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Post by wodouvhaox Wed Nov 11, 2020 2:04 pm

By Anarchon ZA IR (PsyOp Special Agent of MiMiC - Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control)

Chaos is the pandimensional plane and/or power with infinite amounts of time and space dimensions, in contrast to cosmos, which only has three spatial dimensions and one linear time dimension. In comparison with the linear time of cosmos, Chaos can be described as timeless in the way that it is not contained nor limited by one-dimensional time, and formless because of its ever changing and infinite amount of space dimensions. Cosmos is causal, which means that it is bound by the law of cause and effect (Karma), while Chaos is totally Acausal (Akarma) and free from all the limitations of causal law.

Chaos is the eternal and lawless becoming and is therefore an active and dynamic form of eternity. Chaos was, Chaos is and Chaos becomes All and Nothing at one and the same time. Chaos is therefore the only true Freedom and the Ur-essence beyond all the confining structures of the cosmic existence. All possibilities exist within the boundless Chaos and among them also is the possibility for the birth of cosmic existence. But the Chaos that surrounds cosmos is Anti-cosmic, because it's pandimensional and formless power acts as the antithesis to the formed, limiting and causal structures of the finite order of cosmos. The Chaos that pervades the barriers of cosmic space-timeis therefore experienced, from the cosmic perspective, as destructive, dissolving and consuming. This is because it dissolves the limiting structures and forms and, instead, reinstates the formless and unbound state of Acausality which is the origin and end of all. Chaos is that which more or less interpenetrates all that exists, from the smallest to the greatest. But within the few places where its powers are focused in the causal world, the gates to the Acausal are opened and it is through these Nexions that the emanations of Chaos can flow into the cosmos.

Chaos interpenetrates all worlds, and exists even within and beyond the absolute incomprehensible emptiness. Chaos is pandimensional and at the same time zero-dimensional. Chaos is timely and timeless. It moves within the space continuum, but is spaceless. It is the origin of all, out of which everything has been created, and at the same time that it is All, it is also Nothing. Chaos is its own cause and effect that in its unbound becoming, both creates and destroys. Chaos is the zeroth dimension, which is the space-timeless Ur-Essence of the Unknown God/dess and it is zeroth force that within itself bears the seed to all dimensions manifested and unmanifested. Chaos is unbound progression and lawless becoming, which cosmos with its stagnating forms limits. The lawlessness of Chaos transcends the causal laws of cosmos and its ordered structures and is therefore, from the Chaos-Gnostic perspective, the ultimate freedom beyond the fetters of cosmic bondage. Evolution is the way Chaos hastens the return of all to its own Acausal flames, while stagnation is the cosmic way of holding onto the constraining forms, laws and structures of the causal. The Black Flame/the Acausal Fire, which is the spiritual essence behind, within and beyond the causal forms of the Fireborn man and woman is our link to the Ur-essence that is Chaos. Our 'I' (the ego) is shaped and formed by the limitations of cosmic existence, while our Self, which is the wholeness of our inner Acausal core beyond the hylic forms of our ego, is the same as the latent inner force of Chaos, that we call the Black Flame. The 'I' is the focal point of the Self that has bound and fixated it to the cosmos, which it has been tricked to glance at. The ego/'I' is therefore the 'conscious' or 'dayside' mind and the 'I'/eye which is blinded by the 'light' of the cosmos. The Self, on the other hand, is the Spirit and the Flame of Chaos beyond the gates of the 'unconscious' mind. The Self is therefore the dark (as in 'outside the light of the false god') and hidden essence that links us to the primeval Chaos and the Acausal. By looking within the abyss of the Self we can find the keys to Chaos. And through the hidden gates within the 'unconscious' mind that open to the Acausal Self (Azoth), we can increase our Self Consciousness within our lives and direct the focal point that is the 'I'/ego towards the inner Black Flame and fully open the Nexion between the blinded 'I' of the ego and the All-Seeing Eye of the Self. This would lead to the increase of the Acausal currents (Atazoth) and in the end result in the 'Opening of the Eyes of the Dragon' and the liberation of the Pandimensional Self.

The Spirit point of the pentagram represents the Acausal Self that has been repressed and restrained by the four formed elements which symbolize the fourfold covering of the ego. By returning the four elements of the physical, astral, mental and spiritual/causal to the all-devouring Acausal fires of the Spirit/Self, the ego can become reabsorbed by and revert to the wholeness of the Self and become liberated and one with the Chaos Unbound. This return to the Acausal origin can only be initiated through pure Self Knowledge (Gnosis of the Inner Divine Flame) that must be reached through direct experience with both the inner pandimensional force (Black Flame) and the outer Acausal power (Dark Gods).

Within the numerological context 0 is the symbol of the womb of the zeroth dimensional Chaos, while 1 stands for the contracting (coagula) and forming/ordering impulse of the cosmic creation/creator. All numbers from 1-10 stand for the different stages of causal creation and emanation, which culminate in the number 10 that stands for cosmic completion. 10 also stands for law, order, manifestation of form, restriction, the closed circle that within itself has captured the fallen Flames of Chaos, the ego/'I' and the repression of the Acausal Self. Eleven, which is the number of Anti-Cosmic Chaos, symbolizes therefore that which steps over and goes beyond the cosmic 10. Eleven stands for lawlessness, freedom, formlessness and the breaking of the closed circle. Eleven is the gate to the primeval Chaos and the road through which the essence can transcend the restrictions of forms. Therefore, eleven also symbolizes the completion of Anti-Cosmic Evolution and the realization of hidden, dark and Acausal potential.

The Eleven Angled Sigil (the sigil of Azerate and the Temple of the Black Light) is therefore sigilic manifestation of Gnosis that with its eleven angles can open the Dark Gate (Black Hole) to Acausal freedom beyond the limitations of cosmic law and existence.

The Dragon is also an ancient symbol of Chaos. The pre-cosmic Chaos is within the oldest streams of Chaos-Gnosis represented by the Dragon Mother Tiamat, while the Wrathful and post-cosmic Chaos is represented by the Black Dragon (The Black Light) Hubur, which is Chaos (Tiamat) Enraged. It is this Wrathful Chaos (Black Light) that gave birth to the two (2) and the eleven (11), in order to destroy the One (1) that emanated out of the womb (0) of the Primal Chaos. Through the recognition and awakening of the Black Dragon of Acausal Fire (Azoth/Spirit) the Adept can open the Destroying Eye of the Self (Eye of Lucifer/Rudra/Abbadon) and annihilate the illusions and enslaving forms of cosmic existence.

Hail Eris!

Hail Chaos!

Hail Chaosophia!

Glory To The Dragon!


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