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Comments about 'Pataphysics

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Comments about 'Pataphysics Empty Comments about 'Pataphysics

Post by Lucretia Dalencourt Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:52 pm

Comments about 'Pataphysics:

This section gives some very intriguing ideas about how to transition from working with concrete information about experience and subjectivity to working with high amounts of informations from the mental world, a metaphysics, of our own making.

Some people may be metaphysically incorrect, but in 'Pataphysics continuum we continue to see a vision of reality that looks exactly like our own prefabricated assumptions . It may even be that these more discursive routes to ontological understandings do not show the truth of certain phenomenal.  
 "What are we looking at right now?" and "What will happen right now?" are questions that the phenomenologist explores, but the phenomenologist is not the one who must solve the  question of what is really going on in methaphysical,oniric, hallucinatory, or extra sensory experience. No one can know what it is to be the subject of the mental images that a given process generates; no one is ever able to understand the whole experience. 'Pataphysics accept that and play with the given references making its own myths and delusions, for the sake of it. Their study is not based solely in ''what is really out there?'' but more in ''what i can make with the disconnected pieces that my mind glue together in a single picture?''

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