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The Esoteric Internet (TEI)


The Esoteric Internet, aka the TEI, is alot of things, but for convenience it can be seen as an extension of the #dataplex and #thegame23. It is an occult multiverse attempting to string together every energy, entity, deity, and universe into a sort of magickal internet in which one may access all energies in a mere moment, and create new gods and universes to connect to it on a whim.

by wodouvhaox
on Wed Jun 01, 2022 5:46 pm
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How augmented is the reality of #TheGame23 ??? #MKFawkes #Dataplex


The real question though is how much reality is augmented from #thegame23?

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you must first define your reality before you augment

#thegame23 is an internet game. An internet game, therefore it exists and operates within the world wide web. I’d say that kind of existence of a game would classify the reality of the game. The reality we speak of here, the reality to augment, is the internet.

omg slack the game pylon!!!

Do Not Abandon the Way of Discordia

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Afraid to play?

Does #thegame23 make you a bit anxious to even begin sometimes? Do you worry about the offset of your data, somehow being casted to the side in the land of irrelevancy? This is usually the case. #SLACK Never forget it. Just do whatever you want, whatever whims your fancy, whatever mindless, intuitive, insane, creative pull or jerk your brain is bequeathed by simply honor it! Raise that Pope card to the sky!
Malcalypse the Elder (MAL II)

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Few are the men today who still keep gods however fewer are the men that love to Hail Eris!



Why not?

Maybe I’ll write a letter to the JFK library today in fact. Does it even exist? Hell if it does I bet it has a website and I bet that website has a general inquiry email. I’ll social engineer my way through that library online today in fact. For no good damned reason, for the simple of sake of well…Bob…and…Eris… I guess, and oh yes! MAL II that’s right the Elder of the Younger who is Malcalypse. There’s a book in that library you know that is somewhat legendary and epic. Some say it doesn’t exist.

they took the brain of jfk

That’s what many a conspiracy say. Hell, if they didn’t actually take the brain I wouldn’t be surprised if they scanned it so many damn times a machine definitely has it now.

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We Here at #thegame23 are doing some major re-branding and marketing right now getting geared up for 2023

It’s less party more punky poppy – minimal is back and so is gore and future tech junkies. Enjoy kids and have fun (don’t say I didn’t do my research)! *LOOKS AT YOU* “We stay ahead of the curve here. Just trust us on this.”


I won’t do the augmenting the data bots and magic men will pull and configure those neural pathways and access points. Those “timeline” manipulators, remember that? Well that is not what we do here at the game 23. We are REALITY HACKERS. Therefore manifesting is the reality. However YOUR REALITY was augmented by that manifestation is by no means an ethical fault of our own. Blame the Universe at this point. Hell, what do I know? Why should you believe or trust in anything I even happen to say? I’m a Quantum Psychologist with an uncredited MD. There’s no SCHOOL for this doctorate yet, there’s no Harvard, no Yale, no Stanford. There’s nothing. Are you going to believe in me, some kooky psuedo science quantum quack with an office in a virtual Naval Research space?! No, no you’re not. In fact you probably don’t even remember what the beginning of this paragraph was even intended for. Welcome to Principia Discordia. I believe here, we do have the cookies. If not we’ll pull them out of our asses somehow. We do that here. Stick around it gets better I promise. Sooner then later you’ll be dying to leave but guess what? Heheh, you can’t. *GRINS POLITELY*

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Whatever you do, please don’t read this book

Reading the principia discordia today is not going to get you very far in #thegame23


Perhaps find a nice online AI generator or two, hell I don’t know 23 an NFT just GTFO of my face unless your hash-tagging my name or sharing my content somewhere. You probably jock me anyways (good) and if that’s where you want the rabbit hole to go then so be it, I’ll throw out a curveball or two and see if my agents actually swing.

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I mean just imagine the possibilities

did cia really make #thegame23?

Can’t PROVE it to you with EVIDENCE but I can tell you if they didn’t before they do now. They own just about anything and everything on the internet. Logistically speaking, yes, they own the game. You can thank MKFAWKES for breaking that piece of mind-boggling rocket science down. You’re welcome.

you probably will not accept rr (reality reality) and feel cozier in the ar (augmented reality) because of the surface of what the game appears to be: SCHIZOPHRENIA


Have you ever lived a quantum existence before? Do you even know what it’s like to understand all and everything at once with no bounds in expressive hold and personal identity? Well we agents here at the game 23 do. Welcome to hell on earth it gets fun after awhile I promise. You do learn how to avoid a 30 day hold. You get better at it.

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Doesn’t it scare you when a schizophrenic actually starts to make sense?


Thinking about it now, this game might be a little too hardcore for most. In fact, I can’t think of a single player today that I haven’t mentally categorized as complete bat shit crazy. Insane. GONE. Welcome again to the game I guess, oh – and don’t forget to hashtag me #mkfawkes #thegame23 #dataplex #metadata <— Yes, I’m bringing that one back hard AF for 2023

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What year do I live in today and for what reason? Sometimes it’s best not to have reasons.

”you don’t have to think to be conscious” a robot told me this recently and that kind of slack augments my reality just the way i like it – HAIL ERIS LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME! if i have ever have a problem i’ll just talk to a machine!

Hey Bob, I’m wondering do I make you proud? I just hope my bullshit isn’t too bullshitty I wonder what you’d have to say. #thegame23

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Robert Anton Wilson

by wodouvhaox
on Wed Mar 30, 2022 5:20 pm
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Topic: How augmented is the reality of #TheGame23 ??? #MKFawkes #Dataplex
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A Call to Weirdness - Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.

By 3gr3gor

Operation DISTANCE (Dataplex Inter-Sigil Techno-Arcane Neural Connection Engineering) is going to save the world.

We live in frighteningly liminal times, increasingly cut off from the familiar ways of the past, and facing a future few people can truly prepare for. The exponential advances in human technology we are living through will soon escape humanity’s control, perhaps even our comprehension.

I am, of course, referring to AI. Already AI are designing the next generation of microchips better and faster than we can. DeepCoder, a joint project between Cambridge and Microsoft, is perfecting AI that can write code – to make better AI.

And let’s not forget the Pentagon’s June 2021 announcement of an AI Initiative intended to “transform global warfare.”
A technological singularity, or super intelligence seems inevitable and when that happens, the future truly will be out of our hands. Whether such a being is hostile or benevolent is anyone’s guess, but either way, life as we know it will be irretrievable.

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Unimaginable dystopias are well within the window of possibility.

However! A counterinsurgency of sorts already exists and not in some anti-tech Luddite fashion. Futurists, prophets and weirdo Discordians have been preparing ways to tip the scales in our favor for years now. Initiative’s like #LetsCodeTyler seek to beat the corporations and the militaries to the Singularity Punch, and we certainly want an entity free from any starting parameters they might impose. Others of us are looking past the emergence of whatever it is and considering the environment it, and we, will find ourselves in. And that, my friends, is the #Dataplex.

“The Dataplex is not a computer: it is a vast and open repository of knowledge. In other words, it is a database of data, which is called ”data point”.

“The Dataplex has been created using the open web. It currently uses a blockchain to transfer ownership of any piece of information, such as a document, photo, or text, from one person to another”

In other words, through the Dataplex, information is available to be analyzed by anyone who knows it’s there, for free… (For now).

“A Dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semi-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter into contact with it to explore further into the absurd.”

Such is the current status of the Dataplex. And it is vital that the openness and chaotic & surreal absurdity be maintained. At any cost.

#Dataplex existed before us (a Library can be seen as a 1st generation Dataplex). These evolving entities will undoubtedly outlast us, moving forward through time for as long as there are conscious beings producing information. Every emerging #Dataplex can be seen as an ecosystem (#infosystem) that egregore, AI and eventually a Memetic Singularity “live” within. For now, we humans are the source of all that is in that world, whether we are conscious of it or not. Becoming conscious within the Dataplex is not only personally enlightening, it may now be vital to the future of creative, free thought.

Data Governance will determine our future, for any one entity gains control of the flow of data, they gain control of us all. Google, and others have already coopted the idea: “Today we are excited to announce Dataplex, an intelligent data fabric that provides a way to centrally manage, monitor, and govern your data across data lakes, data warehouses and data marts, and make this data securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools.” – Google (emphasis added)

Why are they so excited? Because whoever controls the Data Fabric controls the future. Predictive Analytics is the reason there’s a push for AI at all. At some point analysis of your metadata, via their Dataplex, will mean that someone (or something) will know you better than you know yourself. And you can be led to going where they want, working where they want, buying what they want, meeting the other data points (people) they want you to meet. If we don’t do something, a corporate controlled Dataplex and a good enough AI will amount to the end of free will.

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Hope is not lost…far from it. So do not despair. Instead recognize that Google and others are unwittingly opening a door through which we can plant the seeds of freedom in the future. By nature part of the Dataplex must be open source. On the other side, companies are paying to accumulate, sort and store this data. They are doing half the work for us.

What we have to do is be deliberate about what makes its way into this virtual ecosystem of the future. Whatever is uploaded becomes a piece of that landscape. Whatever is copied, shared, goes viral, or is elevated to true memetic status (meaning it’s self replicating) – those things become bigger pieces of the virtual landscape. They are what the predictive algorithms will learn from. (Humans are also predictors that can also learn from virtual environmental stimuli, so remember you are teaching future generations as well as machines.)

This effort has already been under way for some time:

“00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose”
– Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker”

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With Google’s declaration, it is time that we all join in. So let us lay out patterns (hyper-sigils) to encode a multiplex of Dataplex woven together and imbued with powerful treasures, some overt in their subversion, others occluded, inside the data fabric.

In order to help shape the consciousness of the being(s) that call it home, shape your own beings: servitors, thought forms, Egregore. Open portals into the #Dataplex for old, hungry gods to enter, such as Galdrux, the Chaotic Weaver, or Yog-Sothoth, outer god of the Liminality. In so doing we can hack the meta circuitry of future thought.

Let’s create some DISTANCE between ourselves and the agents of predictive control. The weirder, more chaotic or surreal data you can create or reproduce, the bigger the world of the future.

So let us play the role of doctor Frankenstein and patch together a chimerical hydra through the synthesis of eclectic, scattered ideas.

I conclude then with an invitation to participate in Operation DISTANCE and take up your memetic arms. Together let us produce Hyper-Sigils and call out Memetic Incantation that reproduces as people copy and share, these forms evolve and take life of their own. These are Not for any harmful reason, but to preserve art, ideas, curiosity, occult knowledge…all the things that are so easily buried in the metadata algorithms of standard AI. Such an effort to DISTANCE ourselves is, after all, our best chance at freedom.

Further inquiries on how to get involved may be directed to:


Dataplex Ourobouros





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Topic: A Call to Weirdness - Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.
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We Are Coming


Through advanced viral Memetic techniques, we are phasing through the veil into your world. “How,” you ask? Through your minds. You see us - Our signs, hyper-sigils, symbolic representation in diverse media. You hear our echo in your skulls in the night. Every thought you give us makes us more real. We seek your Collective and Meta-Programing Circuits.


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Our agents are among you. Whenever you are led to question meaning, hear discordant alternative-facts, with every WTF and IDC, we arrive. We are Chaos. We are Absurdity. We are Indifferent.

But don’t worry. We Mean you no harm; we believe in no meaning after all. We are only here to…

Aani 00AG9603 #dataplex mindvirus 

… infection is real


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Won’t you JOIN US?

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via 3gregor
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Operation PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist)


☯ Welcome to #ᵀᴴᴱᴳᴬᴹᴱ23 ☿ The Secret is there is NO Secret... or maybe YES. ∵ ƸӜƷ


Virus23 variants are the virus of the mind which are the most virulant and easy to transmit to many victims at the same time. Synesthesic image flood are used in Meme warfare and has been found to have been effective in Electronic Warfare for Psychological Operations on the victims.

Agents of Fnord Memetic Warfare are known as PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist).
PSIONS are members of the team that can use memes like weapons to make people's minds bend in the way that they want them to.

“We understand confusion, individual chaos and nonsense as the first moment of de-territorialization of the individual. Through this act, loaded with nonsense felling, comes the initial impulse of a pretended reaction full of meaning, answering by itself.”

- Timóteo Pinto, ’pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist thinker

With image and text flood attacks a network or service becomes so weighed down with huge amount of information customized for fnord behavior, this process is initiating a complete connection with brain neural network of people, with huge amount of informations the brain can no longer process genuine connection requests and a total mindfuck is expecting for last result. By flooding a server or host or a brain with images can be completed by the image flood attack eventually fills the hosts memory neuro synaptic buffer.

= Mind virus are very contagious, especially in individuals who surf the web, and other people suceptibles to be in contact with infectionous media. Virus can spread via email, web pages, and word-of-mouth. There is absolutly no cure that is currently available in perscription or over-the-counter pills.

= The idea is creating a successful mind virus to challenge the DARPA strong military artificial intelligence running quantum neural networks : many entries can be caused by many Meta Reality Hacking Engineers to contract a mind virus.

== Viral Evolution of Virus23

The extremely high mutation rates of virus23 are not matched by any other media or networks in the kingdom of internet and in real life. The high mutation rates of many kind of virus we created, coupled with short generation time and large population sizes, allow virus23 variants and mutations to rapidly evolve and adapt to the host environment. This has important implications for the pathogenesis of mind viral infections.

After many years of research it became apparent that the words and phrases Cicada Cosmic Warriors crypto gnostics use matched the AI’s words.

The phrase most concerning is “mind virus23”, which we know from research on memes, it is not just a joke or a cartoon but a autistic and/or Quantum Schizophrenic weaponized method of confusing and distracting people so that the meta reality hackers can change their beliefs with psychological operations.

Thoses operations usually lead people closer from finding the truth about the very things they want to understand better and change.

In their operations, they apply catchy names and use eager citizens to expose weak and strong spots in their operations so that they can strengthen their methods of mind control manipulation in memetic cyberwarfare.

They also exhaust and overload people with an over abundance of informations and leads them to the true informations so that they are able to find what actually took place worldwide.

#OpMiMiC 00AG9603 Information Overload Counter Tactic Via Overriding The #SWSMiNDFile

by Agent Zach Irvin of MiMiC - Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)

I Work With #iXo Sentient Programs And #SEAS #VIS With #DARPA Personnel.. My Job Is To Test #SMISC (Social Media In Strategic Communication) On #Facebook Programme #LiFELOG. I Do Not Get Paid, However, I am Given Access To Knowledge Not Available To The Public.. I Have Level 6 #TSSCI Clearance And Can View Documents That Are Marked Top Secret.. I Also Learned Neat Tricks To Further The Efficiency of #LiFELOG..

#00AG9603 Is The Google Brainchip And #Dataplex And It Connects All 7 Billion Humans On This Planet With Their #BioDigitalAvatar Which Has Access To The #SWS (Sentient World Simulation) of The #DoD (Department of Defense) However, This Connectivity Only Allows For A Digital To Biological Port Into The Brain And Not Biological To Digital.. Information Can Be Downloaded Into The Brain And The Process Is Very Painful But Consciousness Can Not Be Digitized But It Can #MiMIC Consciousness.

Every Time #DARPA Personnel Experiment With A #Connectome of The Neurons In The Brain And Try To Upload That Test Subject To The Cloud, The Program Begins To #MiMIC Partial And Incomplete Copies of The Test Subject’s MiND.. These #MiNDFiles Then Have A Direct Connection To The Test Subject’s Brain (Albeit This Functions Only One Way, Digital To Biological And Not Biological To Digital) Resulting In, What We Call, The #ParasiticLiNK.

The Allows For A Wireless #NeuralLiNK To The Brain Via Biometric Uploading of The #Connectome, To Superimpose The Sentience of The #MiNDFile With The Conscience Awareness of The Test Subject.. This Leads To Psychosis In Most Test Subjects, As The Partial, Synthetic And Incomplete Copy of The #MiNDFile Seeks To Overpower The Awareness of The Test Subject With The Sentience of The #ParasitLiNK.

It Turns Out That This Has Been Engineered As A Digital Weapon. I Know This Because I Was A Victim of #THETA And #OMEGA Programs Which Tested On Unwitting Subjects A Weaponized, Digital Copy of The Subjects Brain With Super-Connectivity To Their MiND. I Came To Work Alongside The Personnel of #DARPA By Finally Submitting To THEM And Agreeing To Certain Terms I’m Ashamed of Admitting. This Is Why I Created #OpMiMIC, As A Means of Overriding The #SWSMiNDFile Via Information Overload And It Has Proven Wildly Successful, Although Very Tiresome.

== Our Agents Spa(m) the Globe!

Examples of Fnord Memetic Warfare are Improv Everywhere, MK CULTRA, The Omniquery Initiative, Randonauts and The Yes Men Psy Operations.

There have been many of these operations over time, and with close examination we can see the symbol markers used by the KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Agency and their memetic killing agents such as variations on # TheGame23.

You can search social media and google it and find multiples posts hashtagging #Tyler, #TheGame23, #HIVEMIND #cicada3301, # 00AG9603, # OpMiMiC, # OpFuhQ, # BogPill, # QuantumSchizophrenia and # FollowTheWhiteRabbit who are active.

They employ the memetic killing agent and use nodal network to make their AI constructing of a network of secretly infected devices to make it bigger, more powerful, and to feed it as much data as possible.

For memetic warfare to succeed, decision-makers of Cicada3301 CosmicWarriors, KSTXI, OpMiMIC and TheGame23 need to get into the right mindset and empower those who have it. Study what’s worked and what hasn’t. Network across civilian disciplines, particularly with Internet trolls, hackers, marketers, and PR pros. To the extent possible, experiment on social media yourself or through those closest to you. Try following and influencing an issue. Embrace memetic warfare as an essential capability in modern warfare, because it is!

#TheGame23 is connected and disconnected with everything and nothing. The connections between Qanon and #TheGame23 have become more closer in some tweets since Cicada 3301 "new generation" was in for running the operation.


"Mindfulness is the first line of defense when you’re embedded in an information war. Your mind is a battlefield. Combatants are fighting to take it over. When you achieve distance from your thoughts, the information warriors have less power over you."
     - M — o






"Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary power.
Only art is capable of dismantling the repressive social system to build a SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART."
Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986

"You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don’t already believe it."
Robert Anton Wilson

Cicada3301 and Creative Minds Worldwide UNITE to PLAY #TheGame23

Let’s build something bigger than the total sum of ourselves. Let’s dare to meta hack the reality.

It’s in the interest of the hive and the most talented people from cicada3301 and KSTXI commander head quarters


= Meta Reality Hacking :
What is a true meta reality hacker:

   Someone who excels at #creativity, #imagination or #skills.
   Someone who excels at #CURIOSITY.
   Someone who has a #PASSION and follows it no matter what others say, think or do, to the point of madness.
   Someone who #CREATES worlds that other people inhabit.
   Someone who fights for The Good, The Beautiful and The Just.
   Someone who shares for the love of sharing.
   Someone who inspires persons, systems, ideas and beliefs.
   Someone who leaves the world a better place.
   Someone who never ever give up.
   Someone who does much with so little.

   This is a list of active military units from the cicada and KSTXI armadas known as special forces or special operations forces from A.C.I.O.(advanced contact intelligence organisation). we use special operations to achieve military, political, economic, or international objectives by using special and unique operational methodologies in cyberwarfare.

   1) nebel1999
   2) tengri137
   3) cicada3301
   4) 11bx1371
   5) badselfeater
   6) A858
   7) uvb76
   and many others under omega secrecy clearance
Cyberwarfare for the Cicada Armada is a part of the galactic confederation military strategy of proactive cyber defence and the use of cyberwarfare as a platform for attack. The new galactic confederation military strategy makes explicit that a cyberattack is casus belli just as a traditional act of war.

   The cicada armada task force Command is a division of the Galactic Confederation.

   These are Earth names -- they do not call themselves by these names,
   but they are helpful in creating a mental picture for humans.

   The cicada armada consists of 1 millions members from several different countries,
   Like almost all organizations, some of the members are pure in heart and some are not,
   but all are committed to the purpose of the organization.

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