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Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal

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Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal Empty Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal

Post by wodouvhaox Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:05 am

Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal Sheogorathian-discordian-cabal

"At the beginning of the spiritual journey, everything is logical and orderly until the great curse that permanently changes the neophyte's perception of reality, madness and disorder become the characteristics of reality. This is the meaning of the curse of the daedric prince, it is the transformation of Jyggalag into Sheogorath.

(...) The end of the process allows to align the individual's phenomenal perception with the ontological nature of reality, but obviously the human perception will always be limited and distorted, what happens is a reduction of the limitation and distortion of the adept's perception.

Chaos contains order and disorder and it is still something else, from chaos order and disorder arises, to chaos returns order and disorder. There is nothing but chaos and nothing there is beyond chaos, in chaos dualities are created and dissolved."

3rd Pope Cinereo the Second, Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal, S.D.C :.



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