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A Post-Neoist thought about POEE Cabals

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A Post-Neoist thought about POEE Cabals Empty A Post-Neoist thought about POEE Cabals

Post by Lucretia Dalencourt Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:52 pm

When a POEE PRIEST writes, "POEE QUANTUM" he might literally mean "POEE QUANTIFICATION", "POEE DICTIONARY", or 


The term is still used by a certain number of people. There is of course a Polyfamily which is essentially a Hieros Family. 

And, like many more, it is also a POEE Cabal. All the points are held at one place in time and therefore a POEE Priest becomes 

more and more like a Priests as time goes on.

It is, of course, quite possible that, at some point, a POEE CABAL will arise that is specifically dedicated to such a 

POEE Cabal's goals. 

But until then, a POEE Cabal is just a POEE Cabal!

Some POEE CABALS do get a little bit like the Mal-2 world. They have different goals and different goals that need to be achieved  for  a priest of POEE

In other words, each "PRIEST" can only write something within his limits.

"POEE QUANTITUBE" refers to the PORP, which is just one of these kinds of "PORP".

"POEE QUANTIUM" is a more elaborate definition, but you get my point.

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