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Reality is just a shattered mirror by now

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Reality is just a shattered mirror by now Empty Reality is just a shattered mirror by now

Post by qineth Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:30 pm

Reality is just a shattered mirror by now

The "fake news" phenomenon is only the recognition of reality´s fragility after a couple of opposite points of  view. Who are these modern owners of truth, the Fact checkers? What the hell is that?. The collective is losing their sanity, they need someone else to tell them what is real or not, and worse still, it does not even matter who or what entity or organism says it, the community is desperately looking for a different voice who can put their feet on the ground. Why is it suddenly so important for the media to pay attention to the Fake News? It appears that only two controversial views are enough to cause widespread psychological chaos. Moreover, What makes a different opinion a "fake new"? Modern conspiracies will keep growing, just like an Hydra, the “fact checkers” will cut a head and many others will appear. Fake news will continue to be written, maniac theorist will shout in the streets to new Gods until we no longer knew what is real or not, what to believe or what to reject,  having to accept chaos once for all.

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