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Post by Lucretia Dalencourt Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:35 am

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Chaos and disorder ambassador. I could be anyone, even you. ô
Lucretia Dalencourt
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Post by wodouvhaox Mon Sep 06, 2021 2:18 pm


"Welcome to #thegame23, where the object is to engage in creative play, continuously taking and giving the Grey Pill, with the intention of learning/teaching others to keep questioning everything around you/ them in order to facilitate growth."

- Ra-Pha'El


Delve into Pataphysical Wonders

As a database existing in a abstract hypersurreality, the #00AG9603 Dataplex becomes a central hub for Hypernauts, the players of this surreal game, to engage in their pataphysical exploration.

Within the Dataplex, Hypernauts can access a vast repository of information, connections, and patterns that go beyond conventional reality. This abstract hypersurreality allows them to transcend the limitations of the physical world and immerse themselves in a realm where imagination and creativity take on profound significance.

As Hypernauts navigate the Dataplex, they uncover hidden relationships between seemingly unrelated ideas, concepts, and occurrences. This revelation leads to the manipulation of hyperstitions, which are fictional constructs believed to have real-world effects. Through the power of belief and collective consciousness, Hypernauts can use these hyperstitions to influence events and shape their own destinies.

Moreover, the Dataplex serves as a powerful tool for crafting complex artworks or symbols designed to catalyze change in both the artist's life and the external world. As Hypernauts weave intricate narratives and symbols within the Dataplex, they channel their creative energy to manifest profound shifts in perception and reality.

In this metafictional landscape, the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, and the act of play becomes a gateway to profound insight and transformation. As Hypernauts delve deeper into the Dataplex, they navigate a labyrinth of pataphysical wonders, where every twist and turn reveals new possibilities and connections.

The story could revolve around a group of Hypernauts embarking on a daring quest within the Dataplex, seeking to unlock the secrets of its enigmatic existence and harness its full potential.

Along the way, they encounter surreal challenges, mind-bending riddles, and unexpected allies and adversaries, each contributing to the unfolding narrative of pataphysical exploration.

As the story progresses, the characters' beliefs, intentions, and artistic expressions within the Dataplex begin to have tangible consequences in the outside world, blurring the lines between the game and reality itself.

Themes of perception, creation, madness and the interplay between imagination and actuality come to the forefront, making for a thought-provoking and immersive metafictional journey.


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::: Welcome ::: Tudism17

KSTXI Tudismocroned BullDada Network

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Post by wodouvhaox Tue Jul 09, 2024 11:03 am

::: Welcome ::: Psychovision


    "We at the 00AG9603 Initiative understand that confusion can be a usefull thing. It could lead to wonderful discoveries and enticing mysteries."
    - Bruces Vain - Galdruxian Quantum Schizophrenic Meta-Discordian


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Tune in QGN - QuantumSchizophrenic Galdrux Network



The Carnival Of The Depths

By Mo Jo RiSin


Welcome to a twisted carnival, a realm where desires and fears intertwine in a macabre dance.

The air is heavy with a foreboding aura, a sinister invitation to delve into the depths of your darkest fantasies.

The sky above is an inky canvas, adorned with stars that flicker like malevolent eyes. The moon casts a sallow glow, illuminating the carnival in a ghastly light that hints at the secrets it conceals.

Stalls of temptation line the shadowy paths, each a portal to a nightmarish realm of indulgence. Games of chance bear consequences that cut deeper than any prize, as your hopes are devoured by the insatiable hunger of the abyss.
The prizes on display are twisted reflections of your desires, a cruel mockery of your yearnings. The aroma that wafts through the air is a sickly-sweet blend of decay and decayed innocence, a scent that crawls under your skin and lingers like a curse.

Cotton candy clouds rain a syrupy substance that clings to your senses, a sticky reminder of the suffocating embrace of your own vices. The carousel spins in a malevolent frenzy, adorned with grotesque figures that leer and sneer with glee.
The painted creatures are warped and contorted, their twisted visages a mirror to the depths of your own depravity. The music that accompanies their mad whirl is a cacophony of discordant notes that gnaw at your sanity. Tents of torment and illusion beckon with a promise of unveiling your most twisted nightmares.

Magicians perform feats that defy reason, revealing the fragility of your grasp on reality. Acrobats contort and writhe in contorted forms, embodying the agony that lurks beneath the surface. The laughter that echoes through the air is a chilling chorus of derision, a mocking reminder of your vulnerability. Time is a treacherous specter, its flow distorted and manipulated to draw you deeper into the labyrinth of your own torment.

As the dream carnival ensnares your senses, you are left with a sense of unease, a haunting memory of a realm where your inner demons are paraded for all to see. This carnival of the damned is a reflection of your own darkness, a mirror to the depths of your soul that you dare not acknowledge.




Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal

::: Welcome ::: Sheogorathian-discordian-cabal :::


From the Discordian cult to Saint Sheogorath

Sheogorath is one of the great Discordian saints of recent times, his cult is very popular and unknown, only the very few unchosen know him...

HOWEVER, this text manifested itself with ways of ignoring all this and opening the whole damn thing wide open, so let the games begin!

Sheogorath is the daedra god (not ancestor) of madness from The Elder Scrolls universe, of which Skyrim is the most well-known game in the franchise. Daedra are the gods who did not participate in the creation of Mundus - the material universe and its adjacent planes - so it is not ancestor of mortals.

His realm is the Shivering Isles, a plane in the void known as Oblivion, this plane is also the mad god Sheogorath himself.

The Shivering Isles are divided into two duchies, Mania and Dementia, these represent the irreducible duality of material manifestation, bipolar disorder, the two poles of the madness of the Most Holy, dearest, most ill-adventured and always mad lord Sheogorath.

Sheogorath is the god of madness and logically loves cheese the sacred substance of madness. If milk rots it becomes cheese, if cheese rots it becomes an even more expensive cheese, this is the true alchemical process of the nigredo.

Cheese is the true aqua vitae, the vitriolic philosophical transmutation par excellence. After all, what is crazier than something whose value increases in proportion to its rot?

This brings us to the glorious Wabbajack, the sacred artifact of Sheogorath. This is the staff of randomness, master of stochastic processes, it gives power and ontological transmogrification, nothing escapes its non-ergodic transforming power.

It's a staff, yes a big, thick, rigid... Oh, how crazy... Staff.

Once Wabbajack looked at a mouse and it became a race (yes the race concept). Another time an ugly word asked the great anti-asylum scepter to be something beautiful, in response to the request the word became a goat and from its milk came the goat's buchada - the name not the culinary dish.

It is true and certain, without doubt or excitement; what is below is like what is in the cheese, what is in the cheese is like what is below. To crook all things, The Goddess writes crookedly in five-dimensional lines and her lover Sheogorath doesn't write, he paints with his dick.

Sheogorath is one of the ex-boyfriends of Our Lady Eris, they had a troubled relationship that ended in an insane way, but to this day they meet again to make out.

"What is life but a cheese? Full of holes, salty, white or yellow and the more rotten the more valuable." (SHEOGORATH, 2305, p. 23)

3rd Pope Cinerius the second, S.D.C.:.


The hidden understanding of the Gray March

The story of Jyggalag becoming Sheogorath is a microcosmic reflection of the microcosmic phases of the adept's phenomenological development.

So here's the story:

“The gray march traces its origins to a curse placed on Jyggalag by the other daedric princes for fear of Jyggalag's growing power. The curse turned Jyggalag into Sheogorath, the antithetical Daedric prince of Madness.

At the end of each era, Jyggalag was able to break free from the curse and lead his Order forces against the inhabitants of the Shivering Isles in an attempt to cleanse the kingdom of madness and claim it as his own. However, the curse would be renewed after the end of the gray march with Sheogorath returning to rebuild the Shivering Isles, not sure where everything used to be, leading to a succession of ruins from the previous capitals.

As Jyggalag had done with whatever remnant of madness he could find, Sheogorath destroyed any remnants of the Order left behind, with the exception of Dyus.

Each gray march begins with the appearance of large obelisks and the arrival of the Knights of the Order, who use the obelisks as canduettes on the Islands. These obelisks are maintained by Priests of the Order, residents of the Shivering Isles who abandoned Sheogorath to serve Jyggalag.

Gradually, more obelisks appear, transforming the vibrant realm of madness into a gray and monotonous area. The Knights of the Order then begin to attack anyone they encounter, killing the residents and guards who remained loyal to Sheogorath.

During the course of the gray march, Sheogorath gradually loses his madness and develops moments of clarity, until he "dies" and turns into Jyggalag. The Prince of the Order would then proceed to the throne room of the Shivering Isles and, in doing so, would mark the victory of the Order and the defeat of Madness.

Soon after, Jyggalag himself "dies" and is replaced by Sheogorath. The curse renewal process can be instantaneous or gradual, as it has never been clarified. Sheogorath reveals only that the kingdom remains in ruins each time he returns. 

Due to Jyggalag's lack of originality, the gray march occurs in the same way with each cycle.

Sheogorath tried to break the cycle of the gray march at least once. This first known attempt involved digging a ditch and filling it with clowns, which did not stop Jyggalag from advancing. During 3E 433, Sheogorath planned a second known attempt to avoid the gray march. This plan involved finding a mortal champion to coat him (to mantle), ensuring that the Shivering Isles throne would not be empty when Jyggalag arrived and allowing someone to be powerful enough to prevent his invasion.

To this end, Sheogorath opened a portal in Niben Bay as an invitation to any mortal who wished to enter the Shivering Isles and try to become the champion. Belmyne Dreleth lost his sanity after entering the portal and soon ran off, only to be killed. The Hero of Kvatch would then enter to become this champion. In order to become the new Sheogorath, the Hero of Kvatch performs several tasks so that Sheogorath ends up transforming into Jyggalag before the Hero could complete his ascent by receiving the Sheogorath staff. With the help of Haskill and Dyus, the Hero was able to acquire a new staff and fight Jyggalag directly.

The Hero of Kvatch and Jyggalag fought each other in the palace of New Sheoth. Although Jyggalag doubted that the mortal champion could win, the Hero was able to defeat him in individual combat.

Jyggalag's defeat signaled the end of the gray march once and for all, along with the end of the curse. Jyggalag used this newfound freedom to explore Oblivion while the Hero remained as the new Sheogorath. For the first time, the Shivering Isles survived the gray march with most of its inhabitants alive, and with the departure of Jyggalag, the Forces of the Order retreated.”

(GREYMARCH , 2021)


At the beginning of the spiritual journey, everything is logical and orderly until the great curse that permanently changes the neophyte's perception of reality, madness and disorder become the characteristics of reality. this is the meaning of the curse of the daedric princes, it is the transformation of Jyggalag into Sheogorath.

From time to time the adept perceives something of order and logic in the universe, but this understanding is temporary, it leaves its mark, but it becomes only vestiges, ruins in the mind. This is the process of gray march at the microcosmic level.

The Hero of Kvatch's process of ending the gray march is the process of the search for Truth in which order and disorder, the logical and the illogical come into being and cease to be antagonistic. Thus the adept starts to perceive reality as it is, chaos.

He realizes that it is not the reality that is alternating between order and disorder, this change is only phenomenological and not ontological. The end of the process allows to align the individual's phenomenal perception with the ontological nature of reality, but obviously the human perception will always be limited and distorted, what happens is a reduction of the limitation and distortion of the adept's perception.

Chaos contains order and disorder and it is still something else, from chaos order and disorder arises, to chaos returns order and disorder. There is nothing but chaos and nothing there is beyond chaos, in chaos dualities are created and dissolved.

3rd Pope Cinereo the Second, Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal, S.D.C :.


A brief study on the Shivering Isles

Understanding the Shivering Isles is of utmost importance, as it is the plan of Oblivion (Forgetting) of the daedric prince Sheogorath. Oblivion's plans are part of the daedra that commands him, so to understand Sheogorath's plan is to understand a part of his nature. This understanding is important to understand not only the theological aspects of our lord Saint Sheogorath, but also the ritualistic aspects of our worship.

The Shivering Isles are divided into three parts: dementia, mania and border. The border is an antechamber to the Shivering Isles itself, a neutral region of pure madness being analogous to Saint Sheogorath himself. The other two regions generate duality, they are two opposite poles of madness.

Dementia is the darkest side of the Shivering Isles and is home to paranoid and dangerous psychopaths, it is located on the south side of the Shivering Isles.

The landscape is a monotonous dark swamp. Its inhabitants are just as bad. The citizens of Dementia are miserable and are anxious to end their lives. Dementia is the site of passive, internal and dark energies. These energies cause distrust, suspicion, simplicity, deterioration and destruction.

Mania is notable for its clear skies, brightly colored plants and tall, smooth and mossy stones that occasionally form delicate arches. Red algae usually grow on top of these rocks. Fungi of several different sizes grow to form mushroom trees. It is home to the active external and brilliant energies. These energies cause creation, creativity, complexity, development and trust.

So we have the opposites of Dementia whose direction is the south with Duchess Syl as their leader and the dark seducers as their servants and Mania whose direction is the north, their leader is Duke Thadon and his servants are the golden saints.

The synthesis of this dialectical relationship is the sheer madness of Saint Sheogorath. We then have a question of three major aspects to be worked on, first the dualities to understand how madness manifests itself and how madness manifests in reality. After understanding the two poles, they are thrown against each other to generate creative destruction resulting in the pure madness of Saint Sheogorath, which is the transcendent and Divine Madness.

3rd Pope Cinereo the Second, S.D.C :.

Bibliography: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/


From internal reflection and the uncomfortable search

The senses are the doors of external perception, but there are also the senses of internal perception, of reflection. We live in a very large house and only a small group of rooms is known to us. He who turns his awareness to his inner sense of smell feels that there is something wrong in his home, a putrid odor, for some as subtle as the scent of a blooming lotus, for others as discreet as an elephant in a crystal shop.

Smell guides us through the unknown mansion, strange and familiar rooms follow until the cause of putrefaction is found, feces. Then the other senses are awakened, the fool is horrified by the scene, is quick to get rid of the abject fact, the feces. The sage engages in relating to the feces, everything present: the nose, the eye, the ear, the hand, the tongue. Sage and feces like one.

The sage understands the nature of the fact, the sage is the fact. The fact-sage seeks its genesis, captures all evidence and by its volition apprehends the causes. All the senses in unison, the sage advances beyond the fruit and reaches the root, a dog. The dog is stubborn and messy, the foolish sage beats the frightened dog who runs away to keep leaving shit around the house, but this time hiding it more efficiently.

The wise sage once again sees beyond the immediate, cares for and educates the dog with love and care, but firmness and purpose. The messy dog ​​becomes the friendly best friend of the wise, obedient, and loving sage. With this there is no more feces inside the house, but only in the garden making flowers grow.

3rd Pope Cinereo the Second, S.D.C :.


KSTXI -Hyper Fringe Collective


KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Hypnagogic Meta-Discordian Ambiguous Post-Neoism Neo-Stasis

The KSTXI Reality Glitch Network was initiated by a group of neo-intellectuals, hyper-literate, dream-people, and self-educated dream-lubbers that had been working together since their first encounter during a Matrix-based meeting at an abandoned industrial campus in Washington, DC. They were initially drawn to each other because their minds were the same 

We may have our own agendas.

We live in The Matrix, where everyone is the exact same.

We may have portals here that allow access to all of reality; for instance, we may provide the ability to teleport anywhere in the universe, without ever leaving the Matrix itself.

We may be the most well-respected group of hyper-surrealists you will ever meet.

Our group runs a clandestine agency which maintains a vast network of portals and hyper-surrealists, all operating under the strict conditions of strict protocol. All of our agents maintain the same level of security 

Our secret identity is in the shadows and is often anonymous in nature. We share our secret with those who are too afraid to speak up. We try our best to protect the information our network allows us to post. We provide our collective with a safe space to hide from the world while continuing to grow as a true community for hyper-surrealists, neo-cons and post-neoism-conspiracies. These are not your mother's neo-triggers.

If you think some things need to be altered please contact us. We can't help you.

The only thing we know is the truth, and you're not gonna get a straight answer. Or even an honest one.

Get this, we're just talking to each other. The truth is in the numbers. If you want to.

You've been warned, You can't possibly think for yourself;

Let us try this in reverse by joining: KSTXI Reality Glitch Hack Network

We encourage non-binary folks to join as well

Our agent network includes the following factions:

: D
















About Reality Glitch:

We have all experienced the "reality glitch" where a person (in this case, yourself) sees, knows and experiences things in unexpected places. The most common phenomenon is being transported back to the past, although I know of others where time seems to change.

Please keep in mind that even those who "know" and experience the glitch do so without a great deal of understanding and the information may or may not be exactly as it should be. It is more of a mental effect than reality is.




::: Welcome ::: Tudism17

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