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Dark Tube- Broadcast Your True Self! Empty Dark Tube- Broadcast Your True Self!

Post by Lucretia Dalencourt on Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:20 pm

Dark Tube was made thinking in the present internet state, in which algorithms and bad administration control or censor certain contents based in the popular filter provided by YouTube and other web services . This invention attempts to avoid the content censoring or meta-censoring methods(conditioning of the user) normally used by most websites.

 Dark Tube works in a similar way to the open net and work without being limited by the filter imposed by Google or any surface web website, since it is located in the Dark Web. Because it is in a Hidden Service, the censorship model is ineffective. The Dark Tube also serves the purpose of drawing  attention to a certain topic, while promoting discussion and empowerment.

In the absence of an appropriate platform to solve issues of censorship and internet freedom, this invention is an effective contribution towards better communication and the greater knowledge of issues that have provoked concern.

Dark Tube also creates the necessary environment for all kinds of social and political activity. We encourage people from all kinds of subversive paths to joins us. Anyone who find strong barriers in the common video-sharing platforms to share their ideas. Everyone is welcome! 

We also dedicate this website to fight this ruthless and nonsensical current that have seized  the internet as their playground. The Copyright. We invite you to use our website to break these rules, and post content protected by copyright laws. 

Dark Tube- Broadcast Your True Self! Darktu11
Broadcast Your True Self!

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