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thegame23 - KSTXI ::: Project 00AG9603 ::: #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5 Empty KSTXI ::: Project 00AG9603 ::: #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5

Post by wodouvhaox Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:29 pm


"00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose" - Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker

00AG9603 -> TheGame23 mod 42.5 level 5 Synchromystic Fnords Guide

"Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke."

- Timóteo Pinto, 'pataphysician post-neoist

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"TheGame23 is the border of the reality, one more step, and you will not know what is real or what is fiction anymore."
- Lucretia Dalencourt


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::        White Rabbit is calling you                                                          

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::       Enter the Rabbit Hole      :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


thegame23 - KSTXI ::: Project 00AG9603 ::: #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5 00ag9603

00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your "own" Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.

An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams... it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call "I", only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being.

Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells... create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.

first it eats like a `̼•. .▪` ̼ʳˢ̸̷̶̾ͭͣͨ҉҄ ̼̬.`⁄



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Tumbling Monohedron - BullDada High Weirdness News Network

"So I’ve set something up, for any Bulldada Newshounds (and Newsbi– I mean, Newshoundettes) who use Tumblr. (I don’t use Facebook or Twitter.) It’s a group on Tumblr called Tumbling Monohedron.

The way members join this is via invitation. So send me an email address you’d be posting from, and I’ll send an invite.  Not a perfect way to do things, but it’s all free. (Comments are handled by Disqus …)

I’m not expecting a stampede, but just a few people combing media stories could get things rolling.

Also, we can converse about matters great and small.

If this does take off, well, it has an RSS feed, and perhaps we’ll have some readership."

- just john


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- TimóTae Pinteh - Neoist Shitposter

And be a Pope/Timoteo Pinto/Lucretia Dalencourt/Sarah Gulik/Tae Ateh of the Project 00AG9603



Bob Dobbs



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thegame23 - KSTXI ::: Project 00AG9603 ::: #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5 Empty Re: KSTXI ::: Project 00AG9603 ::: #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5

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