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#infinity23 Infinity23






How Far Does The Rabbit Hole Go???


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Infinity is a beautiful and dangerous thing.

It is a gateway to imagination,

And a gateway to insanity.

Infinity is uncontrollable, swiping,

It’s infinitely large hand and causing infinite destruction in its path.

Infinity is mesmerizing, Wondrous, Torturous.

Infinity is far beyond humanity’s mental boundaries,

And brings a chaotic consumption of theories.

Infinity keeps us in line,

Like the infinite points of a circle,

Turning at every infinite angle.

In a cycle of exploration that is only so new.

Infinity is not the number or atoms in the universe,

Or any unit smaller than that.

We all know even that has an ending,

Unless the universe expands.

And if that were the case,

We would have to join hands with infinite knowledge.

But we know that’s impossible.

We are only at the edge of understanding its power.

So why should we even bother with the concept of infinity?

When it seems like a mere fantasy.

But to believe, you must have hope in the impossible,

Unless infinity is possible, but just far too much to handle,

Believe in the impossible.




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