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Being the Magical origin of Everything

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Being the Magical origin of Everything Empty Being the Magical origin of Everything

Post by wodouvhaox Fri May 13, 2022 5:21 pm

Like a spider and its web or a larvae and its cocoon, we find ourselves surrounded by our own bizarre secretions.

We externalize our thoughts, dreams, and visions in the form of evolving configurations of meaning: Language, art, technology, symbol systems, etc. We are psychedelic beings in the truest sense of the word. It is who we are, what we do, and it is by this act of creation that we externalize the spirit.

(…)Nothing is static. Everything is in motion. The world is a battlefield of consciousness. It is a war of incessantly competing intents, memes, and ideologies. It is an ecosystem of various frequencies, tribes, cults, methods of liberation and methods of control. In every ripple of intent that spreads across the greater pool is found a certain paradigm, a certain way of thinking, and the want that others adopt these views. The originators of these ripples all believe themselves to be correct, and few are willing to compromise. Within these competitive ripples is reflected the rising and falling of nations, ideologies, religions, political and economic systems. From the gradual complexifying of consciousness emerges agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, music, poetry, ethics, mathematics, jet propulsion engines, atom smashers, your city, your car, and your kitchen sink.”

Liber LS - DKMU


"(...)The surrealists, on the other hand, intuitively knew that the irrational is the source of the rational, just as Non-Being is the ground and root of Being. The existence or being objectively external (as the word means) is illusory, since it depends and is projected by Non-Being (ie subjectivity). This is the occult thesis. The science of the Occult is the science of the Interior and it deals with the subconscious and its interrelationship with external consciousness, i.e. objectivity.

However, above all that psychologists can say, there is no individual subconsciousness, for the subconsciousness is essentially the sub-treatment of Consciousness; and this too is not an individual phenomenon, although it may seem to the individual as such.

The individual is rooted in the subconscious and in the dream he approaches the root of consciousness. In his waking state, he is therefore even more distant from the source than when he is dreaming. It should here be understood that the dream does not necessarily entail sleep there are daytime dreams as well as nighttime dreams. The factor that clearly distinguishes dream from thought is the latter's essentially volitional quality.

Thought itself is a form of daytime dream, for thought is not possible in the absence of that dimension which is the absence of dream consciousness (ie subconsciousness). Lovecraft's great contribution to the occult is in his demonstration - indirect as he was - of being able to control the dream-mind that is able to project itself into other dimensions and to discover that there are portals through which it flows - in the form of inspiration, intuition and vision - the genuine stream of creative magical consciousness.

It is the specific work of certain artists to invoke the forces of the Abyss (the Void or subconsciousness) so that they may assume this reality in human consciousness and reflect within the aethyrs the magically generated creatures born of the Congress with the "Deep Ones". It is irrelevant if the artist is aware of the direction of his work. It may even be essential to his realization that he is not conscious, for an artist manifests his creative power (Shakti) only in the absence. The mystery of Absence, of Not-Being, is at the root of all creativity and inspiration.

Lovecraft is a perfect example of this formula, for it was only when the rational Lovecraft was absent that the vital current flowed from the outside and energized his imaginative creations endowed with vivid concepts of life that science is still at the threshold of discovery."
Kenneth Grant - Nuclear Art & The New Gnosis



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