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Post by BoxOps Mon Apr 25, 2022 5:15 pm

Realm Plane Sunref10

In the realm plane it's as what your senses experience first hand every day. Telling you what you see and feel is real.
They'll try to convince you to seal your eyes once again, enticing you with CGI balls and cartoons on a hook to reel you back to their mainstream deal. To steal your soul through a soul lure system flying accelerating aimlessly millions mph which you never feel.

The plane realm reveals itself at all times; no matter where you fly or climb. Time and space are conceptual not bending, warping and spiraling fabric slime. Media and "education" applies a blindfold to your world making your spirit whirled. A ball cage twirled for an order of a new world. Reducing the scope of where you're at and what it means. Witness the ground; listen to nature's sounds. Become unbound from the matrix once witnessing the plane realm you've found reality. Fresh air all around; no longer being clowned from team round. Faculties witness the plane realm; uninstall the programming you were given to download. Programming that tells you all your senses are wrong, you're meaningless, that you came from a monkey that evolved from a rock and now you're here. Programming that tells you everything is figured out for you already and there's no more lands to explore.

Realm Plane Plane_10

Knowledge comes from experience. The physics of water is demonstrable to seek it's level ie a horizontal plane or flat surface. No matter the scale it hasn't been shown for water expanses to adhere to the exterior of a rotating ball. We're told over 70% of earth is water. The sunlight reflects off water expanses meeting your feet showing you it's not curved. If our world was the size and shape we're told you could calculate the leading edge of the sphere that begins physically obstructing your view and verify that with 1.22459√h where h is your observer height in feet. (Geometric horizon distance calculators, Washington university, San Diego university https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/earth-curvature https://sites.math.washington.edu/~conroy/m120-general/horizon.pdf
A curved surface doesn't provide specular reflections which is a mirror like reflection from a plane surface.
Welcome to your realm plane
Realm Plane Firefo10
You see the sun, moon and stars moving across the sky that's self evident. The lost are convinced to believe they're rotating 1037 mph to cause an apparent deflection of the luminaries across the sky. That acceleration which your vestibular system in your inner ear never detects. You may be told your ball moves at a constant speed which is why. With elliptical orbits it's not a constant speed. You may be told it's not acceleration. Any circular movement or change in direction is acceleration. The simpler explanation for why you don't feel movement is because you're not moving and the reason you see the luminaries move across the sky is because they're moving across the sky just as you perceive.

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Realm Plane Perspe12
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