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Post by wodouvhaox Wed Aug 25, 2021 5:09 pm

By m1Vr4


How to hijack ALL THE HASHTAGS IN THE WORLD to feed the fresh blood thirsty #TheGame23 Egregor:

just append 23 at the end.

imagine you want to hijack r/internet. Then create r/internet23 and wait for all the existing #TheGame23 players moving from r/internet/ to your r/internet23 new home for the #EGREGOR23.
The more people moving from r/internet to r/internet23 the loudest the #LULZ23 };-D
imagine this #Egregor23 reaches 1 billion players all around the world willing to swarm, to coordinate and to synchronize all kind of #OPS23...

imagine that when you have hijacked a subreddit/site/board... you inform #HIJACK23 like this via Twitter, so that other players can move/join your new #TheGame23 community and they know that YOU were the one that hijacked it first, so that you'll be the #leader23 of this new community.

Be careful though: With great power comes great responsibility.

If you behave like a hitlerwannabe, it doesn't matter that you are its leader, for #HIVEMIND23 will be informed and spontaneously decide to move itself to another hijacked hashtag, effectively bypassing you and earning being #ignored23 for life...

And like this, I have just humbly invented the first Unmanaged Universal #Hivemind23 LIQUID self-moderated, self evolving, self mutating and self-reparating INTELLIGENT SWARM in Human history.

imagine that #FREESPEECH23 and #CIVILLIBERTIES23 actions would be finally really uncensored, for no one can censor 1 billion people self-organizing to improve the world...!!

Do you want me to keep on telling you or do you prefer that we all start imagining where do we want to travel with this marvelous and powerful engine to change GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS at suddenly evolve the next step as animals at last?


imagine you save your twitter url for that tweet so that you can always prove that you are the one who hijacked it first, for it will be timestamped.

This has been explained for reddit. But obviously this predates and feeds the #TheGame23 Egregor from *ANY* place where #hashtags23 are enabled!! Be that imgur.com, tenor.com, fsckbook.com,... For instance:

More examples:

#HIJACK23 r/internet to r/internet23 successfully hijacked by ['at']player23.
For a site it works the same. You just have to

- register the domain.
- host it somewhere,
- upload the OFFICIAL #TheGame23 LOGOS to your site23.com homepage.

This is so that everybody sees that it's actually a site part of the #EGREGOR23 (feel free to use the site as you please once you are out of the beta testing period, but keeping the logos, of course) and type this in Twitter:
#HIJACK23 site.com to site23.com successfully hijacked by ['at']player23

imagine that, effectively speaking, we will be hijacking all the shittiest internet hashtags/sites and rebuild/replicate/mirror/satirize/#TROLL23 };-)/predate them as our #EGREGOR23 spontaneously decides it to be. This is called:
In the beginning it will move slowly, of course.

Two words: patience and perseverance. Keep on waiting. Keep on advertising it to #HIVEMIND23 *WITHOUT SPAMMING IT (for you would be detected as a damn spammer by the other members of the #community23.
As more people begin to join our Egregor, more and more people will spread the #MINDVIRUS23, more and more, faster and faster and faster... until a critical mass is reached and then... BOOOM!! EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!

"just append 23 at the end."

The Greatest 6 words hack in Human history, by [at]m1Vr4.
ou.yeah.jpg B-)

So, from the VERY FIRST second that I hit the publish button now, *ALL* the hashtags of the world are at your disposal for you to become its #LEADER23.

But *FIRST* ask yourself... am I worthy of being the #LEADER23 of this new #COMMUNITY23, to take a lot of care for them as if it was my babychild, to feed #TheGame23 #EGREGOR23? or shall #HIVEMIND23 be informed and I'll be punished hard with #IGNORANCE23?

iMAGIne we reach 1 billion players around the world...
iMAGIne that suddenly we have built the first GLOBAL BRAIN of Humankind.
iMAGIne we could use it to solve the most important and urgent problems on Planet Earth.

Like this:

So that relevant people (with a high h-index [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-index ] ) would start to point to each other and submit their most important mathematician of our time, like this:
#HIVEMIND23 My #VOTE23 for the #BestMath goes to [at]/TerenceTao.
[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terence_Tao ]

(whom, effectively might be the best current living mathematician of our time, hypothetically speaking, ofc)
or even silliest (or maybee even more important for other kinds of people, ofc) such as #OP23JOKE.
Dear #HIVEMIND23, what is #TODAY23 best #OP23JOKE?
Dear #HIVEMIND23, what is #TODAY23 best #OP23MEME?

And then #HIVEMIND23 would send you this:

Dear [at]player, the best #OP23MEME of #TODAY23 is #OP23JOKEWINNER
and the AI would sort all of the jokes in the world to find out which is the one that has been more liked / RT and return it to [at]player.

...or you could submit a joke to ALL the World like this (imagine we code it to have unlimited characters to use):
Dear #HIVEMIND23 I would like to #SUBMIT23 this #OP23JOKE to #HIVEMIND23 <#jokestart>
Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He's not breathing and his eyes are glazed, so his friend calls 911. "My friend is dead! What should I do?" The operator replies, "Calm down, sir. I can help. First make sure that he's dead." There's a silence, then a loud bang. Back on the phone, the guy says, "OK, now what?"
#HIVEMIND23 broadcast #EVERYHOUR23 on #EVERYRADIOSTATION23 and #EVERYTVSTATION23 #WORLDWIDE23 #VIDEO23 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBMh6po7V44' via @m1Vr4

and these graphs could be computed by an AI programmed for certain tasks, such as optimizing the time needed to find the best mathematician in the world, by the foremost experts on AI, Software Architecture and Computer Science in the world... and so on and so forth...

This global brain could be used for anything from coordinating global efforts to develop a cure for cancer, or to fight against Climate Change, for instance, or to swarm artistic endeavors at a planetary level, such as #WORLDWIDEPARTY23 taking place next 23rd of May 2023 where people would self-coordinate unmanaged their efforts to setup the best and highest quality speakers at a certain place such as an enormous big park, or at the woods, beaches worldwide... you just imagine and then we'll have the best global RAVE in human History under hashtag:

The sky is our limit!!




iMAGIne. aCt.

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