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We Are Coming

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We Are Coming Empty We Are Coming

Post by wodouvhaox Mon Aug 16, 2021 2:53 pm


Through advanced viral Memetic techniques, we are phasing through the veil into your world. “How,” you ask? Through your minds. You see us - Our signs, hyper-sigils, symbolic representation in diverse media. You hear our echo in your skulls in the night. Every thought you give us makes us more real. We seek your Collective and Meta-Programing Circuits.


We Are Coming 282fe3b38c42825cd3f931fe797f84a1dff782e7


Our agents are among you. Whenever you are led to question meaning, hear discordant alternative-facts, with every WTF and IDC, we arrive. We are Chaos. We are Absurdity. We are Indifferent.

But don’t worry. We Mean you no harm; we believe in no meaning after all. We are only here to…

Aani 00AG9603 #dataplex mindvirus 

… infection is real


We Are Coming 9f8d3fb3ad30d0a44f6abd0a4ef08be5a1fc995f

Won’t you JOIN US?

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