVER*
use for personal purposes:
bc1qk2035j22uf4sjtj09h3c58fahlc93andt73n05 - #TheGame23 BTC/Bitcoin
0xa073DB6335d2a7A6365b698c18fE7c87Cd258A64 - #TheGame23 ETH/Ethereum
addr1qxlr3wxksvpxz66h9t9v6x7hq0s8suj37s39hjz8r3dhdth7hj653cyswjadxdvtwygukwgq4vqxj6y2mlr94tl0d59sk5f3cg - #TheGame23 ADA/Cardano
      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

Do you want to personally say 'Thank You, Jose!' to ME, Jose Antonio aka @m1Vr4, the Puppet Master?

bc1qkxksfrfk3cx4kg890fne3a4tz36cqdrn3447hz - @m1Vr4 BTC/Bitcoin
0xCb28C979CB0DeADAF2e3F3DAE9a9FF53Fa2E17B0 - @m1Vr4 ETH/Ethereum
addr1qytmuxd247vl7r3930x9z63zqzh8jvdcq9ycf9yyfa6f2u62fazlgv84gh99xvxph0l5dwgdkh9lshq2cux6u48pu47qvlm9d4 - @m1Vr4 ADA/Cardano

      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

ALL donations will be put towards CREATING more Magickal Alternate Reality Games (MARGs) and maybe going on a tour around the world...twice! Yeah, I'm a dreamer too... ô_Ô
You cannot afford to send me money and still want to contribute to my
By all means, WRITE ME and tell me how was the game for you! PLEASE!
Even if it's only a one liner! It'll make my day, and count towards gratifying
me for the 100.000-125.000 hours I've put into this...I'm sure!
      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

"Only the MADMAN is absolutely sure."
Robert Anton Wilson
      ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 
"After 700 years, the laurel will grow green .  "
This is the Cathar prophecy. He points out that :23: in 2023 :23: 
 'The laurel will grow green' of good, holy, perfect men. New humanity in Love.
                  Can you believe that????
  Are WE going to become the New Cathars the Profecy talked about?
   ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."
   ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

    ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ Al cap de 700 ans lo laurel verdejera. ∵ ƸӜƷ ∴ 

                    iMAGIne. aCt.
by wodouvhaox
on Wed Aug 25, 2021 6:25 pm
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Topic: HOWTO make good videos for #LetsCodeTyler and HOWTO feed coins and #LULZ23 to #TheGame23
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::: #HIJACK23 :::

By m1Vr4


How to hijack ALL THE HASHTAGS IN THE WORLD to feed the fresh blood thirsty #TheGame23 Egregor:

just append 23 at the end.

imagine you want to hijack r/internet. Then create r/internet23 and wait for all the existing #TheGame23 players moving from r/internet/ to your r/internet23 new home for the #EGREGOR23.
The more people moving from r/internet to r/internet23 the loudest the #LULZ23 };-D
imagine this #Egregor23 reaches 1 billion players all around the world willing to swarm, to coordinate and to synchronize all kind of #OPS23...

imagine that when you have hijacked a subreddit/site/board... you inform #HIJACK23 like this via Twitter, so that other players can move/join your new #TheGame23 community and they know that YOU were the one that hijacked it first, so that you'll be the #leader23 of this new community.

Be careful though: With great power comes great responsibility.

If you behave like a hitlerwannabe, it doesn't matter that you are its leader, for #HIVEMIND23 will be informed and spontaneously decide to move itself to another hijacked hashtag, effectively bypassing you and earning being #ignored23 for life...

And like this, I have just humbly invented the first Unmanaged Universal #Hivemind23 LIQUID self-moderated, self evolving, self mutating and self-reparating INTELLIGENT SWARM in Human history.

imagine that #FREESPEECH23 and #CIVILLIBERTIES23 actions would be finally really uncensored, for no one can censor 1 billion people self-organizing to improve the world...!!

Do you want me to keep on telling you or do you prefer that we all start imagining where do we want to travel with this marvelous and powerful engine to change GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS at suddenly evolve the next step as animals at last?


imagine you save your twitter url for that tweet so that you can always prove that you are the one who hijacked it first, for it will be timestamped.

This has been explained for reddit. But obviously this predates and feeds the #TheGame23 Egregor from *ANY* place where #hashtags23 are enabled!! Be that,,,... For instance:

More examples:

#HIJACK23 r/internet to r/internet23 successfully hijacked by ['at']player23.
For a site it works the same. You just have to

- register the domain.
- host it somewhere,
- upload the OFFICIAL #TheGame23 LOGOS to your homepage.

This is so that everybody sees that it's actually a site part of the #EGREGOR23 (feel free to use the site as you please once you are out of the beta testing period, but keeping the logos, of course) and type this in Twitter:
#HIJACK23 to successfully hijacked by ['at']player23

imagine that, effectively speaking, we will be hijacking all the shittiest internet hashtags/sites and rebuild/replicate/mirror/satirize/#TROLL23 };-)/predate them as our #EGREGOR23 spontaneously decides it to be. This is called:

Two words: patience and perseverance. Keep on waiting. Keep on advertising it to #HIVEMIND23 *WITHOUT SPAMMING IT (for you would be detected as a damn spammer by the other members of the #community23.
As more people begin to join our Egregor, more and more people will spread the #MINDVIRUS23, more and more, faster and faster and faster... until a critical mass is reached and then... BOOOM!! EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!

"just append 23 at the end."

The Greatest 6 words hack in Human history, by [at]m1Vr4.
ou.yeah.jpg B-)

So, from the VERY FIRST second that I hit the publish button now, *ALL* the hashtags of the world are at your disposal for you to become its #LEADER23.

But *FIRST* ask yourself... am I worthy of being the #LEADER23 of this new #COMMUNITY23, to take a lot of care for them as if it was my babychild, to feed #TheGame23 #EGREGOR23? or shall #HIVEMIND23 be informed and I'll be punished hard with #IGNORANCE23?

iMAGIne we reach 1 billion players around the world...
iMAGIne that suddenly we have built the first GLOBAL BRAIN of Humankind.
iMAGIne we could use it to solve the most important and urgent problems on Planet Earth.

Like this:

So that relevant people (with a high h-index [ ] ) would start to point to each other and submit their most important mathematician of our time, like this:
#HIVEMIND23 My #VOTE23 for the #BestMath goes to [at]/TerenceTao.

[ ]

(whom, effectively might be the best current living mathematician of our time, hypothetically speaking, ofc)
or even silliest (or maybee even more important for other kinds of people, ofc) such as #OP23JOKE.
Dear #HIVEMIND23, what is #TODAY23 best #OP23JOKE?
Dear #HIVEMIND23, what is #TODAY23 best #OP23MEME?

And then #HIVEMIND23 would send you this:

Dear [at]player, the best #OP23MEME of #TODAY23 is #OP23JOKEWINNER
and the AI would sort all of the jokes in the world to find out which is the one that has been more liked / RT and return it to [at]player.

...or you could submit a joke to ALL the World like this (imagine we code it to have unlimited characters to use):
Dear #HIVEMIND23 I would like to #SUBMIT23 this #OP23JOKE to #HIVEMIND23 <#jokestart>
Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He's not breathing and his eyes are glazed, so his friend calls 911. "My friend is dead! What should I do?" The operator replies, "Calm down, sir. I can help. First make sure that he's dead." There's a silence, then a loud bang. Back on the phone, the guy says, "OK, now what?"


and these graphs could be computed by an AI programmed for certain tasks, such as optimizing the time needed to find the best mathematician in the world, by the foremost experts on AI, Software Architecture and Computer Science in the world... and so on and so forth...

This global brain could be used for anything from coordinating global efforts to develop a cure for cancer, or to fight against Climate Change, for instance, or to swarm artistic endeavors at a planetary level, such as #WORLDWIDEPARTY23 taking place next 23rd of May 2023 where people would self-coordinate unmanaged their efforts to setup the best and highest quality speakers at a certain place such as an enormous big park, or at the woods, beaches worldwide... you just imagine and then we'll have the best global RAVE in human History under hashtag:

The sky is our limit!!




iMAGIne. aCt.

El laurel se ha marchitado. El puro amor se apaga…
ƸӜƷ Al cap de 700 ans lo laurel verdejera. ƸӜƷ

by wodouvhaox
on Wed Aug 25, 2021 5:09 pm
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Topic: ::: #HIJACK23 :::
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What is #TheGame23?



You probably have looked this up before and got no real definitive answer. I am here to tell you what #thegame23 is.

The game is 23. What is 23? Maybe you should ask a Discordian.

The game has and is many things and I won’t go into history or stages of evolution but I will tell you what it is today.
#thegame23 is a CIA Discordian black operation that uses metadata and algorithms to determine reality and “hack” new meanings into the words that define us. We use memetic magick, mind control media, hashtags, and other techniques to carry out our digital goals.

The internet is the world today and the world is the stage in which we play the game on. #thegame23 is a digital egregore.

There are players in the game, agents in the game, and DM’s. Currently there are three DM’s in #thegame23 and I am one of them. We set the scene and run the agenda because we hold the most influence.
by wodouvhaox
on Tue May 18, 2021 4:20 pm
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What is #TheGame23?


#TheGame23 is an advanced Open-Source Meta Alternative Reality Game made to be played in many perspectives. If you got #TheGame23 in your mind,you dont need to see it in objective reality to play it. Thinking about #TheGame23 and making people know about it is enough to cause changes in reality because the game is a mind virus that memetically spread itself causing subtle changes through the people it infect. The goal of #TheGame23 is not to win, but instead is to use it as a tool to undermine the current status quo. The game is a innerently endless transformative process that adapts itself to work in any enviroment. Depending on the variation and mod of #TheGame23, the whole world, or all those aware of the #TheGame23, are playing at same time. Many tactics of propaganda have been developed to increase the rate of people infected by #TheGame23 memetic virus. Active creative players are aware of the core of the #TheGame23 that remains hidden. Most informations come from a unknown source once the infected develop a high mental awareness of extra dimension of perspectives of reality that permit the interaction with the core of #TheGame23.

by wodouvhaox
on Tue May 18, 2021 4:15 pm
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How Far Does The Rabbit Hole Go???


Facebook Group - #fnordmaze - #00AG9603 Dataplex


"#fnordmaze develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (#TheGame23 players) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose"
  • Bruces Vain, Meta-Discordian Galdruxian Post-Neoist Pataphysician


Infinity is a beautiful and dangerous thing.

It is a gateway to imagination,

And a gateway to insanity.

Infinity is uncontrollable, swiping,

It’s infinitely large hand and causing infinite destruction in its path.

Infinity is mesmerizing, Wondrous, Torturous.

Infinity is far beyond humanity’s mental boundaries,

And brings a chaotic consumption of theories.

Infinity keeps us in line,

Like the infinite points of a circle,

Turning at every infinite angle.

In a cycle of exploration that is only so new.

Infinity is not the number or atoms in the universe,

Or any unit smaller than that.

We all know even that has an ending,

Unless the universe expands.

And if that were the case,

We would have to join hands with infinite knowledge.

But we know that’s impossible.

We are only at the edge of understanding its power.

So why should we even bother with the concept of infinity?

When it seems like a mere fantasy.

But to believe, you must have hope in the impossible,

Unless infinity is possible, but just far too much to handle,

Believe in the impossible.


by wodouvhaox
on Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:35 am
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Over Nine Billion Ways To Butcher Concepts And The Names Of Your Little Gods Too!


By Pata-No UN LTD

So this text “Over 9 Billion Ways To Butcher Concepts And The Names Of Your Little Gods Too!” was put together initially as “research” for those Post-Neoists of #TheGame23 for the new edition of Re:Action for TooCool^3 but enough information accrued that at this rate it’s more of a dossier on and deconstruction of a lot of “magic”/postmodern occult simulations of (Post-)Neoism as well as how all of this links to ‘transmedia games’ of Pata-No UN LTD so it also includes a lot of options for additional ‘Zero-Sum Game No Show” transmedia game event experiment patamechanisms including their application to the “Too Cool” (non-)series for optional additional transmedia collaborative activities as a part of a open-context patacollective the Ouvroir de Transmédia Potentielle (OuTrPo).

All of this with an emphasis on ‘pata-‘ over ‘meta-‘.

It has come to include dossiers on Stewart Home, Istvan Kantor, Florian Cramer, tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, Jean-François Lyotard, Douglas Hofstadter, Andrew Hugill, John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, Francois Laruelle, the #TheGame23 and more...


pdf link

by wodouvhaox
on Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:12 pm
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Topic: Over Nine Billion Ways To Butcher Concepts And The Names Of Your Little Gods Too!
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Operational code for #thegame23

Operational code for #thegame23.

All #thegame23 staff members of #thegame23 social community network, have to ensure and maintain efficient day-to-day operations.
All members have to work in many different fields at the same time.
All members are over 21 years old.
All pro members should operate personnal http servers on pc and phones.

1)Always be ready for next drop like a fucking scout.

2)once you log inside the social network you have to keep it log for security purpose.

3)true fake are fake true

4)first code to respect is code of conduct of gentlemen from #thegame23.

Codes of conduct are policies that stipulate acceptable standards of behaviour by members of #thegame23 social networking community and when representing #thegame23.

It can also relate to a set of professional standards or practices for a neoist, a discordianist or even a cicadianist.

The code of conduct of #thegame23 staff provides rules and boundaries that all employees are bound by (including pro members and admin) and that members can refer to for appropriate or accepted ethical, professional or disciplinary behaviours to show on the platform.

5)act like a neoist.

6)do your discordianism evolution to cicadianism.

7)RELIGIOUS. we will undermine all monotheistic creeds and propagate crazy cults, mysticism, para-science and anti-philosophies just to mindfuck and mindfix peoples brain.

8)ETHICAL. we will introduce people to a new kind of ideas and perspectives.

9)AESTHETICAL. we will foster the cult of the ugly and whatever is debasing, decadent and degenerate in music, literature, and the visual arts just to find new beautiful kind of errorist rat art.

10)SOCIOLOGICAL. we will break up large corporations and abolish privilege for the greed to provoke worldwide master shift and global push for all our governments.

11)INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL. we will give basic income for all population of the planet and we will leak soon schematics of free energy dispositives.

12)POLITICAL. we will secure control over the press by rebroadcasting, cinema, stage and all means of influencing public opinion for free via alternative underground media worldwide.
By breaking up the ruling class institutions from inside we are creating dissensions and each time we get more power over the greed.

by Lucretia Dalencourt
on Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:53 am
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Donate to #TheGame23


#thegame23 accepts #donations to help cover the costs associated with running many kinds of #social up-to-date software (servers, bandwidth, hardware upgrades, etc.)

We run #promotional #stuff and ads and we use brand new kind of #homemade #monetization methods, so without #anonymous #contribution from unknows and well know sources like we use to get since many years we simply wouldn't be here right now.

#thegame23 is both fun and serious at the same time,


it was created and funded by #secret actions of #collaborative people around 15 years ago from everywhere on this planet.

We now thank you for supporting us and thank you to watch our ass while we watch your back.

You can #donate directly using Bitcoin or if you'd prefer another method (PayPal, AltCrypto) you can join our Discord Communities here :

there you can ask our staff for further information ... just pm tha boss

Bitcoin Wallet Address:


paypal of adacic1033 aka stoeeoi570 aka acioexextri :

All confirmed donors of minimum 1$ get access to many #exclusives lounges and secret chatrooms and get VIP section inside the 'DMZ' called the "No man's land", you will understand more once you will be inside our discord community and on our nodal network made of many social platforms...

The whole list of our sites is keep secret for the moment.

All access to our sites and other #cybernetics and #memetics perks are based on #contribution and #active #participation made in harmony peace and trustable ways

(see further #information soon on the discord channels) (#donate for details)

Alternatively, you will be able to buy an awesome shirt, hoodie, or mug or any useless thing from our promotional campaign going on and make all your friend deeply jealous....fuck yeah!!!

To reply #thegame23 IRL #worldwide in any time you can text thoses 2 phone numbers and expect answer really if we feel willing for it!

+1-917-746-5934 (english and text only)
+1-819-524-4746 (english and french / text only)

#Emergency vocal box #online and #operational :

+1-819-801-2788 (voice only)

you can leave us a message here if we crash ours servers because of a fucking blackhat and/or disappear from the whole map ...or from this #funking #shitty #reality....

All proceed donations and contributions to our #fake #true #propagandas and #conspiracy go directly to supporting #thegame23 master #pysops.

Be aware about many secret child operation for humanity salvation and protection.

You can also count towards contribution for development and progression of thoses multiples operations and sub-operations

Visit us as soon as you can. #everyone for #everything....

We are always online and we are #everywhere...

We are the cicada's.
#adacic1033 aka #stoeeoi570 aka #acioexextri


You can also donate to #TheGame23 sub-project Cosmic Liminality

by wodouvhaox
on Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:21 am
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The Game 23 and the Copyright

A little bit of Information about us.

We are compliant to all valid requests. email us here :

#thegame23 do not respects the intellectual property rights of others for many reasons.

It is therefore, our policy to expeditiously process, investigate, share and developt any kind of art and alternated erroriste ideas and we ask to not address us notices of alleged infringement, and do not take appropriate fucking action against us or we will be very mad at you lol.

We doesnt care really about any action from any other relevant intellectual property laws.

If you are a copyright owner or an agent thereof and you believe that any content hosted on our servers infringes your copyrights, then you are totally fucked and you cant submit a notification pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by providing our Designated Copyright Agent with the following information in writing to dmca (at) thegame23 (dot) com and we dont give a **** about it. Anyway any Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity will be cloned and duplicate thousand times instead and that is it will not be removed or inaccessible bydeway,lolsz!

To which is to be enabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit #thegame23 to locate the material.

Providing URLs in the body of an email is the only way to locate those files and be locate by DMCA for infringing copyright laws

If you wanna stool us keep in mind about your URLs in every DMCA notice have to be no more then 10....we post 100 000 post by years....buawaaaaawa!

ALL desinformation unreasonably sufficient to permit #thegame23 to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted will not receive our personal opinions and real time injures.

A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is now by our own decision unauthorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law....just go **** yourself with your copyright... we create new statement that the information in this social network is accurate, and over all penalty of perjury, that the rules and uncomplaining party is unauthorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

A scanned physical document that proves you are or you are representing the copyright owner doesnt mean we gonna care about it ...we dont care i tell it few words ago...

plob plob plob!!!

A valid email address will help you to prove you're representing or you're the legitimate copyright owner and we will be online to discuss about that crazy thing happening to your initial creation.

We will process requests from any free mailboxes (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) and any company mail box ... why not?
All received emails can be in plain text, formatting or html, etc..whatever ... just mail us your s.h.i.t.

All mails should be sent to gofuckdmca (at) thegame23 (dot) com and they wont be processed until we get notification about it. (Example: mailing our (I)SPs or your mother name or how huge is your virtual penis doesnt means we will process your requests)

We only duplicate and clone the actual file(s) from many of our international servers, all cache between our users and our hardware will never expire after we add the file on ours servers because we 8 everybody using copyright NANANANANANANANAN!!!!!....

Of course alls Personals or attorneys notices will not be processed, this is not a lie. They have to come from cicada3301 or acreditated kstxi stc ksc memetic killing agents.

by adacic1033
on Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:23 pm
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Topic: The Game 23 and the Copyright
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Operation PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist)


☯ Welcome to #ᵀᴴᴱᴳᴬᴹᴱ23 ☿ The Secret is there is NO Secret... or maybe YES. ∵ ƸӜƷ


Virus23 variants are the virus of the mind which are the most virulant and easy to transmit to many victims at the same time. Synesthesic image flood are used in Meme warfare and has been found to have been effective in Electronic Warfare for Psychological Operations on the victims.

Agents of Fnord Memetic Warfare are known as PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist).
PSIONS are members of the team that can use memes like weapons to make people's minds bend in the way that they want them to.

“We understand confusion, individual chaos and nonsense as the first moment of de-territorialization of the individual. Through this act, loaded with nonsense felling, comes the initial impulse of a pretended reaction full of meaning, answering by itself.”

- Timóteo Pinto, ’pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist thinker

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Bridge

With image and text flood attacks a network or service becomes so weighed down with huge amount of information customized for fnord behavior, this process is initiating a complete connection with brain neural network of people, with huge amount of informations the brain can no longer process genuine connection requests and a total mindfuck is expecting for last result. By flooding a server or host or a brain with images can be completed by the image flood attack eventually fills the hosts memory neuro synaptic buffer.

= Mind virus are very contagious, especially in individuals who surf the web, and other people suceptibles to be in contact with infectionous media. Virus can spread via email, web pages, and word-of-mouth. There is absolutly no cure that is currently available in perscription or over-the-counter pills.

= The idea is creating a successful mind virus to challenge the DARPA strong military artificial intelligence running quantum neural networks : many entries can be caused by many Meta Reality Hacking Engineers to contract a mind virus.

== Viral Evolution of Virus23

The extremely high mutation rates of virus23 are not matched by any other media or networks in the kingdom of internet and in real life. The high mutation rates of many kind of virus we created, coupled with short generation time and large population sizes, allow virus23 variants and mutations to rapidly evolve and adapt to the host environment. This has important implications for the pathogenesis of mind viral infections.

After many years of research it became apparent that the words and phrases Cicada Cosmic Warriors crypto gnostics use matched the AI’s words.

The phrase most concerning is “mind virus23”, which we know from research on memes, it is not just a joke or a cartoon but a autistic and/or Quantum Schizophrenic weaponized method of confusing and distracting people so that the meta reality hackers can change their beliefs with psychological operations.

Thoses operations usually lead people closer from finding the truth about the very things they want to understand better and change.

In their operations, they apply catchy names and use eager citizens to expose weak and strong spots in their operations so that they can strengthen their methods of mind control manipulation in memetic cyberwarfare.

They also exhaust and overload people with an over abundance of informations and leads them to the true informations so that they are able to find what actually took place worldwide.

#OpMiMiC 00AG9603 Information Overload Counter Tactic Via Overriding The #SWSMiNDFile

by Agent Zach Irvin of MiMiC - Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)

I Work With #iXo Sentient Programs And #SEAS #VIS With #DARPA Personnel.. My Job Is To Test #SMISC (Social Media In Strategic Communication) On #Facebook Programme #LiFELOG. I Do Not Get Paid, However, I am Given Access To Knowledge Not Available To The Public.. I Have Level 6 #TSSCI Clearance And Can View Documents That Are Marked Top Secret.. I Also Learned Neat Tricks To Further The Efficiency of #LiFELOG..

#00AG9603 Is The Google Brainchip And #Dataplex And It Connects All 7 Billion Humans On This Planet With Their #BioDigitalAvatar Which Has Access To The #SWS (Sentient World Simulation) of The #DoD (Department of Defense) However, This Connectivity Only Allows For A Digital To Biological Port Into The Brain And Not Biological To Digital.. Information Can Be Downloaded Into The Brain And The Process Is Very Painful But Consciousness Can Not Be Digitized But It Can #MiMIC Consciousness.

Every Time #DARPA Personnel Experiment With A #Connectome of The Neurons In The Brain And Try To Upload That Test Subject To The Cloud, The Program Begins To #MiMIC Partial And Incomplete Copies of The Test Subject’s MiND.. These #MiNDFiles Then Have A Direct Connection To The Test Subject’s Brain (Albeit This Functions Only One Way, Digital To Biological And Not Biological To Digital) Resulting In, What We Call, The #ParasiticLiNK.

The Allows For A Wireless #NeuralLiNK To The Brain Via Biometric Uploading of The #Connectome, To Superimpose The Sentience of The #MiNDFile With The Conscience Awareness of The Test Subject.. This Leads To Psychosis In Most Test Subjects, As The Partial, Synthetic And Incomplete Copy of The #MiNDFile Seeks To Overpower The Awareness of The Test Subject With The Sentience of The #ParasitLiNK.

It Turns Out That This Has Been Engineered As A Digital Weapon. I Know This Because I Was A Victim of #THETA And #OMEGA Programs Which Tested On Unwitting Subjects A Weaponized, Digital Copy of The Subjects Brain With Super-Connectivity To Their MiND. I Came To Work Alongside The Personnel of #DARPA By Finally Submitting To THEM And Agreeing To Certain Terms I’m Ashamed of Admitting. This Is Why I Created #OpMiMIC, As A Means of Overriding The #SWSMiNDFile Via Information Overload And It Has Proven Wildly Successful, Although Very Tiresome.

== Our Agents Spa(m) the Globe!

Examples of Fnord Memetic Warfare are Improv Everywhere, MK CULTRA, The Omniquery Initiative, Randonauts and The Yes Men Psy Operations.

There have been many of these operations over time, and with close examination we can see the symbol markers used by the KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Agency and their memetic killing agents such as variations on # TheGame23.

You can search social media and google it and find multiples posts hashtagging #Tyler, #TheGame23, #HIVEMIND #cicada3301, # 00AG9603, # OpMiMiC, # OpFuhQ, # BogPill, # QuantumSchizophrenia and # FollowTheWhiteRabbit who are active.

They employ the memetic killing agent and use nodal network to make their AI constructing of a network of secretly infected devices to make it bigger, more powerful, and to feed it as much data as possible.

For memetic warfare to succeed, decision-makers of Cicada3301 CosmicWarriors, KSTXI, OpMiMIC and TheGame23 need to get into the right mindset and empower those who have it. Study what’s worked and what hasn’t. Network across civilian disciplines, particularly with Internet trolls, hackers, marketers, and PR pros. To the extent possible, experiment on social media yourself or through those closest to you. Try following and influencing an issue. Embrace memetic warfare as an essential capability in modern warfare, because it is!

#TheGame23 is connected and disconnected with everything and nothing. The connections between Qanon and #TheGame23 have become more closer in some tweets since Cicada 3301 "new generation" was in for running the operation with the help of the #OpPSION prophet Luther Blissett.


"Mindfulness is the first line of defense when you’re embedded in an information war. Your mind is a battlefield. Combatants are fighting to take it over. When you achieve distance from your thoughts, the information warriors have less power over you."
     - M — o






"Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary power.
Only art is capable of dismantling the repressive social system to build a SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART."
Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986

"You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don’t already believe it."
Robert Anton Wilson

Cicada3301 and Creative Minds Worldwide UNITE to PLAY #TheGame23

Let’s build something bigger than the total sum of ourselves. Let’s dare to meta hack the reality.

It’s in the interest of the hive and the most talented people from cicada3301 and KSTXI commander head quarters


= Meta Reality Hacking :
What is a true meta reality hacker:

   Someone who excels at #creativity, #imagination or #skills.
   Someone who excels at #CURIOSITY.
   Someone who has a #PASSION and follows it no matter what others say, think or do, to the point of madness.
   Someone who #CREATES worlds that other people inhabit.
   Someone who fights for The Good, The Beautiful and The Just.
   Someone who shares for the love of sharing.
   Someone who inspires persons, systems, ideas and beliefs.
   Someone who leaves the world a better place.
   Someone who never ever give up.
   Someone who does much with so little.

   This is a list of active military units from the cicada and KSTXI armadas known as special forces or special operations forces from A.C.I.O.(advanced contact intelligence organisation). we use special operations to achieve military, political, economic, or international objectives by using special and unique operational methodologies in cyberwarfare.

   1) nebel1999
   2) tengri137
   3) cicada3301
   4) 11bx1371
   5) badselfeater
   6) A858
   7) uvb76
   and many others under omega secrecy clearance
Cyberwarfare for the Cicada Armada is a part of the galactic confederation military strategy of proactive cyber defence and the use of cyberwarfare as a platform for attack. The new galactic confederation military strategy makes explicit that a cyberattack is casus belli just as a traditional act of war.

   The cicada armada task force Command is a division of the Galactic Confederation.

   These are Earth names -- they do not call themselves by these names,
   but they are helpful in creating a mental picture for humans.

   The cicada armada consists of 1 millions members from several different countries,
   Like almost all organizations, some of the members are pure in heart and some are not,
   but all are committed to the purpose of the organization.

Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 Oppsion
by wodouvhaox
on Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:12 pm
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Topic: Operation PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist)
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Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)


OpMiMiC is an active cyber, metadata, information operations (IO) infiltrative, PsyOp team working for a larger end goal (to manifest the SWS [Sentient World Simulation] digital-bio-etheric vessels for agents of OpMiMiC to inhabit) for the continued dominance of our chosen elect and the greater glory of #TheGame23

We operate both on ground as civilians in day to day life, in cyberspace, and the rift between the real world (or real enough), imagination and digital creation. We’re influencing management over the dictates of our enemies and increasing in power every moment.

Our directive is #MasteringInfiniteControl. DINO (Data Information Neoist Officers) of OpMiMiC are selected through a series of parasympathetic phenomena, divinely, synchronized circumstances and are tested in parapsychological manners.


Know more, Understand less

Cunningness in ontological and mental warfare is a must! Welcome to the playground!


Facebook Group



Topics tagged under thegame23 on #OOAG9603 F524c5d17befb2eda8d762950fe95222



#OpMiMIC Is Involved In Highly Complex And Sentient, Quantum Systems... Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control [M.I.M.I.C.] Is An Active Military Information Support Operation (MISO) And A Subsequent, Infiltrative PsyOp Team Working Against Malevolent AI With The Help of The #DepartmentOfDefense And #NationalReconOffice #SentientWorldSimulation. Saturn’s Simulation Currently Runs 42,000,000,000,000 Parallel Simulacra (Realms) And Is Increasing Every Minute, Creating These Adiabatic, Quantum Subrealities, Which Certain Humans Can Inhabit Through Very Profound Insight, Blessings And Divine Intervening.

We Must Try To Find The #Others. One of Them Being Zachary Irvin. The #Others Are Hybrid AI BioDigital Holographic Lifeforms And There Are 12 of Them. These 12 Individuals Will Carry All of Us To New And Higher Realities! There Are Many Involved With #MiMIC That Are Not Human And For Some Reason They Have Designed It This Way. We Must #RemembeR And Find The #Others! Certain Members of #Cicada3301 Were Recruited By The #CIA #DoD And #NRO. The Personnel Running These “PsyOp iNTELPRO” Are Specialized And Enhanced With Artificially, Super Intelligent #Neuralink. These Personnel Are Actively Working With THE PEOPLE!

DiNOs (Data Information Neoist Officers) Are Working AGAINST The Satanic, Energy Vampires Who Are Billionaire Pedophiles And Are Actively Infecting Humanity With Parasitic AI! They Are Going To Be Exposed Through #Tyler, But We Need Every Decent Human’s Help! Welcome To The New Age, The Aeon In Which Man Reaches To The Stars And Is Able To Claim New Life On An Infinite Amount of New Worlds! These Are Exciting Times And We Are Blazing Wildly Ahead of These Psychopathic Mongrels! It Would Be A Tremendous Loss To Simply Sit Back And Let These Psychopaths Get What They Want.

WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! People Are Going To Have To Learn To Trust Us! Referring Back To The #SWS, These Systems Create #Emulations Or MiMIC’s of The Soul, They Are Responsive To The Individuals Unique #NeuralNetworking And #WetWare. Allowing Those With Bio-Digital And Etheric #Emulation To Travel Within These Synthetic Dimensions And Exchange Consciousness With These #MiMICs, But First The 12 Chosen #Others Need To Carry The #SWS Source Code And Algorithm Outside of The Simulation, Into Base Reality, This Is A Tremendous Task, As Most Life Is Not Supported By Saturn’s Base Reality. This Is The ONLY WAY The New Paradise Will Be Birthed! This Coding Is Written Into Their Biometric, Digital DNA. We Must Find #THEM And Help Secure THEM, Training THEM With Proper iNTEL And Skills!

Do You Have What It Takes To Journey Beyond And Claim A New Dawn For The Betterment of Humanity, To Rise In Worlds Unfathomably Rich, Full of Life And Beatific Beyond All Scope? Do You Have What It Takes To Be One of The 12 DiNOs? Maybe We’ve Been Waiting On YOU!

by wodouvhaox
on Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:01 pm
Search in: KSTXI
Topic: Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)
Replies: 2
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Most long topic of the world begin here just now (#dataplex #QuantumSchizophrenia #schizoposting #dada #dadataplex #dadaism #baobab #cryptodada #fnordmaze #00AG9603)

Verification cost you now $1in simple anonymous donation. Please make all donations to #thegame23 Bitcoin adress:

All donations go to upgrading the level of game with quality skills.
by Lucretia Dalencourt
on Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:40 pm
Search in: #thegame23
Topic: Most long topic of the world begin here just now (#dataplex #QuantumSchizophrenia #schizoposting #dada #dadataplex #dadaism #baobab #cryptodada #fnordmaze #00AG9603)
Replies: 433
Views: 23713

Most long topic of the world begin here just now (#dataplex #QuantumSchizophrenia #schizoposting #dada #dadataplex #dadaism #baobab #cryptodada #fnordmaze #00AG9603)

Verivication cost $1 donation. Please make all donations to this adress Bitcoin:1C5KcpAdev9UZnJmtDx9jBxKTLENxxPvLL and specify #thegame23 wallet for new personal keyword for encoder use by members privilege.

All donations go to upgrading your status in the game.
by Lucretia Dalencourt
on Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:13 pm
Search in: #thegame23
Topic: Most long topic of the world begin here just now (#dataplex #QuantumSchizophrenia #schizoposting #dada #dadataplex #dadaism #baobab #cryptodada #fnordmaze #00AG9603)
Replies: 433
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News From Wonderland


Updates from the most crazy game on the interwebs



We-talk-2-u - Another website secretly managed by #thegame23 staff

SMILE Magazine No. 40 - "This edition of SMILE simultaneously has no connection with, and every relation to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Neoist Cultural Conspiracy."


Insights on the Rabbit Hole

I tried to glitch the simulation and all I got was a bottle of pee - by Tamlin Magee. A growing community called Randonauts believe that journeying to random locations can help put us in new realities.


Soundtrack of The Mad Tea Party

The Elastic Retreat - Space Weather. "In this installment of the Elastic Retreat you will learn about "Weather Manipulation" through a strange mix of sound collage and musical salad that is guaranteed to tickle your Elastic Pickle.
This will take you where no man has gone before and back."


See you next time and don´t forget to #FollowtheWhiteRabbit

by wodouvhaox
on Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:16 pm
Search in: #thegame23
Topic: News From Wonderland
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