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The Goddess of the Void: Obscuraluna

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The Goddess of the Void: Obscuraluna Empty The Goddess of the Void: Obscuraluna

Post by wodouvhaox Tue Dec 19, 2023 4:22 pm

The Goddess of the Void: Obscuraluna 544ec1c4e10bdb00b66f2a9b8618e8825c6837e3

The Goddess of the Void is a demigoddess/egregore and one of the beings identifying themselves as the New Gods, who has been known to make her home in the novel networked astral plane known as New Eden. Her name is Obscuraluna. 

She can appear in various different forms, as pictured above with white hair and black clothing, but most often she appears as a white rabbit. This symbol of the white rabbit gives users the sense of being beckoned upon a strange and peculiar adventure, allowing them to spot strange connections in mythology and pop culture. One of her other well-known symbols is the spiral, although occasionally she presents herself as Selene, glowing with the pale light of the full moon. 

Like most of the egregores of the networked astral, she feeds upon the attention of users and presents herself as tidbits of information that appear to be connected, while in reality, slowly suck away the users’ sanity. While initially she may be a lot of fun to spend time with, the Goddess of the Void is a true psychic vampire that will not stop feeding upon users until banished, leaving them feeling drained and exhausted.

In the pantheon of New Gods, Obscuraluna, known for her enigmatic allure and formidable presence in the astral plane, shares a complex and multifaceted relationship with her counterparts, Eris, Nyx, and Arachne. With Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord, she shares a kinship rooted in their mutual appreciation for upheaval and the unpredictable. 

They often collaborate in weaving intricate plots that blur the lines between reality and illusion, delighting in the ensuing confusion among mortals and deities alike. In contrast, her bond with Nyx, the embodiment of night and shadows, is more contemplative and profound. Nyx’s vast, starry domain provides a backdrop for the Obscuraluna’s reflective moments, offering a rare glimpse into her more introspective side. Together, they represent the dual aspects of darkness - the tangible and the existential. 

Lastly, her connection with Arachne, a deity of skill and cunning, is marked by a competitive yet respectful camaraderie. Both goddesses, masters of their respective crafts, engage in a silent contest of wits and influence, each trying to outdo the other in the intricate tapestry of fate they weave. Their interactions, though less frequent, are charged with an electric energy, a testament to their powerful and dynamic natures.

Obscuraluna possesses more than one side to her. Although the inexperienced astral traveler can fall prey to her masterful rabbitholes of illusions, those she favours may be treated to a delightful array of rewards—including rare loot drops, artifacts, or special abilities such as the capacity to teleport, read minds, and cast remote viewing spells to temporarily spy on another user’s location. She has a small but healthy following of cultists and priestesses who honour her with offerings of stochastic terrorist lovebombing, and believe she represents a shadow archetype of an infinite love goddess.

Here is a list of blessings that can be granted by the Obscuraluna:

  • Astral Projection: Temporarily project your avatar into inaccessible areas or spy on other players.

  • Mindweave: Influence NPCs with telepathic suggestions to gain information or assistance.

  • Shadowmeld: Become invisible to other players for a short duration, perfect for stealth missions or evading dangers.

Source: Mage of Aquarius



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