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Map The Unexpected

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 Map The Unexpected  Empty Map The Unexpected

Post by wodouvhaox Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:53 pm

MacGyver, Cartographer of the Unexpected.
The Tutorial as an Open Map
(Not a method but a liquid guideline)

Mapping experimental vanishing points

Tutorial is a form of narrative of the experience.
What MacGyver is trying to overcome is the vision of the tutorial as a resolutive algorithm, a simple and close step by step recipe.
His “Desenrascanço” approach is the refusal of planned solutions.
MacGyver loves to share “open maps”: continuous never-ending ever-changing maps.
In opposition to the concept of the “learning curve” MacGyver proposes the concept of “experience wave”, a wave that spreads narrations, many waves that create zones of resonance where vanishing points act as multipliers of possible or contingent experiences, manifesting different territories of the thought.
A tutorial is not a slide to easily land on a readymade solution but a trampoline to reach unexpected territories.

Pseudepigraphy as an open context

Identity itself is a transformational multiplicity that needs an open map.
That is why Macgyver uses pseudepigraphy as a critical strategy to overcome authorship and identity issues.
Identity is a context, an open identity is a collective “body without organs” full-loaded of shared “in resonance” experiences that works as a shapes and meanings multiplier.
An Open Tutorial is a section of this resonance.
Sharing experience under an umbrella identity provokes a proliferation of meanings, an explosion of multiple possibilities of interpretation (many of them unintended)
Sharing means introducing positive noise into signal.
Sharing these maps means exploring together, because “the territory no longer precedes the map” (1)

Thought Jamming

Jamming with arrays of possibilities is to copy, transform and combine clusters of contingent wor(l)ds, it means to improvise on a “modal scale” of conceptual progression.
Appropriated, transformed and subverted meanings are the elements of the map.
In this approach mapping experiences and the experience of mapping are both extemporized progressions (with no planned directions). Creating the map without knowing the territory is “in the moment” composition.

(1) Jean Baudrillard “Simulacra and Simulations”



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