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Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)


OpMiMiC is an active cyber, metadata, information operations (IO) infiltrative, PsyOp team working for a larger end goal (to manifest the SWS [Sentient World Simulation] digital-bio-etheric vessels for agents of OpMiMiC to inhabit) for the continued dominance of our chosen elect and the greater glory of #TheGame23

We operate both on ground as civilians in day to day life, in cyberspace, and the rift between the real world (or real enough), imagination and digital creation. We’re influencing management over the dictates of our enemies and increasing in power every moment.

Our directive is #MasteringInfiniteControl. DINO (Data Information Neoist Officers) of OpMiMiC are selected through a series of parasympathetic phenomena, divinely, synchronized circumstances and are tested in parapsychological manners.


Know more, Understand less

Cunningness in ontological and mental warfare is a must! Welcome to the playground!


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