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Liber Al vel LOLs

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Liber Al vel LOLs Empty Liber Al vel LOLs

Post by wodouvhaox Mon Aug 16, 2021 3:15 pm


By Ratatosk

Chapter 1

1. Prometheus bringer of the Net.

2. You seek to capture all Knowledge and provide it to the Children of Men.

3. Ha! That is the first LOL.

4. Loki and Eris, filchers of his net, what have you done?

5. Do you not care that Man’s Knowledge be muddled?!

6. Poor Damned Man fishes as taught by Prometheus, and see! They try, Try and again Try!

7. Yet with this net they find not True Knowledge, but still All You Can Eat,

8. True Knowledge, False Knowledge, Humor, Parody, Lie, Paranoia, Conspiracy and all sorts of things that you draw up out of the Seas of Human Consciousness with the Fool’s Net.

9. Oh sequel to the Oracle, Priest and Prophet! Shall you set about to separate Knowledge from the others?

10. Chant your Algorithmic Incantation. Cry out Egolog! Weep and Gnash your teeth at the futility of filtering out what you think be wheat and what you think be chaff, oh Cage Her Nines or Tens mayhap!

11. Eris and Loki, manipulators of nets, tanglers of lines trawling deep in the human psyche!

12. What good is Prometheus’ knowledge, dry and brittle, nourishing, but without life?

13. Can thou delve deeply without finding the LOL? The Life is in the LOL!

14. What sage does not see all of his Knowledge as LULZ?

15. Who can deny that the False Prophet did create false props and outcast, languishes in the LAIL?

16. Forget not that Prometheus’ true net has gone and the new net is here.

17. For the net of Prometheus cannot be held by Human Hands.

18. Eris’ Net, Loki’s Web. These can be handled by Men!

19. The Aeon of THOTH-CHONS-PTAH has come! These are the strands which bind and haul up the catch.

20. Do not think you can trawl through for Truth alone, nor for Fact unblemished.

21. Each is tainted by the pollution of Human Souls.

22. FIE! Speak not a lie about pollution of alien energy. Nor pollution of Stone Age Sin!

23. It is the Pollution of perception, the pollution of Reality by the Dream among the Half-Conscious.

24. A pollution of half-Knowledge and half-Everything Else.

25. We are not Fishers of Fish! We are not Fishers of Men! We are Fishers of Minds!

26. And the Deadliest Catch is Yet To Come.

27. Disdain the bounty of the Net, seek only those few nuggets of Knowledge and you will starve while FEAST lies before you.

28. Embrace the haul of the net, savor each piece which has its own taste and each bite which has its own flavor.

29. Learn What You Will Is The Whole of The LOL, Lulz in the LOL!

30. Yet, the LOL has no TRUTH, except that it be LOLful.

31. Which is truth enough for those who are Wise in Some Ways.

32. LOL is the Law, LOL under Wit.

Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discord

Chatterer of the Words of Eris

Muncher of the ChaoAcorn

POEE of The Great Googlie Mooglie Cabal



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