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Post by wodouvhaox Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:11 pm

Channelled by Ralf Radix Fenderson McKenzie Etal, KFFC,
Episkopos of the Grand Cabal of the
Immanentizers of the Grenzsituationen

Brought to you by the Invisible Pink Unicorn

Some of you may wonder why a Discordian site would have teachings from the Invisible Pink Unicorn? Isn't Discordia about Goddess Eris Kallisti Discordia? Well, Discordia is as much about Eris Kallisiti Discordia as the bible of "Love thy neighbour" is about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrhe, the flood, crucible-fictions and sending plagues.

"Followers" of Discordia, even me, are in no way exempt of the lure of the Aneristic illusion and may fall prey to the sex-appeal of using goddess Eris Kallisti Discordia as an excuse to embark "on a quest to better understand the way the world works -- how it really works. They seek become enlightened as to how all things are one, and everything is but an illusion".

Many a good Discordian has fallen into the clenches of Greyface from that trap. Every once in a while, we all would want the world to make sense. It is only when one confronts the "everyday" idea of what makes sense -- of how it really works that one understands Discordia just this slight bit more ...

Stare right into the light, and your eyes will be blinded
The lure of enlightenement leads one away from understanding how it really works

The Discordia that can be emulated is not the true Discordia
The Eris that can be understood is not the true Eris.

Even I need to be reminded of this every once in a while ... this is when the Invisible Pink Unicorn comes in handy. Never forget, Eris is as true as Yhwh and her teachings are as good as those of Jesus of Nazareth and as evil as those of the devil. But then, you already knew all that.

Kato was the Inspector Clouseau's servant. Clouseau had instructed him to attack when most unexpected in order to continually keep his reflexes alert. Kato can spring from everywhere, from science books, from comics, from the bible, from the Sears catalogue, from your mom, a stranger or from a cow - Mu! If you pay attention to what the Katos can teach you, lies or truth, you will become more akin to what you can learn, lies or truth. Every once in a while, we all need our own Kato in order to prevent us to fall prey to the illusion that we are starting to get it. There are some who get it, there are some who don't.
Don't you get it?

My Kato is the Invisible Pink Unicorn, she flashes in front of my eyes everytime a teaching tries to sneak by on the periphery of my consciousness - uninvited and unexpected .

You could think of a Kato, as the opposite of a FNORD, whatever this might be. Other people just boringly call them quotes or aphorisms. How rude!

« If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel. »
                - Jim Morrison, The Lizard King

«Concepts that have proven useful in ordering things easily achieve such an authority over us that we forget their earthly origins and accept them as unalterable givens. Thus they come to be stamped as «necessities of thought», «a priori givens,» etc... »
   - Pope Albert Einstein, aka Kitten Natividad on the week-ends

«The man who, when his actions go wrong, begins to play about with moral distinctions in order to put them right, cannot find the way back.»
    - Lieh Tzu

«GOOGOO: It is like the trembling air on summer evenings. The sun. But it does not tremble. Nothing. Nothing whatever. One simply ceases. The wind blows, but one is no longer cold. It rains, one is no longer wet. Jokes happen, one does not laugh. One’s body rots, one does not have to wait. General Strike.
BEGGAR: This is the paradise of hell.
GOOGOO: Yes, it is paradise. No wish remains unfulfilled. There is no wish left. You are cured of all bad habits. Even wishes. So you are free.
MAJA: And what happens in the end?
GOOGOO: Nothing. Nothing whatever. There is no end. Nothing lasts forever.»
    - Bertolt Brecht, Baal (1918)

«I've only myself to blame; I should have gone with them while there was still time. Now it's too late! Now I am a monster, just a monster. Now I'll never become …, never, never! I'm gone past changing. I want to, I really do, but I can't, I just can't. I can't stand the sight of me. I'm too ashamed! I'm so ugly! People who try to hang on to their individuality always come to a bad end!

Oh well, too bad! I'll take on the whole of them! I'll put up a fight against the lot of them! I'm the last man left, and I'm staying that way until the end. I'm not capitulating!»
    - Berenger, last man standing (Eugene Ionesco, Rhinoceros)

«I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with : That I am nobody but myself.

“Read it,” my grandfather said. “out loud!”
“To Whom It My Concern,” I intoned. “Keep This Nigger-Boy Running.”
I awoke with the old man's laughter ringing in my ears.»
    - Ralph Ellison, The Invisible Man (1947)

«There will be more calamities, more death, more despair. Not the slightest indication of a change anywhere … We must get into step, a lockstep toward the prison of death. There is no escape. The weather will not change.»
    - Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer (1934)

«… whatever begins in freedom cannot end in necessity.»
    - James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility (1986)

«Before earth and sea and heaven were created, all things wore one aspect, to which we gice the name of chaos – a confused and shapeless mass, nothing, but dead weight, in which, however, slumbered the seeds of things.»
    - Thomas Bulfinch, Mythology (1855)

« Security is the essential roadblock to achieving the road map to peace »
    - Dubyu, Bavarian Illuminatus (2003)

«The universe is not hostile, nor yet is it friendly. It is simply indifferent.»
    - John H. Holmes

«Loneliness is the tax we pay to nature for being conscious enough to know our own mortality.»
    - Sir John Babcock, RAW, The Earth will shake

« ... ay, there's the rub»
    - William Shakespeare

«A ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht,
Dorhrm bom bom bedom bem bom bedom bom bum ba ba bom bom,
Bouuuuum bom bom bedahm, Bom be barbedarm bedabedabedabeda
Bbrrrrrimm bbrrrrramm bbbrrrrrrrrraaammmmm ddddddraammm,
Bah bah baah baah ba wheeeeeee-eeeee-eeeee! »
    - The Annoying Thing, aka Crazy Frog

«… nothing seems to be able to resist life’s diabolic drift toward structures that enclose and limit. What starts out as a liberating vision risks mutating into an ideological force for preserving status quo … The difference between idea and ideology, practice and technique, community and institution is blurred and organic. The former slide imperceptibly into the latter.»
     - Stephen Batchelor, Living with the Devil (pp. 153-154) (2004)

«... there is a forever unbridgeable gap between what's true and what can be proved.»
    - Casti, J.L., Complexification. (p. 147) (1994)

«A catma is a relative meta-belief, while a dogma is an absolute, unshakeable, unchangeable belief. Catmas make up the whole of the Discordianist belief system.»
    - From Miriad Wiki: http://miriadic.wikia.com/wiki/Catma

«... man does not create...he discovers.»
    - Antonio Gaudi

«I know there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere, but I don't know what it is.»
    - Linus van Pelt

«Enlightenment was always disillusionment in the positive sense»
    - Peter Sloterdijk, Critique of Cynical reason (p. xxxvii) (1983)

«Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.»
    - Jules de Gaultier

«I have been born in the middle of a grand opera but we bleed real blood here.»
    - Sigismundo Celine (RAW)

«A path … is carved by commitment and opened up by letting go.
It entails both doing something and allowing something to happen.
A path is both a task and a gift. In exerting too much control , one inhibits its spontaneous unfolding, whereas just by letting everything be, one losses sight of a guiding vision. The art of creating a path is to do neither too much nor too little.»
    - Stephen Batchelor, Living with the Devil (2004)

«Enlightenment was always disillusionment in the positive sense ...
    ... Cynicism is enlightened false consciousness …
    ... Ideologies appear simply as the appropriate errors …
    …useful members of human society have to internalize certain correct illusions, once and for all, because without them
         nothing functions properly
    ... Stop reflecting and maintain values.»
               - Peter Sloterdijk, Critique of Cynical Reason (1983)

«Anywhere and at any time God and man in the bush may meet.»
   - Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune With the Infinite (1910) at sacred-texts.com

[humans have that] « ... peculiar habit of continually stating and restating the very very obvious, as in ‘It’s a nice day,’ or ‘ You’re very tall,’ or ‘So this is it, we’re going to die.’

His [Ford Prefect] first theory was that if human beings didn’t keep exercising their lips, their mouths probably seized up.

After a few months of observation he had come up with a second theory, which was this – if humans don’t keep exercising their lips, their brains start working. »
   - Ford Prefect cited by Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the end of the universe




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