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LINKS to #thegame23

Post  adacic1033 on Fri May 26, 2017 11:23 am


In this game "there are no rules, unless you want to create them!"

Here are some creations:

#thegame23 guides:

#thegame23 propaganda


Moments on Twitter

#thegame23 #adacic1033 #kstxi fnord #hashtags:

#kstxi #project00AG9603 #postneoism #operationmindfix #QuantumSchizophrenia #FollowtheWhiteRabbit #fnordmegathread


#thegame23 conspirators and conspiracies

Project 00AG9603 - #thegame23 level 5

Project 89

A relationship with reality as mutually creative and co-equal - by Eris_Omniquery

Virus 23

Hyperstition - by Delphi Carstens

Creating meta-narratives as a hypersigil within a larger ARG scenario, for personal and societal transformation - by ARGO - Alternate Reality Game Organization

Synchromystic Neoism Connections

Synchromystic Neoism Connections as a possible bridge to Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies - by Serena Coburn

KSTXI Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal

Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies

Discord Chatroom

Facebook Group

Facebook Page


kstxi hyper-surrealist fnord agency

kstxi wordpress

kstxi youtube

kstxi forum


pastebin 1

pastebin 2

Liber Primus by LilyXXX


adacic1033 social profiles



google plus



reddit cicadian

reddit adacic1033

::: tumblr


master chat room


adacic1033 sites

status: inactive

cicada omega

rezo omega social network


master adacic1033 #thegame23 guide


We are power

troll mod


spooffed websites of bastard dj cr3w :

- nsbradio original shitty site

- nsbradio memetic tek site

- dnbradio original shitty site

- dnbradio memetic tek site


spoof website of cropcircleconnector


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