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A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian

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A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian Empty A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian

Post by wodouvhaox Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:32 am


A true Galdruxian is not the one who seeks to fit in a pre-made label, or who seeks fullfilment joining in a cult that may give him a feeling of belonging. No! The Galdruxian is the lunatic that seeks more than what he can have!, is the one who dare to spit in the face of all saints, all wisdom, all gods and sacred traditions, even the scientific ones.

A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian, cause the mindset of a follower of the great spider is so full of contradictions and paradoxes, that categorization is impossible to be made.

The Galdruxian seeks much more that mere escapism or ''fun'' (in the most mundane sense, i say). He prefers taking extremes, and be a atemporal anacronism, a uncanny spot in the middle of ordinary reality.

Reality, lets talk about reality. What is the point of view of a Galdruxian about the so called ''reality''? i could make a extense dissertation about ontological and epistemological concepts, but making things clear: Galdruxians don't understand, and don't care the thing people call ''reality''. For a Galdruxian, its about point of view and utility. One Galdruxian may ask ''That point of view is useful, needed, or ''fun'' in that given situation? if yes, apply, if no, discard''. Simple like that. For a Galdruxian, the way we interpret things is more a tool than a absolute truth. In general, a Galdruxian don't find attractive the idea of falling of a high altitude, or stand in the front of a moving car. He knows its more likely he will die making those sort of things, and in general, even with metaphysical paradigms, die is seem like a useless and incovinient thing, them, in these situations a Galdruxian may prefer to choose a normal point of view about reality. But in the conceptual world, the world of ideas which float above our heads, changing the way we live and interact with other people? These concepts that some people may call objective truths, even when they are just arbitrary conclusions about the world? These the Galdruxians will find pleasure in ignore. Even the most mundane man can understand that some ideas in the conceptual world are nothing more that assumptions that certain people or group of people make, but most of them just ignore what their society don't consider to be truth, and rarely question their own group of ideas and paradigms. Galdruxians like to distort and forget even the simplest concepts, for the sake of a more interesting life.

But its important to note, that even with the contraditory and mad nature of Galdrux, they still have a final goal.

We are not a collective of teenager brats trying to make a revolution just for the sake of it, or lazy presumptuous artist who stay behind their exotic creations to seek fame, when they are just regular folk. Galdruxians are those mad people psychologists have a hard work to say if they have a disease or not, those vague entities we dont know much about,those people who say absurd things and go againts every established norm, even the ones the subversive peoples tolerate. All the madness and confusion Galdruxians make is not just for their own delight, but serves for a central purpose, a cosmic purpose. The end of all things, the death of universe. The creation can only happen with the end of the old things. Galdruxian sacrifice their own flesh, sanity, and humanity for the rebirth of the real chaos, the structure of the cosmos will be replaced by a new one, in which each counsciouness will walk like gods, like ancient archetypes and forces of nature. Galdruxians practices are not silly games, like they may look quite often, but a complicated spiritual path, seekng a much more complete enlightment that the one offered by other traditions, in which slavery and suffering are rules to obtain the divinity. Galdruxians admit they already are gods, and the idea of inferiorty impled by other religions are utterly useless for them. Obedience is the law of the current false universe.

The means Galdrux will use their servants to accomplish that final goal is not know, but a Galdruxian know that each act of subversion against the nature and the laws of humans and the universe its a step futher to the end of the know universe and the begining of the new one.



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