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The Apocalypse of Zwatukbran

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The Apocalypse of Zwatukbran Empty The Apocalypse of Zwatukbran

Post by Lucretia Dalencourt Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:24 pm

In the beginning of the beginnings, there was the unknowable, the unknowable wove a web, its wires were seas.
 From the unknowable came lights, and the lights copulated with the seas.
From the uterus of one of the seas came a man whose golden skin was like the sun and whose head was like a bird.
Its light illuminated the infinite sea and thus the first day appeared.
 He traveled through the vastness of the sea as he contemplated his figure in the reflection of the sea. Such was his beauty that he said to himself: '' I will not find in the immensity of this sea ​​beauty bigger than mine ''
  He decided to dive into the depths of the seas to see what was there and his light left the world, thus creating the first night.
When he reached the bottom of the sea he saw beings who did not resemble him singing and feasting in joy. In his vanity he  cursed those beings and said to himself '' Cursed are my eyes to see such horror! Beauty lifted me from the seas so that I would not stain myself with such loathing! Unhappy I am for descending to this hell! ''

Seeing the indignation of the vain newborn from the sea, the creatures laughed and said '' Who do you think you are to come to mock us,vain? The light that begot you also shines in us, we are the lords of this infinite sea, in our palaces we have joy and freedom, while with you there is only solitude ''

Angrily, the man with the golden skin and the bird's head returned to the surface. He took for himself a fraction of the infinite sea and created for himself names of power that he used for lift the world from the sea. When he recited his names, he saw a shapeless mass rising from the seas, but he was not satisfied.
He then shouted '' ZWATUK '' which means '' law '' and the world took shape. Zwatuk looked at what he had created and was pleased, he said to himself, 'There is not in this infinite sea  greater beauty than myself and this land that I created ''
 Zwatuk began to fill the earth with his sons, and made them kings of the sky, the ground, the sea and the air. He said to them, '' I give you partial power over the world that I created,
those who can not see us are coming, they will be submissive to the law and will not conceive the iniquity of the submerged.  I will defend this land from the submerged attacks and you  will be in charge of defending the law while I can not ''

 So every day Zwatuk plunged into the primordial sea, bringing the night, and waged war against the self-declared "ZWATUKBRAN" which means anarchy.

 Lights came from the unknowable and descended in the land of Zwatuk and those who could not see the lords of the earth were born.

They heard the voice of the air, the voice of the ground, the voice of the heavens and the voice of the seas, and they learned the name of Zwatuk and worshiped him saying, 'Blessed are we, for we were conceived
under the light of Zwatuk he who brought the order and beauty ''

The lords of the earth began to love each other, and the fruit of their relationships were  the grandchildren of Zwatuk, and the grandchildren of Zwatuk also had children and then in a few aeons the world was populated by a myriad of sons and daughters of the flesh of Zwatuk.

There was within them one who did not feel satisfied with the world Zwatuk had created, and his curiosity led him to the forbidden palaces of the submerged. There he became friend of Zwatukbran who taught him about the 
origin of the worlds and about the unknowable that created the seas. Filled with fury, the one who became known as Galdruzath brought other sons of the flesh of Zwatuk by his side like first act of its revolt. He and his allies began to whisper hidden things in the ears of men,those who could not see, and many men abandoned the ways that the lords of the ground, air, seas and the sky had taught then before and began to use for themselves the secret names of the lords of the world to gain power, and many sought to hear the voices of the submersed.

Galdruzath's rebellion reached its peak when the men, equipped with the hidden names of the sons of Zwatuk, and the lords of the world united against their father  were able to bring the submerged ones from the depths to the land.
In their blasphemy wrath the men said, 'Thou sayest to be our lord, but binds us in this inferior flesh and in the narrow ways of your world conceived in vanity.
You blinded our eyes so that we could not doubt your conception of beauty, made our ancestors worship you by denying them the knowledge of the one who wove the universes. We  curse you, Zwatuk, and your false liberty! We are children of the unknowable, and its light, which dwells in us all, compels our spirits
to rebel against you and to regain our freedom!
Angry with the men and their own sons, Zwatuk destroyed the world, returning to the solitude that he was in the beginning.

Chaos and disorder ambassador. I could be anyone, even you. ô
Lucretia Dalencourt
Lucretia Dalencourt

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