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How to become a meme god

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How to become a meme god Empty How to become a meme god

Post by wodouvhaox Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:50 pm

by Brian Vereschagin

I know that many of you are anxious, many of you are dreading over your existence, many of you are determined for answers, many of you are fighting hard to keep your shit together, and some of you are putting it all on the line to make it all better. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you so much for reaching out and speaking up. You have already done so much, and I can see how much selfless loving care has been put into this world by you and the others.

What I have described in these writings is the result of my own experience. We each have our own set of unique experience and challenges but we do share in our culture. Wholesome culture is founded upon relationships with each other in which we treat each other as equals in authority. We are so far down the path of centralization of authority, that our existence has been reduced to isolated mechanical processing of instructions for fear of death. The root source of the anxiety, the existential dread, the depression we ALL have, is that the memetic mind viruses which make up our culture are not wholesome, but cancerous.

Although its easy to get carried away in the details of our own lives, we do not exist in a bubble, and the range of experience currently happening on this planet is nearly unimaginable for any one person. If we try to pay more attention, and use an empathetic approach and mirror neurons to see more deeply into the life around us, we can gain immediate wisdom. Most of the worlds suffering is arbitrary, and accelerating in magnitude as the late-stage tumor devours the entire host. Those who are still comfortable against amazing odds, remain the most able, and least willing to change.

Why should they? Its not something that will go away if we ignore it. It has to process in one way or another because limits are being reached as exponential curves hit escape velocity. Everyone is just trying to survive and maintain what little control they have left, depressed by the competitive stranglehold we collectively place on each others throats. At every level of society, we dream power for ourselves but we have only been taught the power of control and not the power of individual capacity. We still dream ourselves master over others.

Many readers have by now experienced uncomfortable feelings of being judged by my writing and may have reacted defensively to protect their own integrity. In the dream state, the false ego harness limits navigation of reality to judgement of signals, processed in the lateralized mind state like a computer program, and so judgement is everything to us. We want to judge ourselves as good, and encounters that make things complicated can become an existential can of worms. Look, we are all innocent, and nothing will be taken from you to realize that, like the rest of us, you have been infected by memetic cancer.

The purpose of this writing is not to judge anyone or shame anyone into taking a particular action. I am sharing my experiences from inner awareness, so that they might be recognized by others. Judgement as a primary form of navigation makes it very difficult for us to open up to each other, there is this fear that our external pretend doll false ego might suffer some heavy trauma. Most of us suffer in silence as we crush through the gears of the dream state machine because our manicured self-image seems to be the only source of relief. If we show weakness, we might be rejected from existence itself.

There is a great deal on the line just by entertaining these kind of thoughts, which might literally cause your perception of reality and your place in it to change. Is it even comfortable to notice that we are hardly responsible for our own existence at all? I mean of all the needs you have, how many of them are met by govcorp dream state interface$? Why do I have no cooperative culture and I’m alienated from everyone? What happens to me if the world stops?

Fear even keeps us from confronting ourselves. There is no cooperative culture, it’s a massive void where people used to connect to each other and now they exclusively interact via the dream state machine. We woke up in the morning to a smoke alarm and we’re like “oh.. no one is up yet ok Ill go back to bed.” If they are as clueless as I am, and this is a house fire, I’m dead either way amirite! Better watch some more walking dead to prep. This is bullshit. If you have seen the matrix, we will do it faster than a kung fu download to the brain. Our memes are tremendous.

If there really are artificial fiat reality tunnels limiting our perception of what is real, and the cancerous grow-at-all-costs dream state program is destroying life support and concentrating power to a very few, isn’t it somewhat inevitable that we are going to find out about it? We lose each other as we conform to the dream state through life, the inner world we share with others is systematically invalidated, and we become alienated and lost, mere witness to the execution of this arbitrary dream state karma. Sad! There comes a point where we have had enough. Denial ends.

So if this is grief over the collapse of our fiat reality and who we thought we were, what comes next? Anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance right? I described the gauntlet of fear before. It doesn’t end until your irrational fear does, which doesn’t quite happen until you have overcome the false ego harness, through which you are externally motivated, by an arbitrary dream state karmic stack. Some of us still remain completely illusioned, with no intention of taking responsibility for our culture, and preserve our good image, perhaps by clinging to the last shreds of our wished innocence. It is certain that these people did not read this far, so I will not be offending anyone by referring to them as Pinks.

When the denial ends, and they judge themselves instead of the dream state, a seeker is born. There is something more to this life, and internal capacities must be rapidly upgraded to navigate it. You can investigate the world out there all you want, but none of the interesting stuff starts happening until you look within. So you are disillusioned, and disoriented, and incredibly vulnerable to even more cancerous memes, holy hell if only they taught this in school. You have to throw the false ego harness off, or your actions will be based in irrational fear of dream state parameters. Welcome to planet earth. Did you receive a field guide pamphlet yet?

We are all a part of the existence of reality. It doesn’t matter what we believe, we are still going to be affected by the world around us. It is our survival instinct and duty to learn and explore our environment, to become more powerful through our capacity to affect our will upon it. You just have to find the right experiences, the right places, to encounter the right wholesome memes that will empower you not through control of others, but through harmony with the environment. This perspective can only be accessed through a personal experience of insight beyond the ego.

We have all suffered trauma, and if you think about the unbroken chain of life that got you here, we were forged out of hell to be able to survive harsh realities, and also to heal from them. We each have unique paths to walk in this life and have had experiences which have really brought us back in close contact with this hell. Our reality tunnel is shaped by these experiences, and if our environment is cold and painful, even psychologically, our behaviors will become very polarized. We encounter and subconsciously assimilate (map) the memes which underlie the environment and behaviors around us.

I acknowledge your suffering as real and meaningful. Unhealed trauma is like a slow shutting down and isolating of the body. I also acknowledge the invisible suffering of alienation which is a cultural depression that you don’t notice because the problem is what’s missing: specifically any reason whatsoever to interact with other human beings outside the mechanical context of the dream state. Wholesome memes and their artifacts hardly seem present in our environment, and it can be very troubling to realize our true human potential has been suppressed for so long that no one seems to remember anything about it.

To those who have become aware of the extreme injustice inherent in the mind virus cancer which makes up most of our culture, I share a deep empathy for the deep empathy you experienced in the suffering around you. Its no secret how shitty the life conditions are for most of the people on this planet, and at some point it becomes impossible to claim innocence while justifying business as usual in the newerer normal. So many before us and among us know in their heart what the value of liberty and responsibility is and you are the reason why the dream state can not and could not completely consume humanity. Thank you.

By the grace of existence we have been given the beautiful moments of our life which we remember very fondly. A taste of paradise. Love from your family. These experiences help to teach us about the wholesome memes that potentially make up a balanced perspective between the archetypal energies of light (timeless immaterial) and the dark (conditioned material). If we can heal from our traumatic polarization, which is epidemic, a more complete view of reality and possibility can inform our navigation of it. Most of us are being polarized by continual existential trauma, without even a moment to stop and think about it.

The culture which makes up our society can be directly examined within the individual, its all hiding in plain sight business as usual. We are torn between waking up action and the need to work full time to exist, the frog has nearly come to boil in the pot. The idea of adjusting our work life (income) in any way puts us in immediate existential dread for ourselves and our loved ones and we subconsciously justify dismissal at all costs. This idea that you have no value to society outside your ability to convert labor into currency to the point that your existence will be left behind if you cannot, is extremely fucking depressing. So is the fact that all states have limits and collapse and that this cycle is harnessed for control. No blame its cool.

Money is so depressing isn’t it? What about if you do have it? 10’000$ lands on your wallet and god directly tells you finders keepers isn’t it euphoric? It’s the opposite of depression, its mania, your mind is now unleashed with possibilities. What will you buy? How good is it going to feel to have it? Just that taste of freedom is all I need. Or perhaps I will invest it and one day truly earn the right to sit back and relax without dying while others work for me. Money is a depression for those who don’t have it, and a mania for those who do. It is one of the most core and explicit examples of direct foreign control of reality by private interests. Imagine all the suffering and damage to heal from on this planet; so much work to be done but there is no money to pay for it! Artificial depression.

I have been able to recognize that pretty much everyone is depressed to some degree, and it means that they have repressed trauma, the ongoing trauma can be observed everywhere. The artificial and arbitrary scarcity that closes in and limits every apparent possibility is a product of the mind alone. Our perception of what is possible is our own responsibility, and when we feel like not much is possible there is a problem with our reality tunnel. We are going to have to pop the hood and take a look underneath.

There is this core denial of our existence by the dream state which can never be fully reconciled in the subconscious. Society just feels like death sometimes, like a monkey on your back telling you to not care about yourself. Its just unreal, the whole thing is unmoored from real meaning. Did the thought something like: I am not a robot!, ever cross your mind? Ever felt like parts of our culture or society is just machine like and cold? This is due to the lateralization of brain functions which enabled us to select for parasitic memes and use them to build ourselves a reality tunnel completely devoid of real meaning.

Our behavior is very worldly and materialistically motivated because the reality tunnel has been mostly conditioned and polarized through trauma. If we cultivate wholesome culture rather than parasitic culture, we will soon find that abundance follows. We may quickly find ourselves no longer dreading in fear and adrenaline, stressing about our own existence and consumed by the mind running basic survival programs. We may no longer find ourselves feeling a need to self medicate or to binge our mind out on entertainment and escape.

Centralization and concentration of power and authority to govcorp dream state will never lead to a stable situation because it fuels competition for power and control over this collective harness. The myth of unlimited growth, and unlimited new territory and new opportunities underpins our hopes and dreams with completely fiat signifiers like number of dollars in my bank account, or how much it costs to retire. Retirement is only coming if you get real and can still imagine it. The collective ponzi scheme is no foundation.

Trigger warning: memetic hazard level 0 (the dankest). God tier memetics come with a price. I have been writing these articles with the hopes that anyone could be able to recognize the work, but honestly I know that my close network and spiritual peers are gaining the most benefit. Most of us have already experienced very intimately the kind of stuff that I write about, and sharing these thoughts with each other helps to unscramble the experiences and make sense of it. When I left my job to investigate what happened to me, I didn’t know if it happened to others as well or if I was just crazy. Can you imagine that?

So if you somehow made it this far without already going mad or losing interest and you have never crossed the abyss, never had any spiritual reassessment of the self, then please be careful. Not only is this information nearly impossible to process without the support of actual human beings to help you through, but my haphazard and sloppy manner of expressing myself no doubt leaves a trail of landmines which require careful awareness to navigate and fill in pieces. This is the difficulty of expression that always exists and its directly related to the problem of the abyss.

The human brain is universal. It evolved the way it did to deal with the task of existing and manifesting reality. The major challenge seems to be reconciling the apparent duality of matter and its order (spirit). This has been identified and studied forever to bring individuals to their highest potential. This is the main existential dichotomy represented by yang and yin, masculine and feminine, unconditioned and conditioned, heaven and earth, wave and particle, nirvana and samsara. The key is that these are conceptual polarities which can be reconciled by the human being as nondual, and navigated by the middle way once both extremes come into view.

These are just conceptual tools. There is no need at all to talk about what reality is, the cosmology will adjust itself through experience. There is no need at all to worry about the meaning of life because it will become immediately apparent by looking directly at the life in question. All we have to do to enter the life stream is to look deeply at the conditions of our existence until the view of self is dropped. The point is not to become a cosmic vegetable and drop everything, but to get a peek beyond the reality tunnel which has been made possible by clinging to such a rigid and mechanical view of the self and the world. If this gate is not crossed, it will not be possible to select for ultimately wholesome memes.

It must be known that all things which are born will die, in other words all that rises falls. This is the material reality which can be experienced and observed. All phenomena that we experience are conditioned by a very long chain of cause and effect, and one day the conditions will no longer be there. The energy which came to create all matter, through layers and layers of complexity will end up perfectly diffused by entropy. Quarks condition atoms, which condition molecules, which condition cells, which condition tissues, which condition organs, which condition an organism such as you.

Your consciousness is conditioned on a lot of infrastructure, and there will come a time when the conditions are no longer met. So are you somehow separate from this intricate collection of conditions and structures? Where are you in all of this? Almost every cell in your body is regularly replaced, so is it the same you? The self as we imagine it is an illusion. Of course we exist, and of course there is a self but its not what it seems to be at all. Are we a collection of atoms? Of molecules? Of cells? Of organs? Is our society a collection of organisms? Does society exist?

We have arrived at the void, or the abyss, between reality and the minds structure of objects used to navigate it. Your brain is right now sitting inside of a skull processing signals passed from sense organs through it. Its very dark in the skull, and little sound is there except rushing of blood or the occasional vibration of your vocal chords. The sense organs pass raw data to the brain, its only through processing that you recognize certain shapes as objects. A camouflaged predator is recognized, a sound becomes a word, nerve sensation becomes keys in the pocket.

The reality that we observe is completely constructed within the mind, and this fabricated reality tunnel, is merely an approximation and simplification of the underlying reality. The closer our conception of reality is to reality itself, the better we are able to navigate it, but our real-time subconscious conceptual model of it can never itself be what’s going on beyond the mind. As a scientistic atheist, I had the curiosity and the courage to look at myself plainly and without preconception. The only way to do this is by exploring the experience of being, concerning not with what is happening, or why it’s happening, but with the experience of it: what we can directly know.

In going beyond the rigid-bound self, and into the cosmos, we move towards the abyss. The boundary between self and other may momentarily collapse as we realize how intricately and vastly connected everything is. Not a drop in the ocean, but the ocean itself. A new way of navigation is opened up as we are now able to hold both the narrative (action), and the cosmological (context/order) view of the self beyond the purely mind-centric left-brain lateralized dream state reality tunnel view. The false ego narrative has been enabled by inoculating the individual against a universal cosmology and installing a meaningless stub as the context for their existence (materialism).

What more could there be than uniting with the cosmos, than actually entering the life stream to become born into complete majesty? To be crowned king of the cosmos, god of all creation, one with existence, born into time since the big bang and through all past lives. The intuitive pattern matching of our right brain has been kept from being applied to reality itself as we experience and exist within it, and now suddenly its like everything really makes a lot of sense. The ancient and immutable light of the cosmos shines from across the abyss and reconfigures our artifacts in its image. This can be pretty intense but you got this. By the way thank you for having the courage to make it as far as you have!

It can be very difficult to communicate deep matters of life. When we first see deeply into the vastness of our body, we immediately recognize and appreciate the difficulty of communicating such things. Up until this point there has been nothing worth saying that doesn’t already have a known word for it. This is because the programming of upbringing and schooling never has us question the word, and its supposedly concrete meaning. We are subordinated to the dream state by mistaking its fiat reality tunnels for immutable and perfectly communicated and understood truths. Our whole web of meaning has been handed to us from the outside and we think its real.

As soon as you encounter the body meme (hidden temple) its like your starship comes online and teleports you from the brig to the bridge. Your starship was in a coma, grey mode, captain never got a tour of the ship or the orders to begin work. So this web of meaning has been very rigid and static made up of fiat memes in a scheme of control, not of life. True self-awareness, actual witnessing and stillness, not the mind itself, but watching the mind closely. Navigation of reality includes not only processing and interacting with your environment, but also reflexively adjusting the reality tunnel in which you operate.

Agency lies in the ability to pay attention to the right parts of your reality tunnel and to reshape it with the right intention. Note that it is changing all the time, but usually in response to external cultural programming signals which come from environmental meme artifacts. We have an amazing heritage in the wholesome culture of being which seems lost in a sea of dream state artifacts. The dream state is no longer a viable way of handling the complexity of our planet and culture, and its death throes make wholesome memes a matter of life and death. As the outer order collapses, so does the dream in our heads, leaving a void which must be filled.

Good morning captain, here is your body. If not even a glimmer of personal authority and responsibility is yet sparked, the individual remains part of the current problem, the current event. We have to look inward and navigate our own reality, seeing beyond the fiat memes of the dream state reality tunnel. As a reminder, the words that I use to describe this stuff is arbitrary, and its not because I want to make up a word, or use a word in a non-standard way, its just that I have not yet assimilated better language than this. Meaning also depends on the reality tunnel of each individual as the artifacts are processed in the local memeplex.

The abyss is a very interesting meme, and it is extremely relevant to the clarity of these artifacts before you. If this mundane material world we experience exists on one side of the abyss, on the other is the timeless unconditioned order which can be intuitively apprehended but never perfectly expressed with conditioned material. The conditioned and nonconditioned reality is nondual, meaning they can only be conceived as separate by the mind, but they are inseparable. It is matter and the order of matter. Particle and wave.

So we have some amazingly deep insight and realizations into this, and our reality tunnel shifts or even collapses as we try to integrate our experience with the mind’s processes. The narrative view of the body through time is one way of navigating existence, made machine-like by a cosmology of linear rational materialism. When we receive impressions of the timeless unconditioned order of the universe, the cosmological context of the individual is shifted, and so the narrative, the story of our life in this new cosmological context is also adjusted. This process can be so confusing since much of what we have been taught about the meaning of life actually prevents us from knowing it, keeping us confined to the programming.

With the cosmological placeholder stub we call materialism dislodged, the cosmological mode of navigation becomes apparent. At first we get a shocking taste, and then through the dark night of our soul, a new cosmology arises in which we directly “know god,” the hidden order of the universe. We now have the perspective of a material body, as well as the perspective of existence itself beyond all bounds. The will of the individual and the will of god are perceived through the narrative, and cosmological mode respectively. Its like the particle has realized the superstate of its existence as a wave, the beautiful order which flows behind all material.

There is a lot to be learned here, and it is very beautiful but we have not reached liberation, and these modes still bind the individual to the time circuit. The mind still clings to the abstract phase space. The false ego harness is dependent on left-brain lateralization because everything must be perceived as bounded and solid and real for the individual to narrow their existence to the idea of a self. The entire reality tunnel which depends on the false ego harness is made up of these solid ideal bounds, which is what the left-brain does to the world so that we can navigate it. We need to perceive objects or we can not function at all, but if no shred of our reality pierces this ideal space we remain bound to its discrete states.

As we experience deep insight into existence, our belief in mind objects as the ultimate reality crumbles. We realize that our mind has only been creating these imaginary object bounds to present us with a reality that can be navigated rationally. Our whole reality has been made up of these mind games, and even as we seem to have broken out of the frame, we continue to play this game to make sense of what we have experienced. On the other side of the abyss is this other side of existence which has been missing. We bring order down from the heavens so that our being can flow with instead of fight against natural order. We begin to navigate this unconditioned realm and create new structures, new bounds for the mind, a new sort of prison.

Just as the lateralized mind was once bound to a materialistic object space, the experience of order granted by the pattern matching and intuition facilities of the right brain is also distilled into an object space to be navigated by the mind. We explore the cosmos, and it fills us with experiential artifacts which bring higher resolution, but a limit comes into view, a fundamental uncertainty which makes room for nonduality. If we unconcern ourselves with finding and expressing an absolute truth we can free ourselves from constraint to either narrative or cosmological contexts. The point of this is to shut the mind the fuck up for a sec and turn inward.

You just have to pop out of the time circuit completely. All that rises falls. Every single thing will decay. The abstract phase space is bound to the matter of existence. Even these ideas will simply no longer be conditioned at all. The only place where this all is even happening is that dark and wet skull taking in the senses. This is just what it is to be conditioned. To realize your own nonduality is to see that you are just as much the wave as you are the particle. There is much to learn: how to interact with others, how to upgrade your own culture. This society is our society, we cant run away, there is no where to go. We need all hands on deck. All woke ass motherfuckers.

So realize your own freedom. Its an idea. Don’t cling to ideas. Stop identifying with ideas. Stop identifying yourself. Notice that you have a body. Notice your body has no discrete beginning or end. Notice this whole beautiful world around you. This is the event horizon to be found by looking inwards, and it connects us all, but the threshold is made fuzzy by the nature of individuality. Its amazing that so many completely different individuals and their technology are experiencing my words, and that any meaning at all, from my unique perspective, is able to cross over to another.

We are sharing almost all the genes which condition our bodies. Our body supports the brain, which has higher functions to do all this crazy stuff. We have to step back a bit and look at our body from a more neutral perspective. The buddha identified a number of pieces that come together to enable the function of an individual through perception of self. One such gate is the material world we see all around us, how we feel this sense of solidity of matter, notice its motion, its bonding, its persistence and decay. I exist in this order.

Another gate to the self is the memeplex that we each spontaneously and continuously create to give meaning to the objects of our reality. The memeplex is the active reality tunnel. It could be like saying worldview, but that seems more like a static thing. There are core memes which compose the dustiest sections of the memeplex which we take for granted and never question or look into but they do form a constant piece of the cognition which flows us through our daily lives. The views of the self and the bigger picture of our world are the narrative and cosmological contexts or lenses which we draw on for motivation to act. I perceive my self through time and cosmos.

The narrative is like the particle view, the body through time, a story that only makes sense in context of the whole. The mind which clings to conceptual views of the self will be consumed with managing the proximity of self and other, and not going beyond it. To gain insight into the material world we experience all around us and which makes up our body, we need only follow the implications of causality to their full and honest conclusion: there is an apparent universal order, and all that rises falls. We fail in our every day routine to deeply look into the reality of anything by subtly and unconsciously dismissing it as already known certainty, when in fact, our picture is very uncertain. This is the space for improvement in our narratives that we tell ourselves, being more honest and looking deeper into causality.

The mind always seems to interrupt the actual curiosity and investigation into these dusty old complexes. It does so by creating these objects out of everything, everything perceived becomes an object, which obscures this raw existence behind it. The mind thinks it has known something, and that’s that, this amazing feeling of certainty and rigidity is an illusion. At the same time we cannot function without what the mind does for us. It is a double edged sword. We judge our material existence and give meaning to objects, a narrative through time. No object has any meaning on its own.

The narrative and cosmology are constructed in the minds abstract phase space to quantify and navigate the duality of the finite and the infinite, or yin and yang. The narrative is action through time, and the cosmology is the possibility of action, they both are relevant to navigating the self through time. The phenomenological mode is a third mode to give perspective and inform the views of narrative and cosmology by narrowing scope of inquiry to that which can be directly experienced (not only theoretical conceptual abstract ideas).

Phenomenology is a method of inquiry which is based on the premise that reality consists of objects and events (phenomena) as they are perceived or understood in the human consciousness, and not anything independent of human consciousness. What we are noticing here is that the whole mind trick about making everything into an object and skimming over the surface of reality, has disconnected us from experiencing our own deep existence. We share so much with each other that we can only find by looking within. We can explore culture by looking deeply into ourselves, the individual unit on which it depends.

Culture is the geometry space of higher order between individuals. Where genes make our body and drop us off into spacetime, memes now take over to order the higher layers of society between bodies. To understand how culture works and is shared, we have to realize the problem of meaning. To illustrate this we can divide the world into memes and artifacts. Between them is the abyss, and in reality, they are nondual. We have a table which is the meme, and a collection of wood which is the artifact. Everything in our environment is an artifact until its subconsciously recognized in the mind of a human being as having meaning in relation to other things. A table appears and we drop our keys.

The human brain is where all this magic happens of recognizing memes and painting this picture in real-time of the active reality tunnel which is the memeplex. Matter is just a passive collection of stuff without the fiery gaze of our consciousness to actively light objects up with meaning. Our environment seems to guide us through a wide variety of memeplexes. While driving a car we only need a small subset of reality to be loaded as we move along. We don’t keep all of our core ideas about self in constant consideration, but they are dominant meme complexes which are core to major life decisions.

As we move through space and time, our perception and navigation relies on the memeplex overlay of reality to take meaningful action. In much the same way that genes zero in on specific functionality but never perfectly express it, our minds try to apprehend memes in this messy web of context that our experience has shaped for us. We represent a whole universe of artifacts in our brain and through them this whole web of meaning can be actively called up. The apparent divide between active memes and passive artifacts is what makes this hard to express and understand. Memes are pure order-action-spirit whereas artifacts are pure matter-passive-particle. But matter is not separate from order, the particle and the wave are nondual. We conceptualize an abyss between them but its an illusion. We only do this to express and converge.

Memes are actions. Actions happen in larger context of meaning: the memeplex. Every single action we take at all times are a result of the currently active memeplex of the individual. As actions are taken through space and time, the environment is affected leaving artifacts in the wake. The problem of meaning arises when another individual tries to recognize what memes were currently loaded in the individual who made those artifacts. There are so many possible ways to interpret the artifacts as we have all experienced ah-hah moments when trying to understand something.

Human beings have evolved the ability to step into the lives of our other selves, empathically journeying and experiencing another life from the comfort of our own body. This is a very important part of the cultural geometry. We are actually processing the thoughts and feelings of the other human beings that we speak to without even realizing it. We judge ourselves from their eyes and feel embarrassed or ashamed to say or do certain things. Empathy is about tossing aside the lazy mind shortcuts which stop us from looking deep into reality, and then, with the curtains drawn, actually step into the suffering of another human being, or share in their ecstatic joy!

This ability might be leveraged when attempting to recognize memes from artifacts. The picture with text on it isn’t the meme, that’s the meme artifact, a complex of memes were active in the moment of creation in which this artifact was conceived and that’s what we are trying to recognize. Memetic selection is dependent on the fidelity of the artifact, in the threshold of resolution which it is able to provide to other individuals who attempt to recognize it, to make the fuzzy discrete in the mind. This is how memeplexes converge. We sing wishes into the void and its an actual miracle that others can feel our song.

We are unintentionally stirring up the whole world around us and this is how culture is shared. We can imagine what was going on in each others minds which would result in these signals that we are experiencing from our environment. We can also share culture intentionally, but there is a problem, in that this action-order-spirit can not be perfectly represented with material-passive-particles. What we do is try to make general protocols which is like describing the memeplex of a task, for example a car repair manual. Its never possible to perfectly capture culture for replication, but this is what we try to do when we are intentionally manipulating the higher order geometries of culture.

This can be done synchronously or asynchronously which as I have described earlier as the primary divide between wholesome and unwholesome culture. It is caused by the type of relationship between two individuals. If authority or power is asymmetrically balanced in a relationship, an external state is formed which the individual is bound and vulnerable to as their existence becomes artificially mediated. We speak our protocols directly to our other selves, the anonymous other. Networks depend upon peers, with individual capacities for cooperation, to meet needs. Symmetric protocols spread like wildfire because they are stateless.

Protocols are the obnoxious attempt to explicitly convey a meme complex in a general way that anyone can use to understand the environment in which individuals will interact. It sounds so repulsive to hear them because of how imprecise and shitposty these attempts to capture the order in symbol can look. We specifically and explicitly identify protocols not to assert the truth but to make the shitty attempt and hope that threshold quality was high enough for someone to assimilate it, and participate or remix. Simply recognizing our cultural potential by peering with others is a core protocol.

By creating and sharing symmetric culture, in which the stack of protocols for interaction are shared among peers, we contribute to the true heritage of humanity, our open source wholesome culture. Just by being good responsible human beings who like the idea of self sufficiency and disintermediation and decentralization we gather up this new old culture and spread it. In other words, we can meet our needs locally, and when it involves others we can do it in a way that asynchronously connects peers. This way it becomes timeless, stateless, unbound, holographic.

We can work together to fix all of our problems. Right now we hardly know our neighbors; deep in the swamp of alienation. We didn’t realize the need to connect to others as equals, as peers; at least, not until all of this extreme polarization of our times. It seems now more important than ever to activate our higher cultural facilities and begin directly interacting with each other as peers again realizing our own authority. Food security is a good start. There has to be some authority in the individual to balance and create healthy boundaries from the external dreams we dream together (wholesome and otherwise).

This is not to say that there should be no order, this is a common mistake. Simply that network order emerges from the ground up through memetic selection. There is a whole world of responsibility that I think most people would not like to think about unless its a matter of life and death. It would be a shame to spend our collective death throes in competition with one another when such an immense energy is waiting to explode for us if we can quickly boot up the network.

In addition to the problem of meaning, unique local conditions also make it impossible to ever assert some ideal perfect culture. Everyone has their own perspective, and is the own best judge of that. There is a whole geometry of holographic symmetric protocols which are core to all network organization, like shared behaviors which are discovered simply from the act of peering. What’s important and clearly shared among wholesome culture, is the awareness that culture is an active creative process. Life in society is not to be passive consumed, or slowly you become the consumed.

Many of us are living in a reality of environmental depression because we are helpless to help each other, that has all been systematically removed from us. Competition has resulted in this greedy hording mental illness blanketing the land with artificial scarcity and ruin. It is now more important than ever that we stop denying the suffering all around us and open our hearts to each other. The mind rationalizes reasons to avoid this pain, to process the actual suffering of another human being honestly. When we interact with other human beings our mind has this whole routine, and we gloss over the surface of the other human being in front of us. This is the dream state between us.

We have the power to re-examine the artifacts of our experiences and realize new meanings, to recontextualize the pieces. We are now encountering so much noisy dissonant garbage and conflict in our environment that its only a matter of time before the false ego complex comes into serious question. Its that piece in every one of us that decides that someone else is handling things, or that there is a political solution out there meaning action need not be taken, etc. It is inevitable that this false ego complex will continue its cascading collapse through cultural replication and assimilation. Information is too free now. We can see clearly that the individual is the nexus of all meaningful change, despite all the ways to go back to sleep.

The karmic stack is this story of our self in our world and the future. With a lateralized left-brain conceptual overlay to gloss up the entire uncertainty of things, we dream of this whole massive process which will end finally in happiness when we are old. To shake off the false ego harness is to see this whole thing crumble, and something new and more real rises from the ashes. The whole thing has been a trick of ignorance to continue processing and propagating parasitic culture. The universe isn’t just a computer you punch a program into and get your result. Govcorp only wants power.

We wake up and we’re like well now how to do culture? This is why I have described what I have in these writings. This has been my own exploration of that question. These are my own imperfect expressions which may be a few missing pieces to the puzzle for you. How can I actually contribute to our common heritage? How does my life have meaning beyond the physical, beyond this one small life? The tools we need come in the form of these holographic protocols which represent the memes of a fully integrated stack. It doesn’t matter what you call it, or even if you apply a meta-framework to it, this is simply what’s happening and im trying to describe it so others can see and participate.

It seems to me that we already have a lot of really good solutions, but there is not this whole rapid cultural upgrading process in place. There are no experiments going on, just in small little pieces off to the side. Our peers who are already close to us will most easily pick up our expressions and pass them on. This is the draw of illuminati networking. We are converging into this collective intelligence whose nervous system is only just now finding fertile ground in this awakening. The more we become aware of the bigger picture of how individuals work together, the faster we can converge and accelerate this wholesome culture.


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