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ACTION 23 is (maybe) looking for you!

You are good at: living, doing things, clapping your feet in your headstand, psychonautics, mental avionics or neuro mantics?

Then beware of us, we might want you.

We need well-trained specialists from the following professions to implement subversive motives:

Classically trained fungeriljeras


Chaot _ inside

Phools (m/w)

Activitist _ within

Chaosnuns (Chuns) / Chaos Monks (Chonks)

Knights Knights

Exdoctrinated chaos magicians

Pig priests

Mindhacker _ from _ here

' Pataphysicists

They should bring with them:

Well trained five senses (madness, nonsense, nonsense, bullshit and madness)

High Kenacity

Believe in Goddess Eris (will be contributed by us if needed)

Craftsmanship (sawing nerves, spinning seamans, pulling stripping, drilling reality tunnels) - not a must, but welcome to see it

Ambitious Dilettantism

Total confusion or equivalent expertise

Cross-entry possible (preferably SubGenii, pastafaris, dudeists, also other obscure cults gladly taken)

What we offer:

Not much, but at least...

Disorganization resources

Network entanglement opportunities

a lot of experience in conducting semi-cooked actions

and the Ultimate Enlightenment ™ or something.

... still more than nothing.

Brainwashing upon request.

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire or get presented in person at one of our fynficial online presences.


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