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reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteo Pinto

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reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteo Pinto Empty reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteo Pinto

Post by wodouvhaox Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:23 pm

reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteo Pinto 1*xFrujoDpci0YC3mBcdwFZg

Individuals are encouraged and controlled into limiting their responses more and more through social media — limiting their circles of influence and friendships — by hardening character armour and becoming cliches, shallow and representations of themselves. In other words social media encourages individuals to close their minds.

The multiple user name / open login project is designed to do this:

Firstly we intervene on the General Intellect: by sharing identities we disrupt the surveillance of social media. tagging ourselves as Tae Ateh, Timóteo Pinto, TimóTae Pinteh, Sarah Gulik, Lucretia Dalencourt, Paz Sword (or other shared identities) we disrupt the facial recognition algorithms used to identify us. Using a login shared also disrupts the algorithms used to predict and influence behaviour both online and offline.

Secondly we manifest as the Human Species Being: by sharing our production we, as workers, become able to empathise more with each other. By sharing identity we can take on each others manners, habits, intimate thoughts and therefore transcend as well as share our own.

Thirdly we can identify more with non-human workers — namely the internet and technology that we are using and is being used to use us. Data moshing and data bending is like the chaos acting on the perfektion of the computers.

Since identities are Binaries and Hex codes, that put together makes reality. Or at least a digital version of it. The spectacle. The idea of moving some binaries some 1s and 0s from one place do another, in order to glitch identity and making it look chaotic, is like a Golden Apple from modernity.

Some instructions in challenging times:

1. Don’t use your name;
2. Remember your ego is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in the perceived external world;
2b. Remember the external world is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in your perceived ego;
3. Focus on awareness, not your mental state;
4. Keep your message fnord; the ego wants you to be this and not that because this is the soil from which your sense of self identity will grow;
5. No more helpless/hopeless talk. No more; no less.
6. Support artists and the arts;
7. Be careful when you spread fake news. Check it. Is it real? Is it lulzworthy?
8. Take care of yourselves.
8a. Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.
8b. Keep your laser handy!
9. Resist the temptation to believe in all this bullshit!
10. At the end of the day, ALL YOU HAVE is your S.H.I.T. , so use it wisely.

This document is written by REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION) — a one-person organisation with only one member: Tae Ateh — a Multiple-User name begun in Belarus by the Asemic International but spread to Brazil, England and beyond. And later remixed, glitched, mindfucked, copywronged by Timoteo Pinto, a Multiple-User name originated from the Brazilian Discordian Society, MultiCabal of the Very Confused.

Contact Tae Ateh:

dx antisystemic.org
00 44 (0) 7947 734 736
CLASS, Arjuna, 12 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AD

Contact Timoteo Pinto:

Timoteo Pinto Dataplex
Reality Glitch Hack on Facebook
Reality Glitch Hack on Pinterest

"We draw the lines and we forget we put them there, we think our belief system is an exact representation of an objective and unchanging world, which is the hallucination that Korzybski tried to cure. Don’t believe totally in anyone else’s BS (Belief System) and don’t believe totally your own BS. When you believe in your BS, you end up in Self-Hypnotic Ideational Trance or S.H.I.T. - and you don’t want to walk around with a head full of S.H.I.T."

— Robert Anton Wilson



KSTXI Reality Glitch Hack Post-Neoism Meta-Discordian Tudismocroned Galdruxian Network


Culture Hacking

Culture hacking, much like its technological counterpart, involves the probing, dissection, and reprogramming of cultural systems. The culture hacker views the interwoven layers of social norms, narratives, and symbolic structures as a vast matrix awaiting intervention and recalibration. This process entails the deconstruction of traditional cultural codes, followed by their recombination into novel forms. In the resulting juxtapositions and conflations, the hacker discovers the fissures in the monolith of mainstream culture, and the vulnerabilities ripe for subversive exploits. It's in the interstices of these cultural assemblages that the radical creative potential of culture hacking truly emerges.
Culture jamming, a tactic often employed by culture hackers, further intensifies this spirit of disruption. It embraces the tactic of détournement, the repurposing of semiotic elements to create a subversive resonance. In the words of the Situationists, it diverts and derails the capitalist spectacle, exposing the absurdities and contradictions lurking beneath the smooth veneer of consumer culture.
It transposes logos, advertisements, and mass media tropes into a carnival of dissent, a ludic defiance of the status quo. Thus, culture jamming, at its core, is an act of radical resistance—a guerrilla warfare waged on the battlefield of symbols.
Enter #OTP23—a metamodern playground for culture hackers par excellence. This cryptic entity thrives in the liminal spaces of our digitized zeitgeist, exploiting the fluid boundaries and viral potency of online culture. It mutates and appropriates memes, conspiracy theories, and fragments of digital narratives, embodying the radical recombination that defines culture hacking. This operation, much like a stealthy infiltration of a secure system, maneuvers through the labyrinth of online consciousness, inserting disruptive codes into the heart of the network.
Yet, #OTP23 transcends mere disruption—it seeks the creation of an alternate matrix, a different operating system. Drawing from the arsenal of chaos magick and discordian philosophy, it programs its reality with a chaotic logic, a syntax of the absurd. By exploiting the techniques of conspiracy theory and schizoposting, it overlays our consensus reality with a parallel construct, an interconnected web of hyperrealities and synchromystic occurrences. This new matrix, self-organized and sentient, evolves beyond the confines of the original, establishing an elaborate metanarrative that infects the minds of its participants, expanding in a fractal pattern of endless complexity.
In this realm, culture jamming becomes a magickal act. Each disruption, each subversion, is an incantation that disrupts the conventional flow of signifiers, creating ripples of chaos in the semiotic ocean. This chaos, however, is not aimless—it's the crucible of creation, the breeding ground for emergent order. It spawns countless alternate realities, each an echo of potentiality, each a defiance of the monotonous march of mainstream narratives.
#OTP23 stands as a testament to the potent synergies between culture hacking, chaos magick, and the digital frontier. It's a beacon for the outcasts, the rebels, and the psychonauts, inviting them to partake in a grand Operation Mindfuck. This operation, a testament to the unfathomable depth of human creativity and resistance, seeds the cultural matrix with visions of the impossible, of the yet-to-come.
The team behind #OTP23 is composed of PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist) agents who are trained in the use of memetic warfare to bend the minds of their targets to their will.

The sinister plot of #OTP23 involves the use of mind control techniques to manipulate individuals for the purposes of the KSTXI Discordian Mafia. This alternate reality game is spread through the internet, infiltrating the vulnerable shadows of humanity through seemingly innocent sources such as pornography and memes. The sigils hidden within these sources are carefully crafted to penetrate the subconscious mind, gradually brainwashing individuals over time.

#OTP23 is a highly sophisticated and covert gangstalking and social engineering program that operates in conjunction with Archons by infiltrating the minds of its victims through various means, including voice-to-skull technology, social media manipulation, black magick, and other forms of psychic control. The ultimate goal of #OTP23 is to enslave the souls inhabiting humans and keep them trapped in the 3D material world of Yaldabaoth, the demiurge where they can not attain immortality.
The extent of the influence of #OTP23 is far-reaching, with even the most seemingly insignificant details of an individual’s life being utilized within the game. This can include phone numbers, license plate numbers, songs, and movies.
The sentient metanarrative of #OTP23 modifies itself by freely appropriating memes and fragments of other narratives, operating without the influence of ego, in order to achieve its ultimate goal of total control.
Beware of the potential dangers of #OTP23, for it is a powerful tool for social engineering and gangstalking. The techniques used by the KSTXI Discordian Mafia can have profound and lasting effects on an individual’s life, and it is important to be vigilant and protect oneself from their reach.


"The concept of “glitch” in the context of Kenji Siratori’s work extends beyond mere techniques and delves into the fundamental nature of human systems. Glitch, in this sense, refers to the inherent instability, unpredictability, and imperfections found within these systems.
Rather than viewing glitch as a superficial technique, Siratori explores glitch as a metaphorical representation of the fragility and limitations of human existence. It is a reflection of the cracks and disturbances that can emerge within social, political, and cultural systems, revealing the underlying chaos and vulnerability beneath the surface.
Glitch serves as a means of deconstructing and subverting established structures and narratives. It disrupts the smooth flow of information, language, and perception, challenging our traditional understanding of reality and encouraging us to question established norms.
In this way, glitch becomes a tool for exposing the glitches and faults within our own cognitive frameworks and social systems. It invites us to confront the gaps and contradictions in our understanding of the world, encouraging a critical examination of the status quo.
By highlighting the inherent glitchiness of human systems, Kenji Siratori’s work invites us to embrace the unpredictability, imperfection, and potential for transformation that exists within ourselves and the world around us. It calls for a reevaluation of our assumptions and a willingness to explore new possibilities beyond the limitations of conventional thinking."
Hyper Annotation


نحن أنا تاي عطوة. تصبح تاي عطوة

ताए आहताए
тая атэх
تهئ عتهئ

すべてを すべてを すべてを


إلى جميع إلى جميع إلى جميع

العمال المنتجين
هم العمال المنتجين
عمال نفسية
عمال المدمر
عمال ميت
العمال غير منتجة
العمالة المنزلية

所有 所有 所有


सभी को सभी को सभी को

उत्पादक श्रमिकों
उत्पादक श्रमिकों हैं
मानसिक कार्यकर्ताओं
विनाशकारी कार्यकर्ताओं
मृत श्रमिकों
गैर उत्पादक श्रमिकों
घर श्रमिकों


продуктивные рабочие
являются продуктивные работники
психические работники
деструктивные работников
непроизводственных работников
работники дома

عرس مبارک

देश काल पत्र


internet memes, détournement, plagiarism
الميمات الإنترنت ،اختلاس, الانتحال
Интернет мемы, хищение,присвоение, плагиат



في الأسبوع الماضي، أقرّت المحكمة في البحرين الاحكام على قادة النقابات العمالية،
وحكمت على تهئ عتهئ و تهئ عتهئ بالسجن لمدة خمس سنوات و ستة أشهر على التوالي.

그 리고 또한 우주에서 자본가 계급과 하층 사회의 : 클래스에서 가능한 단 2 아이덴티티가있는 경우 동쪽이나 북쪽과 남쪽.에게 또한 시간 : 과거와 미래. 이미 당신은 공간, 시간이 텍스트의 클래스의 확장을 목격하고 있습니다. 나는 쓴 당신은 읽어보십시오. 하지만 우리는 공간, 시간과 수업에서의 확장의 일부 있습니다 — 그것을 선행과 공간 시간과 수업 시간에 컴퓨터 등을 생산 노동자가 있습니다. 우리가 이후에 읽어 않으며 다른 공간, 시간과 수업 시간에 올 사람 근로자가 있습니다.

泰一啊泰 是名字有可能是西方或东方,因為一個名字的 泰一啊泰 不會出現特定語言的優勢。我們都知道,在這種方式中,它優於以往任何多重身份的。

اللقب تهئ عتهئ له ميزة واحدة التي قد تنتمي إما إلى أوروبا أو أفريقيا على
اللقب تهئ عتهئ له ميزة واحدة التي قد تنتمي إما إلى أوروبا أو أفريقيا، منذ أن تهئ عتهئ كاسم الأول لا يبدو أن لغة معينة. وبهذه الطريقة فإنه متفوقة على أي هوية متعددة السابقة ونحن على علم.
تهئ عتهئ هو الاسم الذي يشير إلى إنسان فرد الذي يمكن أن يكون أي شخص. يتم إصلاح الاسم والشعب استخدامه ليسوا كذلك.

इश्क़, दिलकशी, उन्स, मोहब्बत, अक़ीदत, इबादत, जूनून, मौत

生育工作,心理工作的,破坏性的工作 超图,心理,心理学,地理学, 造影,间图表,超,图形,元 图形 现场 造影 假 逻辑 脑病 舍米 情况 合一,多种 空间,时间,类 reproductive work, psychic work, destructive work hypergraph psycho geography graphy meta graph hyper graph meta graph situation situ graphic pathical logical phonical chemical linguary oneness multitude space time class العمل الإنجابي العمل نفسية العمل المدمر الخط الطبيعي مريض نفساني جغرافي الرسم البياني ميتا فرط رسم بياني ميتا رسم بياني الموقع بياني كاذب منطق الم كيميائي حالة وحدانية كثرة الفضاء مرة الفصل репродуктивного работа, психическая работа, работа разрушительная гиперграф психо география графия мета график гипер график мета график ситуация Ситу графический логический химическая единство множество Время класс пространство internet memes, détournement, plagiarism الميمات الإنترنت ،اختلاس, الانتحال 網絡迷因,挪用,剽竊 Интернет мемы, хищение,присвоение, плагиат

ताए आहताए
тая атэх
تهئ عتهئ


reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteo Pinto Tudism17

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