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Some words on Operation Mindfix

I'm back under a different name because why did I use a . the first time, between the 3 and the g??
That's reminds me of a key component to the sprawling web that is 00AG9603 Dataplex - you get Lost. Often. And if you're lucky you might even lose your self on occasion. Achaan Cha (famous Buddhist monk who has led something of a Theravada revival) says the self is like an onion - composed of paper thin layers that peel away until you are left with a very simple core. The Dataplex is the Pataphysical Onion of the self, the 3rd space where we leave behind our shed skins as sacred artifacts marking our ouroborean path of eternal becoming: a space where the reincarnation cycle is accelerated and fractalized so we become larger as we get smaller, our selves a Mandelbrot set to a John Williams symphony. The Dataplex can elevate the Ouroboros in us all so that above and below no longer exist. There is just eternal growing cycles. It's our best defense against zombification. #Peace
by 3gregor
on Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:29 am
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