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Horton Jupiter - BooKs of BokONOn 2

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Horton Jupiter - BooKs of BokONOn 2 Empty Horton Jupiter - BooKs of BokONOn 2

Post by wodouvhaox Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:09 pm


BooKs Of BokONOn two: Kerry Riley - You're No Good

"a 21st century remake of Terry Riley's lost classic 'You're No Good'. Originally commissioned by a tripping Philly nightclub owner in '67, Terry's loop and delay masterpiece is a full FIVE YEARS ahead of Tom Moulton's "first disco record" in it's extension of a 3 minute northern soul cut into 20 minutes of hypnotic madness, an essential missing piece of disco history. Unfortunately the original becomes way too messy for even the most fuckest uppest of leftfield dancefloors, so BooKs Of BokONOn have recreated it's maddening and magical beauty from scratch using 21st Century tech to elicit wild whoops and hollers on the dancefloors of the current discordian disco underground. It's an essential piece of history for the future, now that time as we know it is coming to a big question mark, with it's newly repurposed central message thrown at a civilisation past it's sell by date. 'You're No Good' could be an anthem to sing as we wave ta-ra to our outmoded slave owners and their old ways of being, dancing our faces off, or it could be dedicated to Tories everyplace."



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