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Donate to #TheGame23

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TheGame23 - Donate to #TheGame23 Empty Donate to #TheGame23

Post by wodouvhaox Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:21 am


#thegame23 accepts #donations to help cover the costs associated with running many kinds of #social up-to-date software (servers, bandwidth, hardware upgrades, etc.)

We run #promotional #stuff and ads and we use brand new kind of #homemade #monetization methods, so without #anonymous #contribution from unknows and well know sources like we use to get since many years we simply wouldn't be here right now.

#thegame23 is both fun and serious at the same time,


it was created and funded by #secret actions of #collaborative people around 15 years ago from everywhere on this planet.

We now thank you for supporting us and thank you to watch our ass while we watch your back.

You can #donate directly using Bitcoin or if you'd prefer another method (PayPal, AltCrypto) you can join our Discord Communities here :



there you can ask our staff for further information ... just pm tha boss

Bitcoin Wallet Address:


paypal of adacic1033 aka stoeeoi570 aka acioexextri :


All confirmed donors of minimum 1$ get access to many #exclusives lounges and secret chatrooms and get VIP section inside the 'DMZ' called the "No man's land", you will understand more once you will be inside our discord community and on our nodal network made of many social platforms...

The whole list of our sites is keep secret for the moment.

All access to our sites and other #cybernetics and #memetics perks are based on #contribution and #active #participation made in harmony peace and trustable ways

(see further #information soon on the discord channels) (#donate for details)

Alternatively, you will be able to buy an awesome shirt, hoodie, or mug or any useless thing from our promotional campaign going on and make all your friend deeply jealous....fuck yeah!!!

To reply #thegame23 IRL #worldwide in any time you can text thoses 2 phone numbers and expect answer really if we feel willing for it!

+1-917-746-5934 (english and text only)
+1-819-524-4746 (english and french / text only)

#Emergency vocal box #online and #operational :

+1-819-801-2788 (voice only)

you can leave us a message here if we crash ours servers because of a fucking blackhat and/or disappear from the whole map ...or from this #funking #shitty #reality....

All proceed donations and contributions to our #fake #true #propagandas and #conspiracy go directly to supporting #thegame23 master #pysops.

Be aware about many secret child operation for humanity salvation and protection.

You can also count towards contribution for development and progression of thoses multiples operations and sub-operations

Visit us as soon as you can. #everyone for #everything....

We are always online and we are #everywhere...

We are the cicada's.
#adacic1033 aka #stoeeoi570 aka #acioexextri


You can also donate to #TheGame23 sub-project Cosmic Liminality


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TheGame23 - Donate to #TheGame23 Empty Welcome

Post by anon Sat Jan 22, 2022 8:29 pm

Im glad u are here too


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